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Work Language Exposure PBL by AEAL Students


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Educators and Learners: this is a presentation that reflects the experience of the 18 students in an AEAL class during the volunteer portion of their program of studies. This artifact is the result of a project-based learning (PBL) task conducted at the public library. We welcome your feedback!

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Work Language Exposure PBL by AEAL Students

  1. 1. RRC LTC Prepared for Rita’s class By Rita’s students Jan. 16.2014 Project-based learning (PBL) Online research Task: work individually, conduct online research on your workplace, write three paragraphs, cite sources, get permission, and create an artifact of research done 1
  2. 2. Outline • Winnipeg Art Gallery: • NEEDS Inc.: • Investors Group Financial Services: • Success Skills Centre: • SR Construction • Lions Personal Care Centre – Concordia Adult Day Club • Powerland Computers • Provincial Employees Care for Kids Co-Op: • Peterbilt Manitoba Ltd. • RRC International Education • Cadham Provincial Laboratory • Skybridge Americas: • Holy Family Nursing Home: • Lions Personal Care Home • Fred Douglas Lodge Source: links retrieved from specific sites on January 16, 2004 2
  3. 3. SELLING COUNTIN G ? GREETING FLEXIBLE HOURS 66 ¼ hours 3 weeks 11.25 ~ 12.13 REFERENCES •Originally presented at work language exposure •Sources fromCclipArt and Google #1 3
  4. 4. Investors Group : • • • • Established in 1926 Murray J. Taylor, President & CEO Large number of employees Locations: Worldwide Duties: Experience and skills gained :       Sorting mails  Writing group numbers & Making front pages  Copying & faxing documents Communication skills Soft skills Knowledge about company Working with others Organizational skills Presentation based on reading of the following website Images: courtesy of clipart and google images KM 4
  5. 5. duty Experience Logo of NEEDS Duty Impact Source: NEEDS website – permission granted to use Jan.20.2014 By Tika from Rita’s class 5
  6. 6. SUCCESS SKILLS CENTRE MAIN TASKS: Job Search Job Interview Skills Résumé Preparation Work Experience Placements Success Skills Centre 12th Floor- 330 Portage Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba, CanadaR3C 0C4 Phone: (204) 975-5111 Fax : (204) 975-5108 Prepared by Alexey Sobol January, 16, 2014 6
  7. 7. LIONS CLUB INTERNATIONAL 320 Sherbrook St. Winnipeg MB R3B Best part Nice and quiet environment No heavy work Lots of fun Lions Clubs International (LCI) is an organization with • over 45,500 clubs and more than 1,368,683 members in 205 countries around the world founded in 1917. Experience Good experience Learned a lot about Canadian culture Knowledge gained Learned about Christmas festival Improved listening skill •Duties •Play games with residents •Sing songs •Serve breakfast and lunch #6 Source website 7
  8. 8. Check the Mail Date Stamp Date Stamp Distribution Confirm received cheques related to a certain group client R.Sh 8
  9. 9. SR Construction #8 Source: website 9
  10. 10. Investors Group Source: website Rongrong 10
  11. 11. Nov. 26 – Dec.13, 2013 Tuesday - Friday 9:30 am – 3:30 pm Prepared by Victoria V 11
  12. 12. Provincial Employees care for kids #12 Source: website 12
  13. 13. N.E.E.D.S Centre Assistant teacher, Interpreter Learn about • Enhance Integration • Support immigrants • Provide services 251 Notre Dame Avenue By MM • • • Welcoming person • Open minded • No assumption • • Culture differences Friendship & Relationships Understanding Patience Source: NEEDS website – permission granted to use Jan.20.2014 13
  14. 14. Duties... 1275 Burrows Avenue Winnipeg Manitoba Knowledge gained. .. Monday-Friday 2:00 pm- 6:00pm Liked... -how to look after the elder -insights into my future career - rewards of volunteering are two- way street -comunicating with the residents -helping others -entertaining I would highly recommend to.... EAL students & someone who is planning to take health care aide program. Presented by kim Prepared for Rita’s class January 16, 2014 Source: 14
  15. 15. • The biggest truck dealership. • Was established in Manitoba 29 years ago. • Sales, parts, body shop and service departments. • • • • #15 watching details cleaning and sanding parts preparing to assemble helping mechanics to disassemble, assemble and adjust variety parts of trucks Peterbilt • • • • • improving English skills mechanical English language mechanical knowledge new contacts different ways start the career of mechanic Source:website 15
  16. 16. Red River College (International Education office) DUTIES: • Translations, Filing, organizing documents, • packaging brochures, answering phone, • Clerical Assistance. EXPERIENCE GAINED: • Improved my English • Learnt about R.R.C. • Got Canadian experience Images courtesy of Google Red River College of Applied Arts, Science and Technology Thank you
  17. 17. Cadham provincial Laboratory 750 William Avenue Winnipeg Manitoba • • • • • Knowledge Gained Medical laboratory field Business etiquette Communication skill Cultural observation Language learning skills Duties     Centrifuged blood samples Validating, Barcoding Pouring Trouble shooting Monday-Friday 10 am – 2 pm #17 References : Darshana 17
  18. 18. PC Updater NORTON by Symantec POWERLAND COMPUTERS INTEL #18 18
  19. 19. Knowledge gained Customer service Organization skills Customer service skills Communication skills Receptionist HR assistant Filing Presented for Rita’s class Presented by Yvonne Esther Ilboudo Presented for January 17, 2014 Source: website – permission granted to use Jan.20.2014 180 Main Street
  20. 20. 165 Aberdeen Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba R2W 1T9 CANADA Phone: 204-589-7381 Canadian Experience Source: Permission granted to use Jan.20.2014 Prepared by #20 20
  21. 21. Disclaimer All images and text being used are from some of the following links and others: Investors Group Financial Services: Skybridge Americas: Holy Family Nursing Home: Winnipeg Art Gallery: NEEDS Inc.: Lions Personal Care Centre – Concordia Adult Day Club Success Skills Centre: Lions Personal Care Home Peterbilt Manitoba Ltd. Powerland Computers SR Construction RRC International Education Provincial Employees Care for Kids Co-Op: Cadham Provincial Laboratory Fred Douglas Lodge Disclaimer: we have made every effort to cite all sources and use only Royalty-free images 21
  22. 22. RRC LTC Images and photos: courtesy of royalty-free sites Images courtesy of ClipArt, Google and company websites Disclaimer: permission granted to use some logos, text and image Prepared for Rita’s class By Rita’s students Jan. 16.2014 Project-based learning Online research 22