Wilson's 14 points and treaty of versailles


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Wilson's 14 points and treaty of versailles

  1. 1. WoodrowWilson’s plan for peace• No secret diplomacy• Freedom of seas• Free trade• Reduce arms• Self-Determination• League of Nations
  2. 2. Germany loses• Blamed for war• Reparations• Loss of military• Loss of land• Loss of colonies
  3. 3. Many fear it will pull US into more warsSenate does not approveTreaty ofVersailles• US not in League of Nations
  4. 4. US- largest creditor• Countries owe US $European nations can’t payThe Dawes Plan• US lends money to Germany• Germany pays reparations• Allies pay US
  5. 5. Kellogg-Briand Pact• 1928 15 nations meet and sign pact• War outlawed except in self-defense
  6. 6. Senate rejectedTreatyJuly 2, 1921 Congress votes to end warCongress ratifies separate peace treatieswith Germany, Austria and Hungary