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Mercedes-Benz StarTuned Magazine. March/April 2011 Edition.

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StarTuned Magazine March/April 2011

  1. 1. 5TARTUNED@Information for the Independent Mercedes-Benz Service ProfeSsionalMarch/April2011 u.s. $6.00 € 9.00 Volume II Number 2 IN THIS ISSUE: 3 STOPPING ON A DIME SBC Brake Systems 6 ANATOMY OF A COLLISION REPAIR Cost-effective restoration plan 10 PICKING PARTS PERFECTLY Streamline your work with EPC 14THE NET Tech info for you
  2. 2. TO OUR READERS:Welcome to StarTuned, the magazine for independent servicetechnicians working on Mercedes-Benz vehicles. YourMercedes-Benz dealer sponsors StarTuned and provides theinformation coming your way in each issue.Mercedes-Benz wants to present the information you need toknow to diagnose and repair Mercedes-Benz vehicles accurately,quickly and the first time; text, graphics, on-line and other Contributing Editortechnical sources combine to make this possible. Chip KeenFeature articles, derived from approved company sources, ckeen@automotivedatamedia.comfocus on being useful and interesting.Our digest of tech nical information can help you solve Contributing Editor Kerry Jonssonunanticipated problems quickly and expertly. kjonnson@automotivedatamedia.comWe wa nt StarTuned to be both helpful and informative, soplease let us know just what kinds of features and otherdiagnostic services youd like to see in it. Well continue tobring you selected service bulletins from Mercedes-Benz andarticles covering the different systems on these vehicles.Send your suggestions, questions or comments to us at:StarTuned and all past issues of StarTuned, along w1th a wealtllOne Mercedes Drive information on Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts.Montva le, New Jersey 07645Phone: 1 800 225 6262, ext. 7112 To locate a Mercedes-Benz dealer near you,e-mail: go to is a publi cation of Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC ("MBUSA"). No part of thi s magazine may be reproduced without the express written permission of MBUSA. Editorialand Circulation Offices : 48 6 Pinecrest Rd., Springfield, PA 19064. Caution: Vehicle servicing performed by untrained persons CQuid result in serious injury to those persons orothers. Information conta ined in this magazine is intended for use by trained, professional auto repair technicians ONLY. This information is provided to inform these techniciansof cond itions which may occur in some vehicles or to provide information which cou ld assist them in proper servicing of these vehicles. Properly trained technicians have theequipment, tools. safety instructions, and know-how to perform repairs correctly and safely. If a condition is described, DO NOT assume that a topic covered in these pagesautomatically applies to your vehicle or that your vehicle has that condition. StarTuned is a registered trademark of MBUSA. Broadway Car Wash Equipment Company Some of Our Nationwide Mercedes-Benz Partners: Partners with the Autohaus Concept! New Country Motors Hartford, CT ../ SPACE EFFICIENT Different models to fit almost any space Scholfield Motors Wi chita, KS ../ QUALITY WASHING Thirty years of proven histolY Mercedes-Benz of Smithtown ../ QUICKER RESULTS Saint James, NY Complete wash in 2 minutes or less w.I. Simonson Mercedes ../ EASY TO USE OPERATION Santa Monica, CA Simple operation increases efficiency ../ LASTING DURABILITY Mercedes-Benz of San Antonio Aluminum frame provides durability San Antonio, TX ~~ &~ e~ · 1-800-976-WASH •
  3. 3. STOPPING n a Dime One of Mercedes-Benzs main focal points is safety. SBe brake systems reduce stopping distances and allow the driver more control over the vehicle. Let us maintain this system to keep it at its optimal performance. - Mercedes-Benz has always believed that cutting- edge technology can be used to make vehicles safer, not just more efficient and luxurious. Nowhere is this more evident than in the companys braking systems. In the past, it was possible to lock up the wheels during a panic stop, causing a loss of directional stability - at that point the driver is no longer in control of the vehicle. Anti-lock brake systems have pretty much eliminated this dangerous situation since 1984. These computer- controlled systems have evolved throughout the years into ASR, ETS, ESP, BAS, and, finally, the Sensotronic Brake Control system (SBC). With conventional brakes, when the driver applies the pedal, muscle force levers a master cylinder piston forward providing pressurized fluid to the calipers . With Sensotronic, on the other hand, the brake pedal serves as more of a sensor, signaling the SBC unit to send braking pressure to the wheels. This improves response time and provides more precise control of braking pressure. - With computer-controlled braking, additional features can easily be programmed into the system. To bring the vehicles speed down smoothly,The heart of the Sensotronic braking is the SBC hydraulic hydraulic pressure is reduced as the vehic le comesunit. You can see the high-pressure hydraulic pump to a stop. When the wiper input is put on th e CAN,on the left and a pressure reservoir below it. This unit light brake pressure is applied to keep frictionactually produces the fluid psi that stops the vehicle. Mercedes-Benz March/April 2011 3
  4. 4. STOPPING ON A DIME -- --~ViN wBuFaiJixjool89~i2Tv~lIraEJsurfaces wiped dry. Inputs that predict Ct 0:"_,UI(.)"t IJII I Po"] d tl ----~----~ 11 (l 71)Q Ij 76jiOO79) ---- ~- ~ ~------- -~ -rap id brake application are looked at. Vehicle /211.056 Control unit /sec ISensotronic Brake ControlWith sudden release of the gas pedal, Control unit versionthe SBC contro l unit precharges the Fault codes Diagnostic trouble code memory log (Shadow-Memory)brakes to remove play in the system. Thi s EEPROM Event memoryhelps reduce braking distances when the Actual va lues Deactivate system ssC.brakes are actua lly applied. SBC is part , Jof the overa ll dynamic chassis control General servicing Initial startup after maintenancesystem, which includes ASR (Automatic Initial startup after repair Complete list of guided testsSlip Reduction), ESP (Electron ic Stability Control unit adaptations Full list of fault codes and eventsProgram), ABS (Anti-lock Braking Customer complaints (without fault codes) r Service information and up-ta-date trouble diagnosis .&"System), and BAS (Braking Assist ~ Control unit logSystem). Wheel speed sensors, the ASR Development datahydra ul ic unit, and a brake operating unitmake up the SBC system. The systemwakes up when a door is opened, the ~ ~ 1J !J F11 The SOS is needed to de-activate and re-activate the SBC systemremote Smart Key is operated, the key before any broke Job or other service work can be performed. Thisis turned on, the brakes are app li ed, or reduces SBC pressure, and fluid lines can be opened.when the parking brake is released .- A self-check is performed when the system wakes up. Pressure is app li ed to the calipers while the system cycles solenoids and checks for leaks. This feature coupled with high brake pressures means we need to be extra carefu l while repairing these systems. SBC needs to be deactivated while servicing the system, even if only the brake pads and rotors are being replaced. Thi s way the technician wil l not in advertently activate the system whil e components are apart, which would cause damage and be a safety threat. This is done with a Mercedes-Benz SDS tool available for purchase from the company. Once work is comp leted, SBC While picking up SBC components at your Mercedes-Benz dealer; you must be reactivated. Also, if the hydrau li c should purchase at least two liters of approved broke fluid to completely system is opened for service, a specific bleed the system. Since broke fluid is hydroscopic, it is recommended bleed procedure using the SDS must be that it be replaced every two years as normal maintenance. followed . You will need somewhat less than two liters of approved brake fluid, which you may want to add to your orde r from your Mercedes-Benz dealer. Keep it Genuine, and- When the driver steps on the brake pedal, he or she is really engaging Pedal youll keep the customer. USE MERCEDES-BENZ PARTS: UNSURPASSED QUALITY I FACTORY BUILT & TESTED I Value sensors. These two hall-effect COMPETITIVE PRICE I PROVEN RELIABILITY I PRECISION FIT I LIMITED WARRANTY 4 St arTu ned
  5. 5. sensors tell how much pressure is applied how quickly to the brake pedal. This information is sent to the software in the SBe hydraulic unit, which determines how much pressure is appl ied to each whee l. A pedal simulator gives the driver the feel of a conve ntional brake pedal. Th ere is sti ll a rod that applies pressure to the piston in the tandem master cyl ind er, so in the event of SBe power loss this brake pressure is app lied mechanica lly to the two front wheels through valves in the hydraulic unit. - You can eva lu ate sensor inputs by look in g at data in the SBe system, andWhen the 5BC is deactivated, or there is a failure in the system, you will you can read the Pedal Value sensorsee a warning message in the instrument cluster. Pull codes and look at signa l and individual whee l brakepressure in the system before disconnecting any broke lines. pressures. Thi s information can lead to quicker and more accurate diagnosis . Vehicle 1211.070 Control unit Isec - Bleeding the system and checking for IGeneral servicing air after replacing any components is Check operating time of component A7t3 (SBC hydraulic unit). eplace hydraulic brake system fluid t Bleed brake system criti ca l to prope r performance and wi ll Inspect brake system for air. Pressure reservoir: check pretension pressure. elimin ate any possib le fault codes after work is comp leted. All of the steps are in the SDS when you select to bleed the system. You wi ll need other specia l tools to complete the job, however. A Mercedes-Benz-approved power bleeder wi ll have to be attached to the brake fluid reservoir to insure that the hydraulic circuits do not run dry whi le bleed ing. The sequence starts at the right front whee l, followed by the right rear, left rearFollow the steps outlined in the bleed procedure in your 5DS unit. Make and left front whee ls. You will need tosure to secure your broke bleeder lines to the screws since high pressure secure a hose to the bleeder screw sincebroke fluid comes out when opened. high pressure fluid comes out when it is opened. After the process is comp lete, clear the codes and verify that you have no codes left in the SBe system. A test drive should be performed before the vehicle is delivered . A complete job wi ll provide your customer with al l of the benefits SBe has to offer in safety and car control, and thats a job wel l done . Mercedes-Benz Marchi April 2011 5
  6. 6. • • Corne- From the moment a vehicle comes into your damage. The front and rear crumple zones are shop for repair, the clock is ticking. The insurance co ll apsib le structures. They are meant to absorb company has its agenda, the customer wants his the energy of an impact and not pass it on to or her car back, and you have to make them both the occupants. Even if the impact appears light happy. With new insurance and EPA regulations, it enough and one or two corners are written off, seems you dont have a moments rest from running you must get this vehic le on a lift. Mercedes-Benz you r business, keeping your people employed, and insists on the use of a chassis alignment jig when turning a profit. You must return the car with the frame straightening to assure accuracy. Traditional same crash-worthiness and finish it had before the measurement methods, such as those taken off the accident. This is certainly possible, but nothing centerline of the chassis to various pick-up points, can reduce profits more than having to go back and do something over, or realizing that there is Vehicle Body Information more damage than youd seen before. To prevent 216 th is from happening, you need to come up with a plan the moment the vehicle comes in for repairs. This is not always easy depending on the damage. Mercedes-Benz veh icles have higher monetary va lue than ordinary cars, and as a consequence are more li ke ly to be repaired instead of tota led, so its very important that you get it right the first time . Mgd$leel "300 N/rnmttn~511t11cth HI&h·~ ttl.lh.lecl"S5n ~ /mnllensllclluent1h Modem hfJ/>-Rll1!ithsteel -> l000 H/mm l.ef$iIe.sDmtth Ulluhl&fHlren~h $tCd, hot ~~ -> ISao N/fIW!I IffUIk.uenathStep One "m- Of course, every accident is different, but The first step before performing any repair work is a visit yo u should focus on what is similar about every to for a look at the vehicles one. There are accidents where on ly the body is construction materials.This is an essential safety step and contacted, others that include suspension pieces. will let you know when magnesium or ultro-high-strength Either way, you need to check for structural steel is used. Repair procedures will be different as a result.6 StarTuned
  7. 7. Opposite Page: Here we have a front-end hit on a 2002 and repair processes . This information wil l allow 208 chassis eLK. There is the obvious damage to the you to give the adjuster a tru ly accurate account of hood, center support, and front crash box, but what about the time involved. EPC (Electronic Parts Catalog) is underlying damage ?The headlight frame mounting was also an essentia l tool for doing estimates. You can damaged on the passengers side and may not have been look at the repair parts that Mercedes-Benz makes put on the estimate. available to ma ke sure youre ordering exactly the are simply too crude for "the best engineered cars right things . in the world." In fact , the company doesnt even publish these dimensions. - Also, be prepared to remove fenders so the adjuster can look at possible damage under the surface paneling. Your goal is to put as much Crash Analysis needed work on the origina l estimate and reduce- The use of jig sets prevents any surprises when the cost of any supplements. WIS gives detailed the bodywork is complete, such as finding that repair instructions for the job so you can give wheel alignment cant be accomplished because the adjuster a truly accurate account of the time there isnt enough range of adjustment to make up involved . EPC is also an essential tool for doing for dimensional discrepanc ies. This is especial ly estimates. You can look at the repair parts that true if a wheel, upright spindle, or suspension arm Mercedes-Benz makes avai lable. has been bent. Also, be prepared to remove fenders so the adjuster can look at possible damage under the surface paneling. Using Your Tools - Our example here is a 2002 208 chassis ClK- This prevents any surprises when th e bod ywork that has been in a front-end collision. It appears on is complete, but wheel alignment cannot be the surface that it wil l need a hood, upper radiator accomplished because there is not enough range of support, center support, and a front bumper cover. adjustment. This is especially true if a wheel, upright A deeper inspection, however, showed that the spindle, or suspension arm has been bent. crossmember support, lower radiator support,- Your goal is to not miss any needed work on the original estimate and reduce the cost of any supplements. Use WIS (Workshop Information System, availab le with a paid subscription to ) ~~ to identify any repairs and procedures not included in the estimating guides (and, of course, to fi x the 12~ :~if~j ~:;J ~ " 4 D rJ car right) . It gives detailed ~ . ~. repair instructions for 5 it-e . r!F,3 . ~5 the job, and tells you the 4 • H . materials involved in the vehicles construction that Before you start to take the damaged section apart, look at the repair may necessitate the use of instructions at and the parts information on EPCnet special tools, equipment, ( will help you generate an accurate estimate. Also, by quickly removing panels, you con look for further damage to the structure. Mercedes-Benz Marchi April 2011 7
  8. 8. ANATOMY O F A COLLISION RE P IR Aand passenger side headlight stiffening support for work in struction s, you know the materialswere all damaged. After reviewing the cost of the you may cut and reform, and you can now begincomponents and the cost in labor of straighten ing tearing down the crash damage. Following thethem, it was agreed with the adjuster that each steps out lined in Startekinfo, you can begin with thedamaged component shou ld be replaced in stead front crash box. If there had been frame damage,of being repaired . This saved a sign ificant amo unt you may need to put the veh icle on a CarBench orof labor time and ended up being cost-effective for Celette bench and reposition it.everyone involved . - We rea lize you probably dont get paid for the- If you are a Mercedes-Benz co llision shop, yo ur time spent coming up with an efficient repair plan . next step should be to visit the Mercedes-Benz While in negotiations with the in surance adjuster, Co llision website, . you shou ld not let him or her dictate how this Here you wil l find specific information, especia lly particular veh icle will be repaired. By investing some about tools and body construction materials. This time and resea rching Mercedes-Benz Startekinfo, is an important safety step. Mercedes-Benz uses EPC and th e co llision website, yo u have armed hybrid construction in many models. This means yourse lf with the specifi c information about what panels may be made of severa l different materia ls. the manufacturer requires to restore this vehicle to its previous cras hworthin ess, fit, and finish. With an accurate assessment of time and money, jobsHybrid Construction remain profitable and customers are happy. I- Checki ng what materia ls are used is 31 ftotJmo6e" I.e. " 2lJ836SClK320:0J:320JAl~:cu:.320 U .,. " 2:05.365 ... 62 FRONT PANEl. .. OOOWtfilHOUSE,FJl.ONT5U!fRA/E " critica l before starting any ~ ~. * 1 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - L-1 repa ir. Mercedes-Benz , nnn." Plllt n.rrb:f - r , uses ultra-high-strength, WHU LHOUSE lEFT high-strength, and r , ~ ~ IGO " ~IOI!~ . mi ld steels, aluminum, r " r A 208620 2261 . WllfiLHOUSE magnesium, and plastics " Rt" r 17 A 1296Z600 II •• PlATE to bu ild a vehicle. If you r 20 A 208626 01 16 FRONTIUaA TOWHEfI.HOlJ5f 104~ decided to cut an inner r 20 A20862602 16 •• REJNfORaMfHT ENGlt.£HOOOHlNGf,RIGHT 00 1 door panel on a 215 r " A2:05620OSn . . STIFfENJHG ,....,.,..., FRONT FEtaA TO lEfT FRONT chassis CL-C lass, for r " A 208620 06 n " STlffElllNG FRONT f EMJER T RIGHTFRONT O instance, you need to r J2 A2!l26268B 14 """"""" •• DRAnEr HVllRAU.ICLMTBRAO:!:TT Ol EFT ~A8S/ETSJASA know th at it is made of r 3S AOCIl99CJI ZIO " SCIlfW magnesium . This material Looking at EPC, you con see the many stiffening support brackets in the front crash box that con burns a bright hot white be replaced instead of worked straight. It may be cheaper and foster to replace components and may ignite whi le instead of straightening them, and you get o.E. crashworthiness, too. being cut. The panel is also on ly available as a whole pi ece, so it does not make any sense to work it. In the case of the 208 chassis CLK320, th e body is constructed of mild steel. If you have looked at EPC for parts Even with light hits, using OEM ports like this ML rear bumper cover will reduce labor time. ordering and Startekinfo You will not have to modify the port to make it fit. It comes already primed so all you have to do is prep it for pointing. 8 StarTuned
  9. 9. Picking Parts Perfectly @ Mercedes-Benz EPC is a great tool fo r streamlining your work and avoiding errors. And its free.- A common element of most repa irs is t he need - You probab ly know t hat your loca l Me rcedes-Benz for rep lacement parts. Sin ce t here are so many dea ler has access to a comp rehensive Electronic differe nt pa rts , each one has its own number. Parts Cata log, known as EPCnet, which lists th e Find ing the rig ht number - qui ck ly and acc urate ly - pa rts for eve ry Me rcedes-Benz vehic le since about is of the utmost import ance if you wan t to provid e 1946. Bu t did yo u know t hat you can also acce ss qua lity repairs quick ly. Of co urse, we always thi s pa rts ca t alog - for f ree? recommend (a nd use) Genu ine Mercedes-Benz replacement parts for every j ob sin ce t hey always - To regu lar reade rs of StarTun ed, the STAR fit and perform perfect ly, not to me nti on having a Tek lnfo web site ( ) - superb warranty to set your custo mers at ease. But wh ich inc ludes EP Cnet access - isnt anything findin g exactly t he right part ca n sometim es present new. But t here is a sister site, epc.sta rtekinfo. a challenge. com, t hat offe rs free access to EPCnet to an yo ne 10 StarTuned
  10. 10. • •• . . . on all eight with www.startekinfo.coffi.Mercedes-Benz USA Dealer Workshop Services is the source for all the technicalinformation needed to support, service, and maintain Mercedes-Benz vehicles.Mercedes-Benz workshops rely on DWS products and services for getting jobsdone quickly and more efficiently. Our products include:• STAR TekInfo with WIS-net (Workshop • Maintenance Manuals and Sheets Information System) • STAR Service Manual Library CDs• Electrical Troubleshooting Manuals • WIS and DAS software updates• Installation Instructions • Star Diagnosis System (SDS)• Technical Bulletins • Operators Manuals and COMAND Manuals• Campaigns • Mercedes-Benz Equipment• Mercedes-Benz Special Tools • Inventory of technical publicationsSTAR TekInfoDealer Workshop ServicesEngineering Services,Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC. @ Mercedes-Benz
  11. 11. P ICKIN G PARTS P ERFECTLYin the United Sta tes, courtesy of Mercedees-Be nzUSA. Although you do have to prov ide a major EPCnet Online _ _ Gellltl StanId AboutSlul Accountcredit card numbe r, th is is used on ly to verify that You .... !tOt tlilftntly l ogg.d Inf I.£II..!n Mercedes·Benzyour mai ling address is within Mercedes-Benz ... Welcom e loginUSAs assigned territo ry, not to assess charges. Subscribe STAR reklnfo Me Classic CenleIf you live in another country, contact your sa les Site Maporganization to ask about EPCnet access. Welcome to EPCnet Online EPCnet Online is the official Mertedes-8enz USA, LlC sIIe for hoslJng spare parts documentallon for Mercedes-8enz cars and- For most of us, its often easier to have the light trucks sold In the USA, EPCnet Is a bfowser-based Electronic Parts catalog Which allows dealer look up whatever parts we need. Thi s the user to specify virtually every spare part for the models coversd. Art intuitive graphical user Interface pennlts easy navigation through usua lly works fine for common parts, like oil the extensrve parts catalog. Tutorials are avaIlable at no charge to help familiarize both new and experienced users with !he MelCedes-Senz :spare part.6 groJp system and the selErCtlon or the fi lters and shock absorbers. But have you ever appropriate part for your particular vehicle, A subscription is necessary to USB thls application. Before had the fr ustration of trying to exp lain some sUbscribing, we fjlrongtv recommend thaI yoo review aUof Itse Informa tion under the Getting Started and About Site tabs. arcane or unusua l part you need to someone on Please be advIsed that you need 1 Install the necessary plug-Ins to 0 view the site content, as explaIned on the About Slie I Tech RequIrements pages, th e phone? Spending time trying to get it right is A dBtaffed IIsU of models covered by this Information can be ng found on the About SIt. I Coverage page. t ime better spent ma king money. EPCnet Online is a free ports catalog available to- Instead of faxin g images bac k and fo rth, or anyone within MBUSAs sales territory.Just go to STAR risking delivery of the wrong part, j ust have your Teklnfos sister site -- http://epc.startekinfo .com -- to Merced es-Benz parts person te ll you which EPC sign up. This is the some catalog used by Authorized image he or she is looking at. With your free EPCnet Mercedes-Benz dealers. Identifkotion nunber fWOB3 11210321C137181 ::::J IWll6EA32EtSCI3746t & I ~ I ~ ~ I f3i I u. ~ ~ MDmode ~ 1. Car" 121032 300 E USA; E 320 USA:32O E / E 32O:E 320 JAPAN ~ 121.032 ~ 16 STEERING ~ 015 STEERING GEAR ~ ~ ~ ~. *~ ---,."~- ~. I ~ 1J 1at 0.-: 60% · 11 ~ -/ j Item ... j Parl number j Des91alion/desaiptJon j Quantity j verslon ~ ! 2 3 1 5 6 7 8 9 10 ~I I 11 816015000015 r J 5 A 121 160 62 01 STEERING BOX ASSEMBL V 001 WITH PITMAN ARM @" 1 16971 PART IS ONLY OR ALSO SUPPLI ""1 .,.,." c:il 71 500 ~6 ~ 13I , ~ ! r 8 N 000960 01 0027 • SCREW d;» 68 1l <!I> 65 • OP r Replaced by: N 308676 010017 32~ 137 .ll. 62 • 53 Ohn 38 % r 8 N 308676 010017 • SCREW 001 .g:;:>59a 3~~~ 290 PITMAN ARM TO STEERING BOX ~ ASSEMBlY 44t! r 11 N 913001 01 0010 • NUT r Replaced by: N 910113 010002 125 128t! 4~~ ~~L r 11 N 910113 01 0002 • NUT 001 (i;!i)0 @ Il PITMAN ARM 10 STEERING BOX ~143 119 122 D ~~ ASSEMBlY 5 ~7 r 11 A 121991 32 11 • LOCK 001 04 101 @~3" ,. PITMAN ARM TO STEERING BOX &> <i!> 1l 1l.1 10 ASSEMBlY ~ diI>O e " 3 92~e;,9:lfPJ"6 r 17 A 1219934601 • SPRING CONTROL VAlVE 001 . . <5 @labO 98~(!!fl891l , A 1169970115 001 ~ 20 • SEAL RING ~ ,.. ~ ... . . . ...". I ...... ~~ ) 1...1 ~ : ~ i1iJ I !4 IShopping list t..nsfer file ~ ....) Write protection I ShoppinQ 1st IDate/Time · I No. l oam .. ·lltemno. I Port number IESI IES2 I Des9lotion/description I Quont~y I Qty 0... J 3 11 A 11646601 60 SEAL RING I J of .. T_ory shopplng 1st .. ill December 2010 12/20/10 12:05 PM ill left mirror cover 07/12/10 07:31 AM 2 38 A 003 990 39 10 WASHER I ill WOB2 100s51.ll31 01/05/10 10:11 AM ~ (I I ~ Market: North America C.tolo9: ISV ·As 01 09/69 EPCnet illustrations can be useful in reminding you how certain assemblies fit bock together While the illustrations are not meant to be exact reproductions of the port, they are close enough to provide the details you need. 12 StarTuned
  12. 12. subscription, you and your dea ler can litera lly "be Transmissions each have their own parts groups, ason the same page" as you work your way through do some older steering boxes and rear differentials.your parts list. There are several tutorials, including a listing of parts groups and whats in them, under the "Getting- Got some customers who are more technica lly- Started" tab, which is visib le at incl ined than average? Let them know about the before logging in. free EPC subscription, and theyl l thank you for it. Information like this he lps bu ild customer loya lty - The third step is to find the illustration that and demonstrates that your shop is linked in to shows your part. Most parts groups have several official Mercedes-Benz resources. subgroups, which will help you narrow your search. Just remember that the drawings in EPCnet arent- In many cases, the EPC illustrations can help meant to be photo-rea listic images of the parts in remind you how certa in assemblies fit back the car. Instead, they are meant to be a genera lized together. Even t hough the ill ustrations are not representation of the part. intended to be exact reproductions of the part, they are general ly very close, as are exp loded views. - The last step is to pick the part and determine the correct part number. Often, on ly one part number- And, of course, sometimes you may just want is shown when you click on the illustration, but in to look up your own parts. With the latest version cases where more t han one number is shown, read of EPCnet avai lab le to you on line, its easier than the footnotes and codes carefu lly, since these will ever before. The first step, once youve logged tel l you whether the part applies to the car youre in and started EPCnet, is to type in the Vehicle working on, or not. Identification Number (V IN) at the top. By do ing this, you are harnessing the powerful fi lters in EPCnet, - One nice feature of EPCnet is the ability to build which remove from view parts that dont app ly to a "shopp ing list." After youve found the right part the car in question. number, just click the checkbox to add it to the shopping list. Later, you can edit, save and print- The second step is to pick the Parts Group where the list, making order placement that much easier. you think you ll find the desired item. Engines and You can fax or e-mai l the parts list directly to your • SHOPPING LIST· dealer, not only saving time, but reducing any chances for mistakes. Shopping list: - Temporary shopping lisl- Dale/time: 01112111 10:54 AM Customer name: Created by: - EPCnet is a valuab le Contact Changed by: angelo Order no.: Wor1<shop 1 :: 0 resource you can use to Note: repa ir your customers veh icles faster and DDmagecode Item no. Port no. ES1 ES2 DeslgnDtion/descriptlon Quanmy Qty on hDnd Price Warranty/goodwill code more efficiently - SPRING 17 A 124 993 46 01 CONTROlVflJ...VE 001 and best of all, its T7 A 000 990 40 50 NUT 001 free! Check into it at 44 35 A 201 461 00 60 A201 4500186 SE/lJ...RJNG THREADED INSERT 001 001 hlli> _ I 41 A 116466 0160 SE/lJ...RJNG 001 38 A 003990 3940 WASHER 001 If you specify your own ports, you can build a Shopping List like this one. Print it, e-mail it or fox it to your dealer to save time and reduce any chances for errors. Mercedes-Benz Marchi April 2011 13
  13. 13. · Whats New : Accessories tab added for direct access to the item s that enhance your Mercedes-Benz vehicle .Sourcing Mercedes-BenzRepair and Parts Information · Page with helpful parts information .... ~ · Links to other informative site s like the Mercedes-Benz Service and Parts ----------------------------------- - --- _. - ~-~~-~ -- SERVICING YOUR VEHICLE ...... -. Keep It Genuine with Mercedes-Benz Service and Parts ~orP9lfot .... IR.ex~.oty_• ....:Icutt~ild9f:t~ ..... luotyoU~. PKlfrom~_Befu. O •• I"""", ou«>mrnitlncnt to ,.,..conIlnuol .. M"ooor1d_da.. Men:edcl·Bo>. "noIcoI,p,orU..,.,_ric" .......... · Direct link to the El ectronic Parts Catalog (EPC) c..,.I0!,... "~ .. Icn. T..."ftiN... ~ .• ",~" ,," l~ """oC,,,". .,.. O"<;,,~ :,~m~o. "v ~ ~." t~ .. y " ..... 1 . ,Iv ... - ,1.C to look up parts. .r, ". , ..... t., ~. ~~ .;,-.... , . p." Y " " Y, · , .... ,,-s · Downloadable Remanufactured Parts CatalogSuperior performance, exquisite style, and cutting- and Reman Parts policies.edge technology are what you expect fromMercedes-Benz. · User friendly links to tools such as STAR Tekinfo and WIS.Certified Mercedes-Benz Technicians are requiredto participate in ongoing training, assuri ng that they · WebParts online ordering information and how-tomaster the use of state-of-the-art diagnostics, tools, video tutorial.and equ ipment to properly repair Mercedes-Benzveh icles. . Search feature to find archived StarTuned Magazine articles & information.Genuine Mercedes-Benz replacement parts and Please visit us at www.mbwholesaleparts .comaccessories insta ll ed by certified technicianspreserve the performance and integrity of yourvehicle. As well, keeping it genuine withMercedes-Benz parts wil l help maintain yourvehicle s residua l value. Accessories Detai IsShow your customer why you recommendMercedes-Benz OE Parts. & link 10 MBU S A ACClllotlts --- Please visit us / mercedes / service and pa rts / genu ine parts
  14. 14. R E • M · • •• - A = • • • NRemanufacturing Process --=":-0. __ - "1. Dismantle core 2. Rep lace key 3. Test all 4. Replace and clean all components 100% other critical components that components. with new OE part. components. do not meetRebuilt Process (Typical ~~~~======~1. Identify damaged part or parts. Available through your local Mercedes : - . -- -
  15. 15. COMPLIMENTS OF R B M OF ATLANTA, INC. 770-390-0601 Keep it Genuine, and youll Your Mercedes-Benz customers expect the best without excuses or thats at stake when you use inferior pieces in place of Genuine Merc:e(lles...HelB2 trusts you enough to give you their Mercedes-Benz to work on, theres a Mercedes-Benz when you give it back: Use Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts. your local Mercedes-Benz Wholesale Parts Dealer or visit us at WWW.11I11... 1I11I1. . . . . UNSURPASSED QUALITY I FACTORY BUILT & TESTED I COMPETITIVE PRICE I PROVEN RELIABILITY I ?~¢J$ioN~© 20 10 Mercedes-Benz USA. LLC.