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Marketing strategy presentation final


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Marketing strategy presentation final

  1. 1. * Juan Felipe Ramírez 1520072075 Michael Nicholas Díaz 1520081089
  2. 2. Founded in 1906, Kellogg products aremanufactured in 18 countries andmarketed in more than 180countries around the world.
  4. 4. Special K Fibre PlusAll Bran Corn FlakesSquares Choco KrispiesOptivita FrostiesExtra SmacksJust Right Rice KrispiesMuslix Miel Pops Trésor
  5. 5. For about 30 years ago , cereals beganmoving into the daily diet of SpanishconsumersThe Spanish people consume on averagearound 2.2 kilos of breakfast cereals andcereal bars per yearThe European average consumption ofbreakfast cereals is higher than theSpanish, standing at 2.7 kilos per capita.consumption increase in families withchildren between 6 and 15 years and fathersaged 35 to 49, with incomesmedium-high or high.
  6. 6. During 2010, the increase was 2.1% involume to near 70,000 tonnesThe main item in this market is the cerealdiet, accounting for 27.8% of total volumeand 35.1% in value. Below are the chocolate-grain (17.8% and16.6%, respectively),the muesli (12.4% and 9.7%),cereal fiber (12.1% and 13%), the corn flakes (10% and 6.4%), pads (8.3% and 7.2%), cereals with honey (7.7% and 7.3%), the sugar (3.1% and 3%),the pack for children (0.3% and 0.8%),health cereals (0.2% and 0.5%) and puffed rice (0.3% and 0.4%).
  7. 7. Country Portafolio. All-Bran Krave Bran Flakes Mini Max Coco Pops Nutri-Grain Corn Flakes Optivita Crunchy Nut Other brands Elevenses Pop-Tarts Frosties Rice Krispies Fruit n Fibre Rice Krispies Square Fruit Winders Special K Wheats
  8. 8. *FREQUENCY..According to the Grocer, UK sales ofeight of the 10 most popular brands,including Corn Flakes, Crunchy Nut,Coco Pops, Cheerios and Special K,fell sharply in 2010-11. Rice Krispies,the worst performer, was down 12%;Weetabix bucked the trend, rising4%, for reasons that may becomeclear later. People may be turning tocheaper own-brands, but processedcereals share of the overall breakfastoffer also slipped. And last month,UK market leader Kelloggs saidglobal turnover had fallen 10% in thefirst quarter of 2012, partly becauseit "did not grow" its European cerealbusiness
  9. 9. All-Bran® Honey Smacks®Apple Jacks® Kellogg’s Corn Flakes®Cinnabon™ Kellogg’s Raisin Bran®Corn Pops® KraveCracklin’ Oat Bran® Low Fat GranolaCrispix® Mueslix®Crunchmania Nutri-Grain®Crunchy Nut™ Pop-Tarts®Eggo® Product 19®FiberPlus™ Rice Krispies®Froot Loops™ Smart Start®Frosted Flakes® SmorzFrosted Mini-Wheats® Special K™Fruit Flavored Snacks
  10. 10. All-Bran is a very high-bran, high-fibre,wheat bran breakfast cereal manufacturedby Kelloggs and marketed as an aid todigestive health.
  11. 11. Yellow represents the dominance andpower, but also the joy and happiness. Sooften this color is associated with money,but also with wisdom. With any kind ofwealth.Circle means acycle, movement, change, unity, protection.
  12. 12. “La población española debería aumentarel consumo de cereales, preferentementeintegrales “(ENIDE)“El consumo de hidratos de carbono estádescompensado a la baja por lo que seaconseja el incremento de alimentos quelos contengan como los cereales conpreferencia integrales. Este grupo incluyelas patatas, arroz y otros cereales, pan,pasta, harinas, cereales de desayuno ycierto tipo de galletas.”
  13. 13. Global segmentation:Geographic: Yes, is only for Spain, because if the want to entry with this tvspot on others Spanish speaking countries is not going to work because of theSpanish accent, if the want to introduce the product to the Latin Americancountries, the have to make changes and adapted to the Latin accent.Psychographic:* Social life style vida social activaSe preocupan por su cuerpo* With a healthy way of life 20% Population has had made some diet. More women than men
  14. 14. Demographic aspects:* People between the ages of 30-40 Years old. Estatus social* That live alone or with a company parejas sin hijos* In a medium and high social level class
  15. 15. Behavioral* People used to have dinner every day.* With the willingness to have cereal at this time of the day.* People who like to take care and feel better everyday.Focus onNon users, regular users. With a MEDIUM usage rate.PERIPHERY MESSAGEEat cereal All-Bran and feel better every day.DIRECT MESSAGEFeeling healthy, you notice. Have All-Bran for dinner, You notice too.
  16. 16. * GLOBAL SEGMENGTATION* DEMOGRAPHIC ASSPECTS:* Women Between the ages of 25-35* Independent but who like to have an active social life.* PSYCHOGRAPHIC:* They are part of a high socioeconomic level* Independent, is that feel heavy* Because of this they have a slow transit which is not of their choice as* They prefer a healthy life with which they feel free and light.* They have a social lifestyle* BEHAVIORAL:* Women who prefer a walk* With a social lifestyle and healthy breakfast among friends who prefer this cereal, already generates them freedom and stability in their digestive system and allows them to feel good the rest of the day.
  17. 17. * FOCUS ON:* STATU USER: regular user, potential user* USAGE RATE: HIGH* PERIFERIC MESSAGE:* Eat cereal All-Bran and feel good, free and quiet the rest of the day* DIRECT MESSAGE : try it every day and improve your lifestyle.
  18. 18. Demographic aspects:People between the ages of 30-55Men & WomenAll people but specially the Worker classPsychographic:With a busy life styleWorking profileBehavioralPeople tired of feel heavy all the timePeople long periods of workUsually cereal consumersFocus onOccasion of use: anytime of the dayBenefit sought: slogan
  19. 19. User statusFormer, regular and potential usersPERIPHERY MESSAGETake away the sensation of weight in your body, and feel more lighter andenergeticDirect message10 days challenge. Do it, Feel it.
  20. 20. The Spanish power distribution is the supermarkets dealt 7Hypermarkets control slightly over 36% of all sales ofbreakfast cereals