The REACH Center is a not for profit
          ABOUT US…                            agency that relies on support from
Columbia-Greene Child Abuse
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The REACH Center


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The REACH Center services

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The REACH Center

  1. 1. The REACH Center is a not for profit ABOUT US… agency that relies on support from community members. To provide a tax deductible donation please contact the office or send donations to Begun in 1981 by a group of concerned Serving Survivors of Crime and Abuse citizens, The REACH Center, Inc. has PO Box 698 been serving Columbia and Greene Hudson, NY 12534 counties for over 25 years. Formerly the Columbia-Greene Rape Crisis Center, The REACH Center, Inc. Referrals The REACH Center has 3 convenient strives to help all survivors of crime or abuse cope with the effects. locations: education The mission of The REACH Center, Inc. Advocacy 4269 Route 9 is to eliminate interpersonal violence and to promote, represent, and Hudson, NY 12534 crisis Intervention/Counseling address the interests of survivors of such crimes in Columbia and Greene 518-828-5556 hotline Counties and to serve these * communities by advocating for the 371 Main Street needs of victims of other violent Hudson (518) 828-5556 Catskill, NY 12414 crimes. Catskill (518) 943-4482 518-943-4482 Toll Free (888) 943-2372 * Interested in Services? Columbia-Greene Comm. College Services Available To receive services or to make a 4400 Route 23 24-Hours a Day referral, please contact any of the Hudson, NY 12534 agency’s three offices. 518-828-4181 x 3179 * ALL SERVICES ARE FREE Toll Free AND CONFIDENTIAL 888-943-2472 A UNITED WAY PARTICIPATING AGENCY
  2. 2. Columbia-Greene Child Abuse SERVICES WE PROVIDE Crime Victim Compensation: Response Team: Advocates can provide information The REACH Center, Inc. is proud 24-Hour Hotline: and assistance with New York State to be a part of the Columbia Greene Crisis intervention and support is Crime Victims Board Compensation, CART Team. We provide available 24 hours a day, every day, which provides financial collaboration in the treatment of to survivors of crime and/or abuse. reimbursement for victims of crime. child abuse cases. Services are available for family and friends as well, whether the crime Counseling for Survivors: occurred recently, or many years Volunteer Opportunities: Counselors and social workers are on ago. staff to help survivors and their families Volunteers staff the agency’s 24-hour deal with the many feelings and hotline on weekends, nights and emotions experienced after a sexual holidays, and work from their Accompaniment/Advocacy: assault, other crime, or abuse. homes. A free, 40 hour intensive Advocates are available to meet Counseling is available even if the training course covers topics such survivors at a hospital emergency crime is not recent. as crisis intervention, counseling room, clinic, or private physician’s skills, hotline procedures, medical office to provide emotional support and legal advocacy, role playing, and information. Accompaniments Support Groups: and working with various are also available for police and Share and learn from the experiences populations, including children. court proceedings if the decision is and knowledge of others. Build trust made to report the crime. and share in a comfortable and confidential environment. We are very thankful for our volunteers. If you wish to help our Information and Referrals: community by volunteering please Information is available regarding Community Education: call our office today. medical, legal, or emotional aspects Speakers are available to make of crime or abuse; ways to assist a presentations to any group on topics survivor; prevention information; All services provided by The such as healthy dating, cyber safety, and program services. We refer REACH Center, Inc. are sexual harassment, child sexual abuse survivors to a wide range of FREE and CONFIDENTIAL. and program services. Training is agencies who provide therapy, also provided to professionals such as shelter, medical care, legal and medical personnel, police, teachers, financial information and assistance. or social workers who may have contact with survivors of various crimes or abuse.