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September/October 2010 StarTuned Magazine,

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Sept./Oct. 2010 StarTuned Magazine

  1. 1. TAKTUInformation for the Independent Mercedes-Benz Service ProfessionalSeptember/October 2010 U.S. $6.00 €9.00 Volume 10 Number 4 I N THIS ISSUE: 3 HABITABLE Z O N E 6 JUST A D D W A T E R ManagingVOC emissions i MONITORING THE SITUATION o Tank pollutants and O B D II regulations i4THE N E T
  2. 2. TO OUR READERS:Welcome to StarTuned, the magazine for independent service Group Publisher Contributing Editor Christopher M. Ayers, Jr. Tom Nashtechnicians working on Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Your tnash@automotivedatamedia.comMercedes-Benz dealer sponsors StarTuned and provides theinformation coming your way in each issue. Editorial Director MBUSA Technical Content AdvisorMercedes-Benz wants to present the information you need to Bob Freudenberger Donald Rotoloknow to diagnose and repair Mercedes-Benz vehicles accurately, Donald.Rotolo@mbusa.comquickly and the first time; text, graphics, on-line and other Contributing Editor MBUSA Project Managertechnical sources combine to make this possible. Chip Keen Andrew WebbFeature articles, derived from approved company sources, Andrew.Webb@mbusa.comfocus on being useful and interesting. Contributing Editor Art Director & Circulation Mgr.Our digest of technical information can help you solve Kerry Jonsson Christopher M. Ayers IIIunanticipated problems quickly and expertly. ayersc3@automotivedatamedi3.comWe want StarTuned to be both helpful and informative, soplease let us know just what kinds of features and otherdiagnostic services youd like to see in it. Well continue tobring you selected service bulletins from Mercedes-Benz and Visit us at our websitearticles covering the different systems on these vehicles. to view this issueSend your suggestions, questions or comments to us at:StarTuned and all past issues of StarTuned, along with a wealth ofOne Mercedes Drive information on Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts.Montvale, New Jersey 07645Phone: 1 800 225 6262, ext. 7112 To locate a Mercedes-Benz dealer near you,e-mail: so to is a publication of Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC ("MBUSA"). No part of this magazine may be reproduced without the express written permission of MBUSA. Editorialand Circulation Offices: 486 Pinecrest Ret., Springfield, PA 19064. Caution: Vehicle servicing performed by untrained persons could result in serious injury to those persons orothers. Information contained in this magazine is intended for use by trained, professional auto repair technicians ONLY. This information is provided to inform these techniciansof conditions which may occur in some vehicles or to provide information which could assist them in proper servicing of these vehicles. Properly trained technicians have the nt, tools, safety instructions, and know-how to perform repairs correctly and safely. If a condition is described, DO NOT assume that a topic covered in these pagesautomatically applies to your vehicle or that your vehicle has that condition. StarTuned is a registered trademark of MBUSA. Luxury is more than just Automatic Climate Control. Nowadays, sensors respond sunlight, humidity, and even air quality. Lets review how these systems function to keep the passengers in the habitable zone When we think of luxury, we think of velvet Here we have anAAC module.You can access self-diagnosticssmooth power delivery, compliant suspension, and with your SDS scan tool.This unit directly controls blend flapall the passenger-compartment creature comforts. (mode door) operation, but signals SAM modules to controlWhere the last is concerned, nothing exceeds a other outputs such as that to the compressor.2 StarTuned
  3. 3. ••••IHBBnnBHHHHHiMercedes-Benz vehicle. Whether it is a manual or more sophisticated than they once were, they canautomatic climate-control system Mercedes-Benz also be more time-consuming when it comes tooffers a wide variety of operating modes to best diagnosing a problem.cater to the desires of the passengers. Dual andmultiple zones allow separate temperatures and At the introduction of the ML320 (163 chassis) inmodes to be selected. 1998, the HVAC system did not have self-diagnostic capabilities, and through 2001 the service literature While manual systems set a general temperature never refers to this as AAC. The system has tworange, they are still electronically controlled, and main parts. There is an A/C/Heater switch inmost have self-diagnostic capabilities. Automatic the dash that has three round dials (look in thesystems allow you to set a specific temperature, wiring diagram at component S98) that indicatethen they monitor changing conditions and make the selected temperature, mode flap position,adjustments to temperature and mode door and blower motor speed to the second, separateoperation. New sensors have been added to part, the A/C pushbutton control unit. This unit isenhance performance. While these systems are mounted behind the A/C/Heater switch in the dashmore sophisticated than they once were, they can panel (in the wiring diagram, component N19). Italso be more time-consuming when it comes to (N19) directly controls the temperature blend flap,diagnosing a problem. and monitors evaporator and interior temperature sensors. If either of these temperature sensors fail,!S3B While manual systems set a general temperature or indicate too-cold temperatures, the compressorrange, they are still electronically controlled, and will not be commanded on by the module.most have self-diagnostic capabilities. Automaticsystems allow you to set a specific temperature, A separate All Activity Module (AAM) is locatedthen they monitor changing conditions and make in the under-hood fuse/relay panel. This controlsadjustments to temperature and operation flap the relays that supply power to the blower motor,(more commonly called "blend door" or "mode auxiliary coolant fans, coolant circulation pump, anddoor") operation. New sensors have been added compressor. A conventional resistor board dropsto enhance performance. While these systems are the voltage for various fan speeds. The AAM is on the CAN, so you can use your SDS software to see if the compressor or cooling fans are commanded v i • (ondftionlng on. You can also quickly see the refrigerant pressure Sales Model Engine1 Model Year Designation Designation Designation Description sensor reading to determine if there is a proper V;1 2002-2009 ••. .•"•. charge in the system. 113 962 A/CCc" - STAMC 463.246 113982 A/CCO"1; G55KAMG 113993 A/C Compressor In 2002 CAN, additional temperature sensors and 1986-1995 AC Clutch ."urbo 124.133 603.960 k, C Clucn computer-controlled mode doors were added to 3Q0E 124.030 I03.983 A/C Clutch better control cabin temperature, and the Automatic 260E / 300E 2.6 A/C Clutch 124.026 103.940 Air Conditioning (AAC) module was introduced. 300CE 124.050 103.983 A/C Clutch 300CE 124.051 104.980 A/C Clutch These new sensors are inputs directly into the AAC 300D 2.5 Turbo 124.128 602.962 A/C Clutch control unit. An outside temperature sensor is used 300TD Turbo A/C Clutch 124.193 603.960 to calculate compressor operation. If one were to 300TE 124.090 103.983 A/C Dutch 300TE / E320 124.092 104.992 A/C Clutch get damaged or ripped off in an accident, an open E300 Diesel 124.131 606.910 A/C Dutch circuit would suspend compressor operation. The . I •> R WF IA n?n in.i 04? A C Clutch AAC module signals the front SAM to operate theMercedes-Benz has on extensive remonufactured parts compressor, but not through clutch control. Insteadprogram that includes A/C compressors and clutches. This of the traditional fixed-output compressor andmay offer a cost savings for your customers along withOEM quality. electro-magnetic clutch, a variable-displacement Mercedes-Benz September/October 2010 3
  4. 4. HABITABLE ZONEUp to 2002, E-Class vehicles have self-diagnostics built into the control unit. You can access DTCs and clear them. Refer for code definitions and testing procedures.compressor is used. Here, the outputs to test if they are workingcompressor is always spinning properly. This can reduce your(a rubber coupling in the pulley diagnostic time and lead to adisengages if the unit should more accurate repair. However,seize), but a swash plate inside on 210 chassis up to 2002, dualcan be commanded to minimum zone automatic climate controlledstroke resulting in little to no systems can display DTCs rightoutput, and vastly reduced through the AAC control panel.parasitic drag. Codes can be pulled by setting An A/C Compressor Control the drivers side temperature toValve determines the position of "HI" and the passengers side tothe swash plate. The AAC tells "LO". Within 20 seconds, pressthe SAM module where it wants the "REST" and "EC" buttonsto position the compressor swash together. The display should goplate, and therefore its output. blank and you will notice theThis AAC unit controls all electric "recirculation" LED flashingmode doors through its own and the letters "diA" will appearCAN system referred to as CAN- in the display. By pushing theKLA, and blower speed is now passengers side "Auto" buttoncontrolled with a module instead you can advance through eachof resistors. A rear air conditioning code. You must display all codessystem was also added, but it before you can erase them. Holdonly has mode and fan speed both "Auto" buttons down untilcontrol. Self-diagnostics also the letter "d" is displayed onbecame available to quickly and the drivers side of the screen,accurately address problems. The and "FF" is displayed on thecompressor and cooling fans are passengers side. The codes arenow controlled by the SAM. now cleared. Variable displacement compressors do not have clutches. They use a Now that AAC units are on the "-Other chassis, such as the 215 rubber coupling that disengages ifCAN, you can use SDS, available CL Class in 2000, use only the the compressor seizes. A compressorfor purchase from MBUSA, to DAS software to communicate control valve changes the output ofinterrogate the control unit and with the two-zone Automatic Air the compressor depending on thequickly look for DTCs, observe Conditioning (AAC) Thermatic, or requirements of the AAC or C-AAClive data, and command specific four-zone Convenience Automatic control units.4 StarTuned
  5. 5. Air Conditioning (C-AAC) Thermotronic systems. to command high speed. The blower motor itselfManual systems are two-zone, and do not have normally draws about 30 amps at maximum LCD display screen as part of the AAC control If the amp draw is too high, the module may burnpanel/unit. The manual two-zone systems have a out, so check it.single dust filter, which should be replaced everytwo years or 30,000 miles, so make a habit of ••Aftermarket replacement parts do not necessarilyasking your customers when it was last changed. have quality circuitry, so it is not unusual forFour-zone systems use two activated-charcoal these parts not to last. Mercedes-Benz offersfilters. If the system detects a failure, and shuts remanufactured A/C clutches and compressorsoff the compressor, the LED in the "EC" or "A/C that meet O.E. standards, so be sure to check withOff" pushbutton will blink. Variable displacement your Mercedes-Benz parts supplier before yourecompressors are used and are still directly tempted to use something of dubious quality thatcontrolled by a SAM. This is usually one of thefront may end up damaging your reputation. ISAMs, but on two-door models such as the 230chassis it may be the Drivers-side SAM. Transistorized blower modules allow for multiplefan speeds without additional resistors. Thesemodules can either supply variable positive voltageor ground, so check the wiring diagram first. Ananalog voltage signal from the AAC control unit isused to command additional voltage or ground tothe blower motor. The module also requires its ownpower and ground supply. On the 210 chassis, thevoltage that controls fan speed is almost one voltfor low-speed operation, and can go up to 6.5 voltsThere are three pins on the blower module. The red and You should always check the amperage draw of the blowerblack are power and ground, respectively. The yellow wire motor when replacing the blower module. Excessive ampcarries the blower command. On this 210 chassis, you should draw can damage the new unit. Blower motors typicallysee one volt for low speed, and 6.5 volts for high speed. draw about 30 amps during high-speed operation. Mercedes-Benz September/October 2010 5
  6. 6. Collision CornerIts only a matter of timebefore your state passes§legislation mandatingthe use of water-bornepaint in an effort toreduce VOC emissions.Whats really involved inmanaging this change? Water-borne paint technology is not as new In large-volume shops, you may need a more elaborate airas you may think. During the 1990s the German filtration system. This one has a large storage tank for thegovernment required its use in auto body facilities, paint booths. Smaller systems are available, but Mercedes-so its development has been going on for 20 years Benz recommends that they have at least three-stages.or so. Typically, paint pigments are suspended in water-borne technology has turned out to be a morea liquid that can be evenly applied to a surface. As cost-effective solution when it comes to refinishing.the liquid medium evaporates it leaves the colorcoat behind. Solvents or VOC (Volatile Organic n Due to metal panel oxidation, you still need toCompounds) are the most common fluid mediums. use solvent-based coat primers and high-solidSolvents evaporate easier, quicker and at lower clear coats, but using water-borne in the colortemperatures than water. These solvent-based coat process does help reduce the VOCs in ourVOCs are not only harmful to your painter, but atmosphere. There are other benefits to water-also to anyone else in your collision repair facility. based paints, too. The application process isSo, an organization called OTC (Ozone Transport slightly different, but there is less over-spray, whichCommission) is working on legislation mandating makes it easier to control color blending. Also,the use of the water-borne paint application process with a reduction in over-spray its possible to cutin several states over the next few years. In addition, paint costs by up to 30 percent. During the vehicle6 StarTuned
  7. 7. production painting processspecial paints are used where thechemical composition is suitedto larger volumes and higher IgSBSStemperatures. In collision-repairpaint booths, the conditions are :::::U~; •••••••••Sislightly different. That doesntmean we cant match the color,chip resistance, and gloss. As amatter of fact, Mercedes-Benzhas approved four differentpaint brands produced by threedifferent manufacturers that fulfill In order to prevent rust contaminationall requirements (not all paint as your equipment gets older itsbrands by these manufacturers necessary to install aluminum, plastic,are approved). This means or copper piping from you filtrationyour current supplier, or your system to your paint booths.Mercedes-Benz dealer, should be But theres something else youable to sell you what you need. can get from these companies besides excellent paints: Training The approved brands are: in how to handle and apply them. As BASF puts it, "At the core of •Glasurit 90 Series from BASF BASF training is an extensive (for more information curriculum of classes in product on working with 90 knowledge and use, refinish Series paints, visit: techniques, troubleshooting, specialty finish repair and color Air movement is the most important matching. In addition, BASF factor in drying water-borne paints. •Permahyd from Duponts offers many courses on business Temperature has less effect. Paint Spies Hecker Division management, profitability and manufacturers have developed ( productivity enhancement." paint with improved drying times •Standohyd from Duponts Pretty much the same can be said comparable to solvent-based finishes. Standox Division for the other two manufacturers. about your paint booth - adapting ( And this training is available both it, or replacing it. Does your in a traditional classroom, and as •Envirobase from PPG current booth have the ability to e-learning. As PPG says, "Courses flow sufficient air, which results ( - look are scheduled throughout in quick drying times? Another under "Paints & Coatings" for the year at 16 PPG Business part of the curing process is heat. "Automotive Refinish," and Development Centers across Heated booths dry paint faster you will be directed to the North America. Instructional and would work well in high- correct website). videos and online courses are production shops with this new also available so you can study on type of paint. If the investment in a your own time, at your own pace." newer high air flow/heated booth As we said, each of these paints is not in your financial future,meets or exceeds Mercedes-Benz The biggest expense when then you can think about auxiliaryrequirements for color matching, switching to water-based is going systems. You probably alreadychip resistance, and gloss. to be whatever you decide to do Mercedes-Benz September/October 2010 7
  8. 8. JUST ADD WATER Booth Temperature Booth Pressure Setpoint Current Inches H 2 0You may have to vary the settings of your paint booth toaccount for ambient temperature. As you can see here the Your HVLP gun should be set to between 25 and 35 psitemperature is set for 70 deg. F, but the actual reading is while applying the color coat. The regulator on the gun will90. Use lower temperatures for longer drying times. allow you to precisely control this pressure. Try to stay away from metal reservoirs as they will corrode over time.have heat lamps, but the more heat the better. Youshould add auxiliary blowers to help circulate the based paints. Even though a high volume of paintwarm air. Two larger blower units and one handheld is sprayed, less over-spray is created. You mayunit should be all that you need for most repair jobs. have to change your technique from what youMoving on to the clear coat without proper drying of normally do to apply solvent-based paint, but mostthe color coat could result in "fisheye" or "solvent refinishers have found that once they get the hangpop" in the finish. Improvements have been made of it, it is actually easier to control paint thicknessby the paint manufacturers to improve drying time. and blending. Very often, if done properly, you onlyThats a big help, but ambient humidity can still have have to apply one and a half to two coats before thea negative effect. flash-off period to finish the job. With water-based paints, stay away from metal cups. Switch to a Another important part of converting to water- plastic reservoir for the same reason you shouldntborne is your compressor. HVLP (High Volume use cast iron pipe for air. You must keep metalLow Pressure) means your compressor is going to corrosion out of the equation. You need to have twoneed to be able to supply more CFM (Cubic Feet sets of tools to work on steel and aluminum, and,per Minute) for your HVLP guns. You may think you for the same reason you need to have two differentalready have enough, but if you look at the load guns for applying solvent- and water-based paints.created by operating air tools in other parts of the Cross-contamination is verboten and should beshop you have to ask yourself if your compressor avoided at all actually up to the task. And CFM isnt the onlyissue; dry air is another. You need to remove as -Once properly tooled up, you will find thatmuch moisture from the air as possible, and that refinishing vehicles with water-borne paints cancan only be done with a multiple-stage filtration be a healthy, cost-effective solution that most ofsystem. Also, you should not be using cast iron us never thought of. Paint manufacturers havepiping for your air lines because rust will interfere addressed the issues with these paints so thewith the painting process. Copper, aluminum, or transition should be fairly smooth. In this day and plastic are the lines of choice when supplying air to age, who couldnt use that!your paint booth. "Special thanks to the staff of Mercedes-Benz of Now, how are we actually going to apply the Manhattan for their help with the photography forpaint? First, HVLP guns are needed for water- this article. I8 StarTuned _ _ — _ _ — — _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  9. 9. HMjJi||| ffln [iiihiyTIJF MAX3 METALLIC No matter what kind of car you nmiiiMintK!iin.iiwuw«MiMmminuiiiP.» is always the goal. And thats where BASF Refinish breaks from the field. Only BASF offers the COLOR-MAX®3 system, which covers every color category in the spectrum and only uses chips sprayed with authentic BASF Refinish paint—not printed with ink. So you are assured a precise match the first time, every time, reducing comebacks and increasing productivity. And remember, BASF Refinish coatings are already approved for use by most major OEMs in North America. BAS For the kind of color matches that also match your customers expectations, callhe Chemical Comparv ASF distributor at 1-800-825-3000 or visit " anil Ihe Chip Foose stgnaluio aio Ign Inc. and used with pwmlsslon 6 2009 BASF taporalion.
  10. 10. Weve all been working with OBD II for almost a Above: One problem you may encounter tryingdecade and a half. In automotive terms, or in the to run monitors is low engine temperature. Thisterms of any modern technology, thats a long time. can be the result of a thermostat not maintainingWeve learned how to get results with this system engine temperature at speed. Watch the engine temperature in the data stream while driving.over the years. We know what works, and what doesnot. These "tips" or "tricks" that weve developed (Malfunction Indicator Lamp) is illuminated. If bycome from our experience diagnosing Mercedes- chance the problem is temporary, then the monitorsBenz vehicles. These procedures range from simple are run even with the MIL on. In most cases, whento highly questionable. Any Mercedes-Benz is a drive-cycle conditions are met, the system needs tosophisticated machine with engine management pass these tests three times to command the MILsystems communicating with transmission control, off, but the code is still present. SDS is much moreelectronic shifter, four-wheel drive, etc., on the Drive capable of detecting faults in the system than theCAN. This also shares information with the body Generic OBD II protocol is, and it is available forand chassis CAN systems. Much of this information purchase from MBUSA. Now, what is meant by theis used by engine management to determine when phrase "when the conditions are right?"non-continuous monitors should run and pass. The Time is RightNon-Continuous While testing a systems effectiveness, you Non-Continuous monitors do not run all the time, will need a baseline. If youre going to monitorbut only when specific conditions are met during a the switching rate of an oxygen sensor, then youdrive cycle. As the vehicle is being driven, engine cannot have the engine rapidly accelerating andmanagement exercises these systems outside of decelerating. Throttle application should be smooththeir normal operation. The tests are repeated in and steady or the 02 sensors signal voltages willthe next drive cycle when the conditions are again fluctuate and make testing impossible. You shouldright. If the test fails again, a DTC is set and the MIL also be driving on a flat road because going up and10 StarTuned
  11. 11. down hills will change engine load (as measured problem can be engine temperature. If this dropsby the MAF) to a point where the monitor will shut below 175 deg. F., the monitor will be shut off. Thisoff. A drive cycle is meant to mimic the way normal can be caused by a thermostat not functioningdrivers would operate their vehicles. properly. Watch the coolant temperature sensor signal on your scan tool while driving down the road - I f a MAF sensor were to become contaminated, and verify that engine temperature is hot enough.fuel trim readings could be commanded one wayor the other. Look for additive and multiplicative ^Another conditions that needs to be met isfuel trim readings coming close to setting a code. vehicle speed. It must be kept below 60 mph,This can interfere with running monitors. Another or the 0 2 monitor will shut off. This can prove difficult since Interstate speed limits can be as high as 70, and you might have faster traffic tailgating you. In rural and residential areas, the ^^^ /^"^m posted limit may be between 25 and 35mph, which is too slow to monitor 02 sensor function. In other Wk V words, the "conditions" have to be correct for the monitor to run. Most Mercedes-Benz vehicles get their speed input reading from the ABS/ASR/ESP chassis CAN. If you have DTCs in these systems, ^BiHiteHHHHHW ^fcj^ - — j you will need to correct them first. Another sensor reading that can inhibit monitors is that of the airOne key thing to remember is keeping the vehicle speed temperature sensor. Verify that it is functioningbelow 60 mph. Anything over that will shut off most correctly. This reading often comes from anmonitors, especially that for the 02 sensor. Its always a ambient temperature sensor used by either thegood idea to have a driving plan laid out so you can achieve AAC, or the instrument cluster.the drive cycle safely. U^jj^ilHelp rpra Vehicle FJe Cptrans ontrol unit By The Book ^Mercedes-Benz drive-cycle iSeries . HFM A c t u a l values 3/ 1 Ch eck e n g i n e test procedures can be used Diesel eng lars a f e t y fuel s h u t - o f f to help accelerate the process. ON/ffi 60 S e 1 f - a d a p t a t ion For example, to help run the 02 ON/gj S e 1 f - a d a p t a t i on I d l e heater diagnostics, warm up the speed air kg/h engine past 80 deg. Celsius. S e 1 f - a d a p t a t i on f a c t o r Lowe r partial load Shut it off, restart it, and rev Se1f-adaptation factor U p p e r p a r t i a l loa d j to between 2,000 and 2,500 ^At1 ISTC rpm for two minutes. Come back down to idle speed and let it idle for six minutes with all accessories off. To continue with the 0 2 sensor signal, test drive for three minutes at 43 mph. To • ESC F1 F3 move on to the catalyst, drive the vehicle for another three If your fuel trims are approaching their limits, it may be more difficult to run minutes between 48-54 mph.the 02 sensor and catalytic converter monitors. A small vacuum leak or MAF When you are done, do not shutcontamination can slow the running of a monitor without being severe enough off the engine. The next step isto set a code. Mercedes-Benz September/October 2010 11
  12. 12. MONITORING THE SITUATION 3the air/fuel mixture self-adjustment. Simply let the vehicle You should now shut the engine off andidle for another three minutes with no accessories on and repeat the EGR test. At this point, getget ready for the next test, that of the EGR monitor. Drive engine temperature down to below 40 degthe vehicle moderately up to 2,000 rpm and release the C. You can either wait for the engine tothrottle till engine speed drops to 1,100rpm. cool down, use cooling fans, or connect a sensor simulator to the coolant temperature • m •PRI sensor pigtail. You need to start the air injection diagnostics below 40 deg. C. Start the engine, bring it up to 1,400 rpm, and hold it there until engine temperature is at least 70 deg. C. You can drive the vehicle to achieve this temperature range. Bring it back down to idle for six seconds, then shut it off. Youre going to have to repeat this procedure, including the cool-down period. To run the final EVAP monitor, make sure the fuel tank is between and % full. Try to keep engine temperature below 100 deg. C., and air temperature below 45 deg. C. Allow the engine to idle for 20 minutes, then drive the vehicle for 20 minutes. Shut off the engine and repeat the process. Each monitor needs to run the test twice for a passing grade. Using your SDS software, you can go into "Actual Values," selectYou may have to scope an 02 sensor to look at the activity of the "Completed Tests," and review the monitorssignal. Evaluating its rise time and switch rate will let you determine that have run and passed, and hopefullywhether or not the oxygen sensor is responding quickly and accurately. move on to your next job. I(A) 03/2010 [2010-02-11] - AddONs: .... ;1406;1409;1408;1410;1415;1419;1425;1429;1426;1436;1397yIKD4yWDK5»4EaF53F037490 Battery voltage: 14.2 V | | _ |ff| : Vehicle 230.475 Control unit OBD Function chain tests (Readiness-Codes) Test completed Catalytic converter YES Purge control YES Secondary air injection YES 02 sensor YES 02 sensor heater YES Exhaust gas recirculation YES02 sensors are checked by watching their signal voltage. The catalytic converter monitor compares the rear sensor signalvoltage to that of the front sensor.The EVAP monitor looks at the fuel tank pressure sensor signal, and the EGR monitorlooks at MAP sensor voltage with the valve closed, then with it open.You can observe all of these with your SDS softwareunder Completed Tests.12 StarTuned
  13. 13. FIRE... . . . on all eight with USA Dealer Workshop Services is the source for all the technicalinformation needed to support, service, and maintain Mercedes-Benz vehicles.Mercedes-Benz workshops rely on DWS products and services for getting jobsdone quickly and more efficiently. Our products include: STAR Teklnfo with WIS-net (Workshop Maintenance Manuals and Sheets Information System) STAR Service Manual Library CDs Electrical Troubleshooting Manuals WIS and DAS software updates Installation Instructions Star Diagnosis System (SDS) Technical Bulletins Operators Manuals and COMAND Manuals Campaigns Mercedes-Benz Equipment Mercedes-Benz Special Tools Inventory of technical publicationsSTAR TeklnfoDealer Workshop ServicesEngineering Services, /T Mercedes-Benz V^yMercedes-Benz USA, LLC.
  14. 14. T e New Wholesale Parts Website h is up and running complete with the following enhancements: Whats New: Accessories tab added for direct access to the items that enhance your Mercedes-Benz vehicle.Sourcing Mercedes-BenzRepair and Parts Information •Page with helpful parts information. Keep it Genuine with Links to other informative sites like the Mercedes-Benz Service and Parts Classic Center and Collision Program. Direct link to the Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC) to look up parts. Downloadable Remanufactured Parts CatalogSuperior performance, exquisite style, and cutting- and Reman Parts policies.edge technology are what you expect fromMercedes-Benz. • User friendly links to tools such as STAR Tekinfo and WIS.Certified Mercedes-Benz Technicians are requiredto participate in ongoing training, assuring that they • WebParts online ordering information and how-tomaster the use of state-of-the-art diagnostics, tools, video tutorial.and equipment to properly repair Mercedes-Benzvehicles. •Search feature to find archived StarTuned Magazine articles & information.Genuine Mercedes-Benz replacement parts and Please visit us at www.mbwholesaleparts.comaccessories installed by certified technicianspreserve the performance and integrity of yourvehicle. As well, keeping it genuine withMercedes-Benz parts will help maintain yourvehicles residual value. Accessories DetailsShow your customer why you recommend s you may I tut usefulMercedes-Benz OE Parts. Link 10 MBUSA Accessories ^j Price Special! • Promo Parts Please visit us at T Price Special - Wheel* and parts/genuine parts
  15. 15. GENUINE MERCEDES-BENZ R E M A N U F A C T U R E D A/C COMPRESSORS W H^(1_BJJ2^JG£JSIJJJ JNJE ? R LACE — We replace more parts than aftermarket I E GINEERED — Designed to meet original OEM draw M NUFACTURED — Made with same OE components as f bry parts. I A -EMBLED — Completely assembled from components a" H : just repaired. N -w unit standards.ITS A L L IN T H E P R D C E S SRemanufacturing Process (Genuine Mercedes-Benz1. Dismantle core 2 Replace key 3. Test all 4 . Replace 5. Assemble, and clean all components 100% other critical components that test components. with new OE part. components. do not meet specs. and box.Rebuilt Process (Typical Aftermarket)1 . Identify damaged 2. Replace damaged 3. Re-assemble, part or parts. part with non-OE test and box. part and clean. Mercedes-Benz Available through your local Mercedes-Benz Dealer
  16. 16. o COMPLIMENTS OF RBM OF ATLANTA 770-390-0601 1-800-535-2122 cMwk* AUTO BODY * * • PUCK I»TIMATKS FflAMK H T P A I H CXPKNT »»A»NT • OEM RKI>AIW P R O C E D U R E * • OVER 4 0 V E A H E C R P C R i r n c c • GLASS REPLACEMENT • WHEEL ALIGNMENT * INSUHANCE CLAIM* • 1 0 0 % CUSTOMER SATISFACTIONReach for the parts... the car was built with.Repairing collision damage with sub-standard, non-OEM or recycled parts of unknown origin and integritycan cause you to lose time, money and even customers. Using Genuine Mercedes-Benz Wholesale CollisionParts offers you precision-engineered, perfect-fit parts that stand up to our strictest vehicle safety standards.If that replacement part doesnt look and fit just right, youll never see that customer again. Dont let thathappen - Genuine Mercedes-Benz Wholesale Collision Parts are readily available, competitively priced, anduncompromising in quality. For more information, contact your local Mercedes-Benz Wholesale Parts Dealer orvisit us at Mercedes-Benz