Social Media Marketing for the Architectural Industry


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An overview of why Social Media Marketing has the potential to separate the successful architectural firms of the future from their current competitors, including a six-step strategy for getting started designed by RC Strategies Group.

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Social Media Marketing for the Architectural Industry

  1. 1. Social Media Marketing Presented by: Ingrid Ricks
  2. 2. The Social Media Revolution 2
  3. 3. Wall Street Journal: Email OUT, Social Media IN • Email’s reign as king of communications is over • Services like Twitter and Facebook promise to rewrite how we communicate • In the last 12 months, Social Media usage grew 50% faster than e-mail. – David Liu at AOL calls it “replacing the in-box with a river that continues to flow as you dip into it.” October 12, 2009 3
  4. 4. Leading Social Networks B to B for Marketing (August 2009 study): 66% of marketers now using social media – up from 20% in 2007. A 230% increase! Facebook 300 million registered users. Most used social media site. High use (60%) among business to business marketers. Median age (as of Oct 2009) 33, up from median age of 27 in May 2008 Twitter— 12 million registered users In August, 25 million unique visitors --up from two million a year ago. Growth is up 1,000% in the past year. LinkedIn -- Largest network of business professionals. 40 million registered users in 170 industries in 20 countries. 4
  5. 5. What is Social Media Marketing? • Social Media Marketing is the integrated use of different social media channels/networks to: – Share information about your company – Instantly interact with customers & prospects – Spread the word about new product launches, upcoming events – Reach customers and prospects through different online/digital touch points 5
  6. 6. Why Social Media? • Serves as powerful driver for Web site traffic, e-newsletters, blogs, articles & trade shows/events • Builds organic search engine traffic for your business • Offers cross-channels for marketing products/services 6
  7. 7. Why Social Media? • It enables your business to instantly engage with customers & prospects, and gives your customers a way to directly interact with you • Viral growth of social media helps expand business reach, grow customer base 7
  8. 8. It Still Starts With Web Site • Increase Web Site Traffic/ Effectiveness with Proven SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Strategies – Is Web site professional? – Does Web site deliver compelling, clear sales message? – Does it have call-to-action and data capture elements throughout? – Is it optimized with keywords, title descriptions, etc. for search engine pick up? 8
  9. 9. Six Steps for Successful Social Media Program 1. Have a Plan • Identify what you want to accomplish with social media e.g.: – Drive Event Traffic – Increase Web Traffic – Build Customer Loyalty – Expand Brand Awareness • Develop plan to achieve those goals e.g: – Vertical markets to target – Social networks to employ – Ongoing communications plan to implement – Goal-specific promotions 9
  10. 10. Six Steps for Successful Social Media Program 2. Leverage all Social Networks that Make Sense – Facebook & Twitter key social mediums for businesses, but not only networks to consider – Tap established LinkedIn networks by launching LinkedIn Business Group and inviting all LinkedIn contacts to join • Post frequent news updates, invites to join Facebook, Twitter etc. – Feature projects, capabilities through videos on YouTube 10
  11. 11. Six Steps for Successful Social Media Program 3. Start a Blog – Provides fresh, relevant content for clients, prospects • can be pushed out through social networks/e-newsletter – Generates search engine traffic – Provides two-way interaction with customers/prospects • Opens door to fun, interactive promotions 11
  12. 12. Six Steps for Successful Social Media Program 4. Advertise your Social Networks – Full company buy-in and support is crucial – Advertise Social Networks at every available touch point • Web Site (prominent) • Company Email Signatures • Press Releases • E-Newsletters • Business Cards, Letterhead • Brochures • TV, Radio, Print Advertising Director of Product Development & IT Email / MSN: P: 305.914.1282 - F: 305.627.6001 – M: 786.412.6862 15590 NW 15th Ave – Miami, FL 33169 Follow us in Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter 12
  13. 13. Six Steps for Successful Social Media Program 5. Think Promotion – Today’s consumers: • Like to engage in two-way interaction with businesses • Like to be rewarded for their participation – Use promotions to build your social networks AND to leverage customers’/prospects’ social networks to drive new leads to your Web site • Social Networks Building Promotion – example: Gift Certificate Giveaway • Leveraging Other Social Networks – example: Lawn Wars Promotion 13
  14. 14. Six Steps for Successful Social Media Program 6. Stay Engaged – Interesting, Relevant Content is Key – Keep it Human/Fun • Not always away selling products & services • Use as question/answer forum, post interesting, fun thoughts of day, etc. – Frequent Communication Important 14
  15. 15. Architecture Firms Using Social Media • Companies on Twitter – Lamidesign architect and publisher of modern house plans, and advocate for modern housing Merchantville, NJ – Various Architects Oslo based collaborative design office Oslo, Norway – ViaArchitecture Jen, Marketing Coordinator at VIA, updating you about architecture and upcoming events in the VIA world. ( – GenslerOnCities Discussions, musings and ideas about design, sustainability+urbanization. Gensler’s Leah Ray + Lisa Beazley tweet about all things urban. ( – HolzmanMoss Holzman Moss Architecture is a national planning, architectural, and interior design firm with a 40-year legacy of making memorable spaces. ( • Companies on Facebook – COOP15 Architecture – PB Elemental Architecture – Architecture & Design Museum, Los Angeles – HolzmanMoss 15
  16. 16. Architecture Firms Using Social Media How Global Architecture Firm HOK is Maximizing Social Media • Facebook: • Twitter: • LinkedIn: 3678114676720875136 • YOUTUBE: • HOK India Blog: • HOK BIM Solutions: • HOK The Green Workplace blog: • HOK Events: 16
  17. 17. Social Media Questions • Common Mistakes Firms Make with Social Media – Assuming it is a magic bullet, end-all solution – Launching social media pages but not advertising social networks or actively building them out and frequently engaging people who join – Focusing only on product/service pushing – Avoiding it due to fear of unknown – Not having full company buy-in 17
  18. 18. Social Media Questions • Controlling Messaging/Corporate Brand/Identity via Social Media Marketing – Don’t make mistake of thinking that if you avoid social networks, you keep people from talking about your business – By actively engaging customers through social media and being responsive, you can quickly address concerns raised and turn negative into positive • Geico example – Interacting with customers through social networks provides valuable feedback you need to improve where necessary • Gives customers the voice they want 18
  19. 19. Social Media Questions • Social Media for B2B Marketing – Remember that Social Media is a Communications Vehicle • What makes it so powerful: Instant two-way interaction, viral power, FREE – Use it to communicate same messages you would regularly communicate to clients – Provide blog links, newsletter links, links to relevant, interesting industry news, personal thoughts Become vital communications source and – Consider promotions leading voice in your industry 19
  20. 20. Social Media Questions • Metrics for Measuring Impact and Effectiveness of Social Media Campaigns – Depends on specific goals set at beginning of social media campaign • If driving event traffic, what were event results? (HP Trade Show case study) • Drive Web Traffic? Has your traffic increased as a result of social media efforts? • Boost Sales? Consider a direct sales promotion through social media so you can track sales lift • Increase Customer Loyalty? • Build/Expand Brand Awareness? 20
  21. 21. Getting Started • Make sure your Web Site is fully Optimized • Launch a Business Facebook Page – Obtain Vanity URL: – Invite customers, prospects to join – Consider network building promotions – Post engaging, relevant content – FREQUENTLY – Solicit fan input, feedback • Open a Twitter Account – Develop followers by following vertical markets of interest & connecting with customers – Interact with businesses that follow you – Tweet regularly & Retweet interesting posts – Tweet relevant content – yours as well as others (news articles, other blogs etc – Engage in direct messages with followers 21
  22. 22. Getting Started • Start LinkedIn Business Group – Invited LinkedIn contacts to join – Post updates regularly that link to biz news • Consider Videos for YouTube • Start a Blog – Integrate blog into existing Web site to drive search engine traffic to your site (example: vs. – Post informative blogs regularly • Make blogs relevant, engaging • Regular posts ensure better SE pick up • Distribute through Social Networks – Option: Enroll in Blog Distribution Service • Services like MailChimp enable you to automatically deliver blog in subscriber’s email box 22
  23. 23. Getting Started • Use Press Release Distribution Services that focus on Social Media Optimization – Take the time to optimize your press release for social media • Hyperlinks • Keyword Tags • Twitter • RSS Feeds • Video Embedding • Web Site URL • Cross-Promote Social Media sites – On Web site & e-newsletters – Through email signatures – Through social media posts 23 –
  24. 24. Social Media Marketing Presented by: Ingrid Ricks