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Dust bowl


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by Ashish Kumar on Aug 19, 2009

Published in: Technology, Business
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Dust bowl

  1. 1. THE DUST BOWL• A severe drought grippedthe Great Plains in theearly 1930s• Wind scattered thetopsoil, exposing sandand grit• The resulting dusttraveled hundreds ofmiles• One storm in 1934 pickedup millions of tons ofdust from the Plains ancarried it to the EastCoast Kansas Farmer, 1933
  2. 2. Dust storm approaching Stratford, Texas - 1934
  3. 3. Storm approaching Elkhart,Kansas in 1937
  4. 4. Dust buried cars and wagons in South Dakotain 1936
  5. 5. HARDEST HIT REGIONS• Kansas, Oklahoma,Texas, New Mexico,and Colorado werethe hardest hitregions during theDust Bowl• Many farmersmigrated toCalifornia and otherPacific Coast statesBoy covers his mouth to avoiddust, 1935