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Schoology K-5 III


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Published in: Education
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Schoology K-5 III

  1. 1. K-5 Training June 22, 2017
  2. 2. GOALS: By the end of the training, all participants will: • Create and Modify (1) Parent Homework Folder • Save work into Personal Resources for upcoming school year • Explore best practices for instructional course design
  3. 3. OVERVIEW: This self-paced course is designed for experienced Schoology users. Participants will learn about, and then apply the more advanced features of Schoology.
  4. 4. LEARNING TARGETS: • I can complete self-paced lessons that cover a variety of features in Schoology. • I can create and modify one Parent Homework Folder. • I can save work into Personal Resources for the upcoming school year.