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Britain from Above: Angharad Williams (BfA/RCAHMW)


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Britain from Above: Angharad Williams (BfA/RCAHMW)

  1. 1. y Prydain Oddi Fry Britain from Above
  2. 2. The Aerofilms collection
  3. 3. Key aims of the project • A preservation programme to conserve, digitise and catalogue 95,000 negatives from the earliest part of the collection – 1919 - 1953 • Free online access to digital images via a dedicated website • Virtual volunteering and outreach activities focused around the historic images • A programme of exhibitions to celebrate the project and promote the collection • A publication telling the Aerofilms story to tie in with the exhibitions programme
  4. 4. • Evaluation Strategy and Implementation Plan developed • Evaluation activities carried out during the project • Information gathering and analysis • Project Evaluation Report Measuring success
  5. 5. Britain from Above website
  6. 6. Britain from Above website - groups
  7. 7. Britain from Above website - adding content
  8. 8. Traffic to the site has exceeded expectations ‘It’s been widely more successful than I thought it would be … in terms of how many people are looking on the website, you know it is phenomenal and not something I would have anticipated’ [Stakeholder] Traffic to the website
  9. 9. A steadily growing, committed user-base
  10. 10. The Activity Plan set out the work to be delivered by the three partners during the project: – Virtual volunteering – Community group projects – Educational resources and careers events – Events and conferences – Talks and presentations – Publication – Exhibitions and related activities Britain from Above Activities
  11. 11. Virtual-Volunteers
  12. 12. Locating unidentified images
  13. 13. Virtual-Volunteers
  14. 14. Super-Users From ‘online community’ to ‘community online’ (Kozinet 2010)
  15. 15. Promoting digital inclusion - Piloting the Internet iTea and
  16. 16. Engaging older users - improving web-confidence Website user: ‘A lot of gents my age were all a bit late to the computer age … so [the BfA site] came at the right time with my computer knowledge and using Google and all this business. Everything came together quite well.’
  17. 17. Piloting the Internet - engaging older users The website successfully captured older users - website use by over 65s increased significantly over time
  18. 18. The website was accessible to older users but….. • Heavily male dominated user base • Less ethnically diverse than nationally A diverse audience in some respects, not in others
  19. 19. Geographically diverse audience with a growing number from overseas A diverse audience in some respects, not in others
  20. 20. Online motivational activities
  21. 21. • Feeding traffic to the site • Realistic resourcing required to support use of social media Successful use of Twitter
  22. 22. Community Projects The Lighthouse, Glasgow Trimsaran, nr Llanelli RHS Tatton Garden Show Artlink, West Yorkshire
  23. 23. Careers Day
  24. 24. Exhibition programme Cardiff Airport
  25. 25. Exhibition-related activities: core to engaging family audiences ~4,500 under16s
  26. 26. Diversifying the audience through exhibitions 1 in 10 BME visitors - 5 times the proportion recorded in web audience
  27. 27. A hub for knowledge sharing and developing interests
  28. 28. Broadening the audience through ‘user-modes’
  29. 29. Broadening the audience through ‘user-modes’
  30. 30. • 10 Year Maintenance and Management Plan sets out the partners commitment to the – Original archive material and the digital surrogates – Website and content – Continued promotion of the website • An Aerofilms Management Board will be formed to continue to oversee the management of the collection and website Legacy and the future
  31. 31. • Visitors found the website through search engines • Social media drives young, newer audiences • Recommendation drives older users A successful mixed marketing campaign Future use of the website?
  32. 32. Aerofilms: A History of Britain from Above Publication Only £15
  33. 33. Angharad Williams Arweinydd y Tîm Ymgysylltu â'r Cyhoedd, CBHC Public Engagement Team Leader, RCAHMW / Prydain Oddi Fry Britain From Above THE AEROFILMS PHOTOGRAPHIC COLLECTION 1919-1953