RBS IT partners cloud presentation


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Please view this brief slide show that explains the benefits of cloud computing & file storage for small business. For further information please contact us at Revered Business Solutions via our website at www.rbsolutions.com

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RBS IT partners cloud presentation

  1. 1. Benefits Of the Cloud for Small Business Brought to you by: Revered Business Solutions, Inc. 321A Ushers Road Ballston Lake, NY 12019 www.rbsolutions.com
  2. 2. What is The Cloud ? The Cloud is a scalable, reliable and cost-effective way ofaccessing information technology at any time from anywhere.
  3. 3. Why Should You Care About the Cloud • The Cloud is replacing traditional IT and it just makes sense to analyze the benefits it may afford your particular business. • Your Competition may be utilizing Cloud Based resources that might give them a competitive advantage.
  4. 4. Impact of Cloud Computing International Data Corporation (IDC):Cloud-related technology spending will outpace traditional IT spending in the next five years • 2009 - $17 Billion spent on cloud-related technology • 2010 - 7% of small business owners using cloud services • 2011 – 11% of small business owners using cloud services • 2013 - $44 Billion estimated spending on cloud
  5. 5. The Benefits of Cloud Computing Mobility, Accessibility, Collaboration• Any where access – Office, Home, On the road, and on the go.• Universal access to your business with mobile devices, tablets, and smartphones.• Virtual Offices & Telecommuting• Improved collaboration and work flow.
  6. 6. The Benefits of Cloud Computing Reduced IT Costs and Staffing• No capital costs for servers, software, networking technology.• The Cloud Hosting provider takes care of all the technology and hardware.• Reduced office space for equipment• Reduced power and cooling costs in the office
  7. 7. The Benefits of Cloud Computing Security & Disaster Recovery Protection• Automated Backups – Off Site Backups, easy restore and recovery.• Physical Security: data and servers located inside secure data center.• Cloud hosting provider monitors infrastructure 24 x 7.
  8. 8. The Benefits of Cloud Computing Worry Free Reliability• Advanced cloud based technology provides no single point of failure.• Datacenters have redundant power, faster Internet connections, and spare servers.• Automated self-healing technology allows cloud-based services to remain always on.
  9. 9. The Benefits of Cloud Computing Green Friendly• Cloud based servers up to 30x more efficient on power utilization.• Cloud based desktops up to 10x more efficient on power utilizations.• Reduced waste – end the cycle of replacing desktop computers & servers.• Travel less with collaborative tools.
  10. 10. The Benefits of Cloud ComputingEnergy Efficient Data Center
  11. 11. Examples of Cloud Computing• Apps Over the Web – SalesForce, QuickBooks Online & Microsoft Office.• Compliant Email Services - synced to smart phones.• Remote offsite backup services• Virtual phone systems
  12. 12. Benefits of Servers in the Cloud • IT On Demand – Rapid deployment when you need more resources. • Cloud based corporate email servers. • Replace aging office servers. • Data storage – customer records, accounting systems and more.
  13. 13. Benefits of Cloud Based Virtual Networks • Anywhere Access to your Desktop • Connect with iPad & smartphone • Access to Microsoft Office and more • Automated backups and compliance
  14. 14. What to Ask Your Cloud Service Provider• Are they offering true solutions on cloud infrastructure or just marketing the ‘cloud’.• Are they local and available to work with your business for the right solution?• What is their level of experience?• Are they compliant with industry regulations & offering the compliance your business needs.
  15. 15. Revered Business Solutions 321A Ushers Road Ballston Lake, NY 12019 Phone: (518) 877-0763 Main Reasons to Consider Cloud Computing • Accessibility • Scalability • Security • Cost Effective • Environmentally CorrectClick Here for a FREE ANALYSIS on the benefits of Cloud Computingfor your business!