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River Water Quality: Exposure risks and Impact on the poor


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REACH Conference on Water Security and Poverty
Plenary: Addressing water security for the poor
Thursday 28 March | 9-10:30AM
Presenter: Professor Moahmmed Abed Hossain (BUET), REACH Bangladesh

Published in: Environment
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River Water Quality: Exposure risks and Impact on the poor

  1. 1. River Water Quality- Exposure risks and Impact on the poor Moahmmed Abed Hossain, BUET, Bangladesh Insert image here. Do not compress to fit the size. Instead, use the cropping tool (found under the format tab). Increase the size of the image proportionally until it fits the width of the slide, then crop to decrease the height. Speaker institution logo
  2. 2. • The river system remains mostly anaerobic for the entire dry season (December – May) • Worst condition where municipal and industrial waste dumped together • Metals (Cr, Cu, Pb, Cd, Se, Li) higher than standards in all points • High in same areas where municipal settlements are high • Toxicity shows high correlation with heavy metals Toxicity d/s to municipal hotspot River after birth of Bangladesh (1972) River Turag in 2018)
  3. 3. Higher skin disease, hypertension and cancer than control site (subject to seasonal flooding from polluted water) ::JICA-SATREPS Project • Higher expenditure on health when in contact with river water • Poorer HH likely to be in contact with river water at its worst pollution state
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