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Modeling, Simulation and Timing Analysis for communication networks -RTaW-Pegase is a timing analysis tool that helps to conceive safe and optimized switched Ethernet networks: AFDX, industrial and automotive Ethernet as well as NOC for manycore platforms. In addition to simulation, RTaW-Pegase computes tight upper bounds on communication delays and buffer utilization, and includes advanced optimization algorithms that ensure correctness and efficiency.

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RTaW-Pegase Brochure

  1. 1. RTaW-Pegase - Version 2015.10 Leading companies like Airbus Helicopters, Daimler Cars and ABB rely on RTaW-Pegase. How RTaW-Pegase will help you design of safe and optimized Ether- net and AFDX networks? Support your design choices by evidence — RTaW- Pegase computes performance metrics such as link loads, communication latencies and buffers utilization that make it possible to predict network performances in all possible use-cases. Besides, RTaW-Pegase offers features to investigate spe- cific scenarios and compare the impact of differ- ent design and configuration alternatives. Cost-optimize your networks — RTaW-Pegase provides bounds on the communication latencies that are provably close to the actual worst-case situation, avoiding thus the over-provisioning of resources. In addition, RTaW-Pegase includes design space exploration algorithms to optimize network topologies (e.g., number and location of switches), data streams rout- ing and alloca- tion of the soft- ware functions on the stations. Design for the future — with RTaW-Pegase, you know in advance the extent to which your net- works will be able to grow in future evolutions of a system. Results you can trust — RTaW-Pegase is no black- box software you have to blindly trust the results of. RTaW-Pegase relies on the strong mathemati- cal background of Network Calculus that is ac- cepted in aeronautics certification, its algorithms are described in a formal manner and proved in refereed scientific publications – see the technical papers co-authored with our partners. Benefits from years of know-how and experience in mission-critical systems — RTaW-Pegase, which builds on more than 15 years of timing verifica- tion research, has been developed in scientific partnership with Onera and it has been chosen by leading companies from the aerospace and indus- trial domains – see the companies that trust us. Ready for certification: whatever your application domain and safety standards, we can be your partner and deliver what you need in certification projects. Best value for money — RTaW-Pegase is several times less expensive than competitors’ solutions and we offer company-wide license – but don’t take our word for it, contact the product man- ager for a free fully functional evaluation version and simply compare Analyzing switched Ethernet and AFDX networks RTaW-Pegase is a timing analysis tool that helps to con- ceive safe and optimized switched Ethernet networks: AFDX net- works, industrial and automotive Ethernet. RTaW-Pegase computes tight upper bounds on commu- nication delays and buffer utili- zation, and provides advanced optimization algorithms that en- sure correctness and efficiency. RTaW-Pegase
  2. 2. KEY FEATURES • Support industrial Ethernet, automotive switched Ethernet (incl. Some/Ip SD and AVB), time-triggered Ethernet (incl. SAE AS6802) as well as AFDX (ARINC664) with arbitrary speeds and topologies, • Support the analysis of heterogeneous com- munication architectures made up of CAN (2.0A, 2.0B, CAN FD and ARINC825), Eth- ernet, AFDX and ARINC429 buses intercon- nected through gateways, • Implement the state of the art of Network Calculus to compute upper bounds on com- munication latencies, frame jitters and buf- fers utilization, • Offer both worst-case analysis and timing- accurate simulation with a parallelized simu- lation engine to predict worst-case and typi- cal performances, • Support FIFO, priority, AVB and round-robin frame scheduling, • Support periodic and sporadic message transmission patterns – possibly with cyclic dependencies, • New: Higher-level communication layers, run- time environments and applications can be programmed in the CPAL language (http:// www.designcps.com). This allows the simulation of complete embedded systems, • Include optimized priority allocation and rout- ing algorithms, • Rich graphical edition and visualization envi- ronment with communication architecture editor and Gantt diagrams, • Easy import and export of network configu- rations and simulation results through CSV, XML files and the common formats used in the industry, • Maximum pessimism of the computed com- munication latencies with regard to the true worst-case latencies is limited (typically less than 15%) and is evaluated for each data stream, • Include NETAIRBENCH, a benchmark generator to cre- ate random yet realistic Eth- ernet/AFDX configurations for early stage evaluation or to study how the network will be able to accomodate more load in future evolutions, • Extremely fast – suited to design space ex- ploration with several tradeoffs between ac- curacy and computing time, • Runs on all 32 or 64 bit platforms support- ing Java – no dongle or license server pro- tection, • Professional support and custom exten- sions available, • RTaW-Pegase ships as libraries too for use in your own applications - the (min,+) math- ematical library: the right API to speed-up the development of your own Network Cal- culus algorithms & the Pegase library : the simpliest approach to Netwok Calculus tim- ing verification. We help designers build truly safe and optimized systems Product homepage at http//www.realtimeatwork.com/software/rtaw-pegase/ 2011/11 : RTaW-Pegase received the Best Demo Award at the Open Demo Session of Real-Time Techniques and Technologies of the 32nd IEEE Real- Time Systems Symposium