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Facebook Marketing presentation for the FBA at Suffolk University in Boston. Presented in April 2011 by Mary McKnight of Sacrilicious Marketing.

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  • Facebook 101 for business and government
  • Viewing content in different contexts – in the context of a friend feed you are giving a small glimpse into your life. Sharing more interesting content (rich media, links and activities) you can drive engagement and conversion to your profile page. The profile page is the “museum of me” – that is where content gains the most context. You curate what you share there into a record of your thoughts, interests, activities etc.
  • Tips For Using Facebook Pages:You can add Facebook Applications like Video or Static FBML to enhance the experiences fans have with your Facebook Page (Groups don’t offer this option).Since each tab has its own URL, you can choose any of them as the landing Page for off-site promotion. You can also choose which tab to set as the default when users find your Facebook Page.Work your status! A frequently updated status with useful and interesting content keeps fans coming back.Pages now have the same multimedia functionality as the Wall tab on a user Profile – encourage posting!Encourage fans to “share” Notesor Photos with their friends or post to their Profile.Using the notes application, you can import an RSS feed to drive more traffic to your blog.Using Custom Tabs (frame(, you can include an email web form to capture subscribers.
  • Facebook 101 for business and government
  • CelebritiesFan building and communicationRelease of new albums, shows, endorsement deals, reputation management, contestsDevelopment of personal network and connections
  • PRSet clear and realistic goals for your Facebook presenceGive at least 2 conversion points (like/buy or generate a lead)Use the custom tab option on pages to provide a welcome landing page that aids in the conversionNetwork on FB as the page to build relationships and traffic back to your page.
  • Custom applicationsWhile more expensive, building out a custom application that focuses on specific purposes like collecting emails (contests, entertainment (Farmville – 40 million people play this – product placement)).Maniera challenge: launch in US with a product line that will appeal to US market – they held a contest for free luxury boots on FB where they used ads to direct traffic to their app that let users rate their boots. By rating all the boots you were entered into the contest. They used the contest for market research to collect a data set. The app also posted to the user’s wall so they acquired new fans and spread the word of the contest.
  • SMBMobile, deals and place pages offer conversion mechanisms on business pagesApplications like ECWID, Marketplace and iEndorse facilitate lead generation, trust marketing and salesMobile has come a long way from the 3K participation in the Snakes on a Plane campaign (Samuel L Lewis) to this hyper targeting with rich media, in app ads and push notification deals.
  • If you don’t know what Facebook groups are, there’s a good chance you haven’t spent more than an hour on Facebook. However if you are a rare exception, we thought it would be useful to explain groups. According to Facebook, groups are “for members of groups to connect, share and even collaborate on a given topic or idea”. While the company continues to make a distinction between groups and Facebook Pages, we see these products eventually merging over time. Groups can serve as an extremely effective marketing tool. Most importantly, groups serve as a tool for building awareness around various ideas. We’ve rapidly seen many users use Facebook Pages for the same purpose, but this is what groups were initially intended for. The key feature behind Facebook groups is the ability to make them “invite only” or limited to specific networks.
  • Tips For Using Facebook Groups:The Group name should make people want to join. Which name would make you join: “Let’s talk to Coca Cola about saving the World’s children” or “ColaLife“?Invite your raving fans to start a discussion on the group (you know who these people are, right?). They’ll feel a sense of pride and will likely invite new people to join the group.Upload photos and videos – encourage members to post these to their profile so that their friends can easily join the group.
  • Fb marketing abbr

    1. 1. Sacrilcious Marketing<br />FACEBOOK BRANDING AND MARKETING<br />Make a Splash<br />
    2. 2. Facebook’s Reach<br />Fa<br />550 million users worldwide.<br />88% of people are aware of Facebook.<br />40% follow a brand<br />51% of brand followers will purchase a brand they follow.<br />
    3. 3. Marketing Channels<br />Fa<br />Facebook ProfilesCreate a home base on the web for individuals to express themselves and connect with others.<br />Facebook PagesCreate a presence for a business, brand or non-profit on Facebook.<br />Facebook GroupsOrganize a group of people around a common issue or interest.<br />Facebook AdsAdvertise your business and attract customers most likely to convert to a sale.<br />
    4. 4. Personal Profiles<br />Pr<br />Multi media content sharing through activity and status<br />Network intelligence and connectivity through the home friend feed<br />Development of personal network and connections<br />Museum of “ME”<br />Discovery & Engagement<br />
    5. 5. Fan Pages - Messaging<br />Pa<br />Pages are indexed in search engines – increasing the likelihood ofpeoplefinding your organization through a Google search.<br />A Page can have multiple administrators. This lightens the work of maintaining a page.<br />Analyze Traffic. Facebook Pages capturedata on visitors.<br />There are no limits to the number of fans you can have on a page.<br />Sending messages&updates to all your fans at once iseasy<br />Fan Building & Engagement<br />Sharing & Conversion<br />
    6. 6. Fan Page Case Studies<br />BUSINESS APPLICATIONS ON FAN PAGES<br />Use Cases<br />
    7. 7. Politics and Government<br />Pa<br />Obama, a visionary with his use of social media, used Facebook to host a Town Hall<br />WaelGhonim effected political revolution in Egypt with a Facebook fan page <br />
    8. 8. Personal Branding<br />Pa<br />Wall: news, events, sharing of new projects, sponsorships and endorsements<br />Store: direct sales and downloads<br />Marketing: emails, ads, custom tabs, applications, mobile, music, videos<br />
    9. 9. Public Relations<br />Pa<br />When your product will not sell online (i.e. real estate), use Facebook creatively (i.e. for Public Relations)<br />Curate interesting content on the wall<br />Use custom tabs to direct traffic from the page to conversion points on the website<br />Network across media pages as the page itself to drive traffic and interest form media sources back to the page.<br />
    10. 10. Market Research<br />Pa<br />Many companies like Wildfire and Root Music develop applications you can add for free or a fee to your page to help facilitate business in the network<br />Custom built applications allow you conduct any type of contest, poll, market research or customer service campaign <br />
    11. 11. Sale and Ecommerce<br />Pa<br />Facebook Marketplace is like a social Craigslist allowing you to buy and sell property online<br />ECWID and other third party ecommerce applications allow business pages and personal profiles to <br />Mobile deals and Place Pages also promote in store and online transactions<br />
    12. 12. SMB and Fan Pages<br />Pa<br />Place Page integration lets you market by geography<br />Applications like iEndorse and Marketplace allow businesses to market and sell through the network<br />Email messaging fans allow businesses to incubate prospects into clients<br />Mobile apps let you connect immediately with patrons online to offer deals they can redeem in the store<br />Facebook deals expected to launch in 2011 in the US<br />
    13. 13. Groups - Collaboration<br />Gr<br />Facebook Groups can be created by anyone interested in promoting and organizing people around a specific interests or cause.<br />All members of a group have the ability to contribute content that appears on the Group’s wall.<br />Active participation: Because members of the group actively contribute content and participate they are more likely to keep coming back.<br />Groups come in three flavors: Open (anyone can join), Closed (group admin approves requests to join) and Secret (Only members and those invited know that the group exists). <br />
    14. 14. Groups<br />Gr<br />The Group name should make people want to join. Which name would make you join: “Let’s talk to Coca Cola about saving the World’s children” or “ColaLife“?<br />Invite your raving fans to start a discussion on the group (you know who these people are, right?). They’ll feel a sense of pride and will likely invite new people to join the group.<br />Upload photos and videos – encourage members to post these to their profile so that their friends can easily join the group.<br />Network Building<br />Influence Building<br />
    15. 15. Ads<br />Ad<br />Use contests, polls and reveal tabs (reward fans for taking action) on landing pages to improve action by visitors<br />Split Test – try different text, images & targeting<br />Set a click through threshold (goal acquire fans at $.25 per fan)<br />Use CPM (cost per thousand impressions) to test ads<br />Monitor you analytics closely – check performance at different times<br />Calculate cost per fan<br />Bid high to get ads approved faster<br />