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St Ivo Year 9 Options Presentation 2017 for GCSE Geography


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A presentation for Year 9 Geographers at St Ivo School to outline what the AQA GCSE course taught at St Ivo will entail for the GCSE cohort 2017-2019.

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St Ivo Year 9 Options Presentation 2017 for GCSE Geography

  1. 1. The world in which we live is likely to change more in the next 50 years than it has ever done before. Geography explains why, and helps to prepare you for those changes... St Ivo School Geography Department WELCOME TO GCSE GEOGRAPHY St Ivo School Geography Department “Geography its the subject that holds the key to our future” Michael Palin
  2. 2. Course Structure: Unit 1 – Living with the Physical Environment Unit 2 – Challenges in the Human Environment Unit 3 – Geographical Applications EXAM – 35% EXAM – 35% EXAM – 30% Unit Title Assessment Type GCSE Geography 2017 - 2019 – AQA The course is made up of three units covered throughout the two years. It is a LINEAR course, so all exams are at the end of Year 11. There is NO tiered entry and No controlled assessment. SO WHAT DOES THE COURSE CONSIST OF? Geography is a very popular option (we have 170 students in Year 10!) Last year 82% of our students achieved A*-C Grades!
  3. 3. Unit 1 – Living with the Physical World • Tectonic Hazards • Weather Hazards • Climate Change • Ecosystems • Tropical Rainforests • Hot Deserts • UK Physical Landscapes • Coastal Landscapes • River Landscapes EXAM – 35%
  4. 4. Unit 2 – Challenges in the Human Environment • Urban Issues and Challenges • Rapid growth of LICs • Variations in global development • Economic Growth in LICs • The UKs changing economy • Resource Management EXAM – 35%
  5. 5. Unit 3 – Geographical Applications • Physical Geography Enquiry /Fieldwork • Human Geography Enquiry / Fieldwork • Geographical Skills • Decision Making Exercise EXAM – 30%
  6. 6. St Ivo School Geography Department FIELDWORK OPPORTUNITIES The Geography Department have been running a successful residential trip to Iceland students since 2007 – the trip is optional for those studying GCSE Geography and supports the Tectonics section of Unit 2. All students will undertake fieldwork for their Unit 3 geographical investigations unit, which will include a local based urban study, such as St Ives or Cambridge and a physical based study such as (context to be confirmed).
  7. 7. St Ivo School Geography Department Geography tackles the big issues: • environmental responsibility •Our global interdependence •Cultural understanding and tolerance •Commerce, trade and industry Geography will help you to develop transferable skills, which are highly sought after by employers... WHY GEOGRAPHY?
  8. 8. Compared to other subjects, geography graduates are among the most employable. They possess the skills that employers look for. In part this is because Geography combines a knowledge of science and an understanding of the arts. Geographers learn how to: • write concise reports • handle data • ask questions and find answers • make decisions about issues • analyse material • organise themselves • think creatively & independently Geographers are: • Good communicators • Spatially area • Socially, economically and environmentally aware • problem solvers • good team players • computer literate • well rounded, flexible thinkers GEOGRAPHY AT WORK
  9. 9. Interested in world events? Aid Worker Diplomat Refugee Advisor Charity Coordinator With the transferrable skills Geography develops, the list is endless, but here are just a FEW ideas of geography related careers...
  10. 10. Our priority is helping you to reach your potential and develop your appreciation of the amazing world we live in. Geography is the understanding of the world around us, the processes that shape it, the people that live in it and and the way that people interact with the landscape and each other. Your understanding of Geography doesn’t just develop in the classroom - we seek to provide a large selection of resources to support you in developing your understanding and provide access to resources online through a variety of department run online sites. These include links to related news resources and videos and our own GCSE course online with access to PowerPoints and teaching resources to help you also take charge of your own learning. Online Resources to support learning..
  11. 11. Department Facebook Page – St Ivo School Geography Department
  12. 12. Dedicated GCSE Blog with updates and Revision Resources
  13. 13. Department Twitter Feed - @StIvoGeography
  14. 14. Dedicated Schoology course – all materials available online
  15. 15. Department website with links to all our resources….
  16. 16. Our 2016 GCSE Results were 82% A* - C We also have 2 awards recognising outstanding teaching and learning. As well as being awarded the Secondary Geography Quality mark from the Geographical Association we have been deemed to be a Centre of Excellence which recognises the department's contribution to quality geography beyond the school and into the local or regional education community We have also been awarded the Princes Teaching Institute Geography mark recognising our commitment to constantly seeking to enhancing teaching and learning of Geography ST IVO SCHOOL GEOGRAPHY DEPARTMENT SUCCESSES
  17. 17. The new Geography GCSE is an exam based course there is NO controlled assessment in the new GCSE course. Interested in finding out more? Please see Mr Chambers (Head of Department) or speak to your Geography teacher. Please do come along and see us on the Curriculum evening on 2nd February! You can see examples of students work, resources available, find out more about the course and speak to current GCSE Geographers. There will also be a brochure available with a summary of the information – this can also be found on our website
  18. 18. "Geography is the subject which holds the key to our future" - Michael Palin
  19. 19. Photo Credits: The following photographs have been used within the slide show: