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ISTE Standards: Redefining Education


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This presentation was given to schools to introduce the ISTE standards. The potential of technology to redefine education was discussed and each individual standard was shared.

* Attribution for "Transformation Cycle" comes from the book "Resonate" by Nancy Duarte

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ISTE Standards: Redefining Education

  1. 1. Richard Colosi K-12 Technology Integration Specialist March 6, 2014 Technology Standards
  2. 2. Success
  3. 3. Start Decline Transformation Cycle Grow Mature Improved
  4. 4. Redefine Innovate Transform
  5. 5. Research & Information Creativity & Innovation Problem Solving Technical Operations Digital Citizenship Communication & Collaboration International Society of Technology Educators
  6. 6. Innovation Creativity & Identify Trends Create Original Works Use Models/Simulations Generate New Ideas
  7. 7. Collaboration Communication & Interact, Collaborate, Publish Communicate Ideas Global Awareness Multiple Audiences
  8. 8. Information Fluency Research & Strategies to Guide Inquiry Evaluate Select Information Process Data/Report Results Digital Tools
  9. 9. Decision Making Problem Solving & Critical Thinking Conduct Research Manage Projects Identify Authentic Problems Develop Multiple Solutions
  10. 10. Citizenship Digital Safe, Legal, and Ethical Positive Attitude Personal Responsibility Advocate
  11. 11. Operations & Technology Understand/Use Technology Select Applications Troubleshoot Problems Concepts
  12. 12. Big Idea Objective(s) Alignment to Standards ISTE 1.C. Create original works as a means of personal or group expression. ISTE 3.D. process data and report results.
  13. 13. ISTE Standards: Students Teachers Coaches Administrators Computer Science
  14. 14. Questions @RichardColosi