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Rcbks bulletin vol 18 no 37

  1. 1. Vol 18 Number 37 SELAMAT PAGI 22 May 2010 Fireside Chat 14 May 2010 RI President's Message A fireside chat was held last Friday My fellow Rotarians, at Sri Wangsaria Condo. A total of 24 people comprising of members and Shortly after the earthquake hit Haiti in January, Rotarians began making spouses were present. The event phone calls and sending e-mails to discuss how they could help. When was specially organised for new Rotary International posted its first story on Rotary’s immediate relief efforts, members namely Angie, Niklas and Rotarians took this discussion online. The very first comment about the story expressed what so many Rotarians were thinking: “If they begin sending Abdul, who was inducted at the club Rotarians over to help in any way, please let me know if I can help.” meeting a week ago. The session was conducted by PP James and This plea was multiplied over the following days on Rotary’s website and our through a power point presentation, social media pages. Rotarians also reported what they were doing: collecting he not only instill basic Rotary thousands of dollars to fund ShelterBoxes and Aquaboxes, contributing to knowledge to all present but also the Rotary’s Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund, and organizing ways to transport club's history and culture. Everyone food, supplies, and medical personnel to the devastated country. enjoyed the dinner and the good fellowship that evening. On the ground in and around Haiti, Rotarians were also busy. Local Rotarians helped distribute the ShelterBoxes to some of those left homeless. Rotarian Claude Surena, a physician, took 100 injured earthquake victims into his home, which he managed to turn into a makeshift hospital despite the damage it had sustained. District 7020 established a relief fund, flew in planes loaded with medical supplies, and strategized to provide assistance in the weeks following the disaster. And it is in those weeks – and months and even years – that Rotary can make its greatest contribution. Rotary is not a disaster relief agency, but we are very good at long-term recovery. After all the media attention dies down, Rotary will still be there on the ground – in Haiti’s case, with 17 local clubs and thousands of willing partner clubs. If Rotary’s recovery efforts in Bangladesh, Honduras, Indonesia, and countless other countries are any indication, Rotarians will be in Haiti long after public interest has faded and the media have moved on. In this month’s Global Outlook, you can learn more about Rotary’s success in helping communities and countries rebuild after a disaster – not only replacing what was lost but making it better as well. The Rotarian passion for helping those in need, combined with our perseverance and grassroots presence, will continue to bring hope to those whose lives have been torn apart by disaster. Our response to the tragedy in Haiti manifests Rotary’s concern and desire to help those less fortunate and offers evidence of what Rotary does best: give service. Thank you all for what you are doing. John Kenny President, Rotary International Birthday celebration for Abdul
  2. 2. GUEST SPEAKER - 8 May '10 ATTENDANCE Guests: Adriana Aris Ann Mun Yee, guest of Yoke Leong - Exec Editor, NTV 7 Ann Mona, guest of Alvin Ann Dr Azizah, guest of Abdul Spouse Herbert, guest of Susan Ade as she is affectionately called Gerard,guest of Angie landed at our meeting earlier than when her day usually begins. That Attendance: 60% Fines: nil did not stop her from giving us an interesting insight into her three-day two-night stay about the super carrier the USS Nimitz. Already 40 Announcements years old, she (the Nimitz, not Ade, stupid!) is one of the largest in her class in the world. Ade found it amazing that the Nimitz is as advanced as she Club Service is, given how long ago she was designed and built. - 'Relay for Life 2010' is on 29 May. Cost is $15pp. 15 have registered. For She is certainly first in class among nuclear powered carriers. All of 333 m more details, see Karen. long bow to stern, she is a moving city with capacity to hold 6 000 personnel although she had about 4,500 during Ade’s visit. About 30 % of them were Community Service women and many of the crew were young and multi-skilled as Ade related it. The sexes had strictly exclusive quarters. Crew members had exercise - Ee Lay reported on the updates of equipment to work out on. The navy had an entertainment channel for them. the joint Medical Camp project withRC The authorities come down hard on drug offenders. Ade said the food was Shah Alam on 13 June'10. good and accommodations comfy although the heads (toilets to you land lubbers) are not en suite. However, the routine and the confinement onboard REF were stressful enough to warrant having a psychologist onboard. - Yoke Leong gave an update on REF. Companion and supply ships keep her self-sufficient and protected as she is Reminded committee members of the defenseless without the striker aircraft that she carries! Below deck she can meeting on Monday. hold 90 aircraft with wings folded. Other announcements The super carrier is in active service supporting Ops Freedom in Afghanistan for example. They support land operations with air cover and police the oceans - President Frances announced 6 which some see as controversial. Equally contentious is the fact that many members will be attending sister club, countries see her as part of nuclear proliferation. RC Chungli Chung Shing's anniversary next week. During the ntv7 visit the Nimitz held some exercises including war simulation. There were fire drills, simulated casualties and night operations. Ade In Focus witnessed for herself how pilots took off and landed on the carrier in pitch darkness. During a battle the ship would be blacked out for security anyway. Pilots flew putting their trust in the control tower and instruments. Todate 19 from RCBKS have registered for the Relay for Life. The event is a fun- On taking off they are shot off the ramp at the end of the runway with a steam filled overnight event designed to and hydraulic powered catapult. When landing they aim to snag one of four celebrate survivor-ship and raise cables with their tail hooks. The cables bring them to a stop like a harness. money for research and programs. Each team tries to keep at least one Contrary to intuition, they land at full throttle the reason being if they missed team member on the track at all times. they could immediately pull out of the landing to come around again. Without www.relayforlife.org the momentum they’d just plop into the ocean should they miss all four cables. The craft can launch up to 10 planes in six minutes. The ship has to Date : 29 & 30 May 2010 be going against the wind at 25 knots at least to give the aircrafts enough lift Venue: Bukit Jalil Stadium, KL to fly off the deck in less than 100 m compared with the kilometer runway on Registration : $15 per pax land. The planes taking off reach 274 kph in 3 seconds with the help of the catapult. Ade was able to gloat that the ntv7 crew as flown by C-2 Greyhound from Singapore to land on the Nimitz without prior notice to any of them. On the other hand the military team that came onboard were transported by sea! The ntv7 team received certificates to say they had landed on the Nimitz by aircraft. .... by PE Poay Lim
  3. 3. Today's Programme NEXT CHANGE Ms Manjit Kaur 29 May (Sat) 7.30am ' Alternative Medicine' Speaker: PP Dr Yee Topic: Why the REF matters CLUB News 5 June(Sat) No meeting RCBKS welcomes Abdul Ghafoor CALENDER of EVENTS At the club meeting on 8 May 2010, REF Values Education Program we had the the pleasure of witness- Date: 8 - 9 June 2010 ing the induction of Abdul Ghafoor. Venue: SMK Sri Permata Abdul is from Pakistan and holds District Awards & Handover Night the classification Events, Network- Date: 12 June 2010 ing and Conference Facilities Venue: Royal Selangor Club @ $90pp Services - General Management. When asked 'Why join Rotary?' he replied I have been a Rotaractor from Medical Camp year 1983-1989. So Rotary has always been close to my heart. I wish to Date: 13 June 2010 serve the community and network with fellow Rotarians to make a differ- Venue: Taman Sri Muda, Shah Alam ence in each others’ lives. Relay for Life 2010 Date: 29 - 30 May'10 We wish Abdul a long and fulfilling membership with RCBKS. Venue: Bukit Jalil Stadium Around the RCBKS 19th Installation Date: 26 June 2010 (Sat) Rotary World RC Bugis Junction Installation Eco-clubs attract young members Date: 10 July 2010 A growing number of Rotary clubs have found that focusing on the May Celebration environment helps them bring in new members and gain visibility in the community.RC of Duluth Superior Eco , Minnesota, USA, was chartered in Happy Birthday November 2008 with the purpose of attracting younger people by being Abdul 5 May project oriented and environmentally minded. Cecelia 5 May Happy Anniversary Club president Marti Buscaglia says the club founders reasoned that young Elsie & Sherman 26 May people would be more likely to have time on their hands than disposable income, and would be more engaged if they could take part in hands-on projects for a cause they felt strongly about. The club now has 54 members, Duty Roster most under the age of 40. 22 May (New Generation) “The eco brings them in, and then they learn more about Rotary,” says Sargeant-at-arms James Cheong Buscaglia. “It’s a good introduction to Rotary for younger people. They know Desk Duty Poay Lim they are going to be involved in something they personally care about.” Introducer Graham Thank Speaker Elsie “Prospective members who have the same mindset will naturally be drawn to Fines Ghaurry the prestige of what an eco-club can offer them,” he explains. “As we build more awareness, education, and identity, the membership will naturally increase.” 29 May (Membership) The club conducts a road cleanup every three months, sorting out anything Sargeant-at-arms Fang Keong that can be recycled. It also held a successful shred-a-thon in March, Desk Duty Karen encouraging community members to bring in old documents to be shredded Introducer - and recycled. During a fall festival, club members collected hundreds of Thank Speaker - disposable plastic bottles in special containers they provided for the event. Fines Sanjay Biga sees more and more service organizations adopting an environmental slant. “Green products are everywhere,” she says. “Everyone is becoming environmentally conscious. Service organizations have to be on board with Visit our Blog @ the trends and with what’s appealing to people.” http:// rotaryclubbks. blogspot.com
  4. 4. Board of Directors 2009/10 District NEWS President Frances Po District Awards & Handover Night 21731618(0) Towards the end of each Rotary year, an evening is set aside for the President Elect DistrictAwards Night. Each award given out is truly worth all the effort, hard Tan Poay Lim work and commitment by the relevant clubs and members. It will be a 77277127(0) recognition, meaningful and which the club members will truly be proud to have earned. Such projects that had been successfully carried out, for the Immediate Past President/PR objectives with which they have done so and the results are that they have Elsie Low realized and made beneficial to the communities as well as put a smile on 77281807(0) the faces of those concerned. Vice President/Membership Director Venue:Royal Selangor Club, Dataran Merdeka Dr Sanjay Doshi Date; 12th June'10 @ 7.30pm 23008030(0) Cost: RM 90 Honorary Secretary Cecelia Matuya Short Term Youth Exchange 56342870(0) To RI D3060, Gujarat, India Honorary Treasurer PP Graham Bennett Date: 2 Weeks In Mid-December ’10 012-2918619 Who can apply : Youth between the ages of 15-19years. Club Service Director PP Karen Chong Can Rotarians’ children apply? – Yes 012-2893380 Vocational Service Director Homestay, attending Rotary Club meetings, projects, meeting Interactors, PP CY Fong Rotaractors, tours will be arranged by Rotarians in D3060. 78032276(0) Applicants are required to purchase return airfare, travel insurance and internal expenses USD200. Community Service Director Ho Ee Lay 019-3395688 District 3300 Sister Clubs International Service Director Susan Lim District Governor Leslie Salehuddin RC Bugis Junction [D 3310] 012-2325860 03-61424628 (0) 03-61424058(Fax) Saturday, 08:00 am dgles0910@gmail.com Hotel Inter-Continental New Generation Director 80 Middle Road, Singapore Ghaurry Assistant Governor Veiven Goon 23003757(O) 03-79805529(0) 03-79813514(Fax) RC ChiangmaiThinthaingam[D 3360] vgoon@streamyx.com Thursday, 12.00 noon Rotary Foundation Chairman International Center PP Sunny Khoo Rotary Clubs in Group 9 Chiangmai University, Thailand 22849089(O) Ampang Bukit Kiara Sunrise RC Chungli Chung Shing [D 3500] Bulletin Committee KL West Thursday, 12.00 noon Pudu No 4, Ln 10, Gwo-Ti Street James Lau/ Karen (Editor/Production) Sri Petaling Chungli, Taiwan Poay Lim (Speaker’s Programme)