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July/August 2011 StarTuned Magazine


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July/August 2011 Mercedes-Benz StarTuned Magazine

Published in: Sports, Technology
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July/August 2011 StarTuned Magazine

  1. 1. STARTUNEDInformation for the Independent Mercedes-Benz Service ProfessionalJuly/Aug20ll U.S. $6.00 €9.00 Volume 11 Number 4 IN THIS ISSUE: 3 STAR-MARKED GLASS Many compelling reasons to perform glass replacement 6 HEAD GAMES Cylinder head R&R I PLAY IT AGAIN SAM O : Using the advancedapplication of the CAN KTHE NET Tech info for you f//
  2. 2. TO OUR READERS:Welcome to StarTuned, the magazine for independent service Group Publisher Contributing Editortechnicians working on Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Your Christopher M. Ayers, Jr. Tom Nash tnash@automotivedatamedia.comMercedes-Benz dealer sponsors StarTuned and provides theinformation coming your way in each issue. Editorial Director MBUSA Technical Content AdvisorMercedes-Benz wants to present the information you need to Bob Freudenberger Donald Rotoloknow to diagnose and repair Mercedes-Benz vehicles accurately, Donald.Rotolo@mbusa.comquickly and the first time; text, graphics, on-line and other Contributing Editor MBUSA Project Managertechnical sources combine to make this possible. Chip Keen Adam GreenFeature articles, derived from approved company sources, on being useful and interesting. Contributing Editor Art Director & Circulation Mgr.Our digest of technical information can help you solve Kerry Jonsson Christopher M. Ayers IIIunanticipated problems quickly and expertly. ayersc3@automotivedatamedia.comWe want StarTuned to be both helpful and informative, soplease let us know just what kinds of features and otherdiagnostic services youd like to see in it. Well continue tobring you selected service bulletins from Mercedes-Benz and Visit us at our websitearticles covering the different systems on these vehicles. to view this issueSend your suggestions, questions or comments to us at: and all past issues of StarTuned, along with a wealth ofStarTunedOne Mercedes Drive information on Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts. Montvale, New Jersey 07645 Phone: 1 800 225 6262, ext. 7112 To locate a Mercedes-Benz dealer near you,e-mail: so to is a publication of Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC ("MBUSA"). No part of this magazine may be reproduced without the express written permission of MBUSA. Editorialand Circulation Offices: 486 Pinecrest Rd., Springfield, P 19064. Caution: Vehicle servicing performed by untrained persons could result in serious injury to those persons or Aothers. Information contained in this magazine is intended for use by trained, professional auto repair technicians ONLY. This information is provided to inform these techniciansof conditions which may occur in some vehicles or to provide information which could assist them in proper servicing of these vehicles. Properly trained technicians have theequipment, tools, safety instructions, and know-how to perform repairs correctly and safely. If a condition is described, DO NOT assume that a topic covered in these pagesautomatically applies to your vehicle or that your vehicle has that condition. StarTuned is a registered trademark of MBUSA. — > — • !^B SBHHHRHH Mercedes-Benz Star-Marked : Clearly the Best There are many compelling reasons to perform glass replacement for your customers - and to use Genuine Mercedes-Benz Star-Marked replacement glass.— If you havent ventured into farming out the work and realizing range service to save them timethe world of glass replacement, a smaller profit. and may be the time to branchout into a new way of producing —Turning customers away — Farming out the work laysprofit for your shop and keeping because you dont offer glass some of the responsibility foryour customers satisfied. It makes replacement may make them any problems squarely on yoursense to maintain control in your think twice about returning to shoulders. If there are leaks,relationships with your customers, your shop, or give the impression cracks from improper installation,rather than sending them down that your services are limited. or incomplete cleanup, customersthe road to a local glass shop, or Customers want and expect full- may return to you angry and with2 StarTuned
  3. 3. less trust in you and your shop. aftermarket, consider the eat, Damage-FreeAfter all, youre the one they following: Glass Removalexpected to do the repair, and Given the precision with whichthey will assume you did so. ©Automotive glass is an Mercedes-Benz bodies are important part of a vehicles manufactured, you can be forgiven—One of the things you should structural integrity. Up to 30% of for fretting about the possibility ofalways do is use Genuine the torsional stiffness of a vehicle damaging the pinchwelds, whichMercedes-Benz Star-Marked is a result of the strength of the encircle windshield and rear window holes, during glass removal. Coldreplacement glass for so windows. Mercedes-Benz uses knives, long knives, and power toolsmany reasons. First, Genuine continual testing procedures all may bend or deform these welds,Mercedes-Benz replacement of glass components to ensure perhaps resulting in installationglass is made to the highest rigidity. Using Genuine Mercedes- problems with the new glass, waterspecifications at the same factory Benz Star-Marked replacement and air leaks, creaking noises, andas the glass that goes into every glass, built with advanced glass even cracks (now THAT would be anew Mercedes-Benz vehicle. It is technology, assures that the big comeback!). This has come to the attention of the insurance companiesthe right product, correctly made safety and quality designed .0 the extent that they sometimes- it is Mercedes-Benz glass. into the vehicle is maintained. base their choice of a shop on the This advanced structural glass removal method used.— Additionally, all of the electrical unity maintains roof rigidity toconnections and components for help protect occupants from iu can get relief from thisheating grids, antennas and rain unexpected dangers. • ety and confidence that youre using the Mercedes-Benz-sensors are of the highest quality, approved technique in the form ofmade to the same standards as ©Windshield tolerances the Roll Out tool, available fromthe original glass - which it is. are an important part of any Reliable Automotive Equipment, replacement glass and Mercedes- Inc. ( j While some metal, plastic or Benz glass is manufactured to Manufactured by Wielander + Schill,other replacement parts may maximum accuracy based on this is more a system than a singlemeet most product specifications, the original design. Because tool. Its main components are two double suction cup and winchglass is another story. It is literally Mercedes-Benz glass is fabricated assemblies that are affixed to thein front of the customers eyes, to tighter quality specifications inside of the windshield or window,rather than hidden under the to perfectly match the sheet a ratchet, cutting wire, insertionhood. Any defects, such as less- metal, there is less chance of needles, and an interior protectionthan-perfect heater, antenna, or water leaks and wind noise. kit. The basic concept is to use therain sensor grids, glass impurity, Aftermarket glass, on the other winches to draw the wire throughor variations in tinting will be hand, can be reverse-engineered. the seal all around the perimeter, which leaves a neat, clean cut witheasily spotted. Also, a piece of Therefore, the flush fit to exterior no debris. The kit is expensive, andglass with improper curvature may sheet metal could be at risk when other methods may be faster, but weresult in leakage. using an aftermarket windshield. think once you try it youll be sold on Choosing Mercedes-Benz the idea. glass ensures proper fitment,Genuine Mercedes-Benz visual clarity, windshield wiperStar-Marked Glass performance, and the overall integrity of the vehicle.vs. Aftermarket— If youre looking for important ©Mercedes-Benz glass hasreasons to use Genuine integrated solar protection inMercedes-Benz Star-Marked the form of infrared reflectivereplacement glass over
  4. 4. STAR-MARKED GLASStechnology to provide UVprotection and reduce heatload. This technology optimizesair conditioning performanceand can improve fuel economy.Aftermarket variants often do nothave the reflective technology. Genuine Mercedes-Benz Star-Marked © Mercedes-Benz glass and the replacement glass is your best choiceattached moldings have been to keep your customers vehicle original, Mercedes-Benz offers the bestvalidated with exposure testing urethane sealer to hold the glass inincluding UV (sun), chemical, only increase worker safety during place and provide the best seal.temperature, tear and abrasion installation but also reduce theresistance (to survive events susceptibility to cracking. —These products are alsosuch as automatic car washes). available from your localAftermarket windshields and Mercedes-Benz Wholesale Partsmoldings are often made with The Correct Adhesives Dealer. For more information,materials that do not meet —The importance of using Genuine or to locate a dealer, log ontoMercedes-Benz exposure tests. Mercedes-Benz adhesives with Genuine Mercedes-Benz Star- ® Mercedes-Benz glass has Marked replacement windshieldsspecial acoustic-dampening cannot be over emphasized. Electric Connectorstechnologies within the layering Genuine Mercedes-Benz adhesives "Properly functioning electricalof the glass. Aftermarket are thoroughly tested to result and electronic connectorsproducts usually do not utilize this in optimal bonding and strength, for heater grids, rain sensorstechnology which may result in ease of use and shorter drying and antennae are of primeincreased wind, road and engine times that lead to lower waiting importance. If the connectorsnoise in the vehicles cabin. times and higher customer on the glass are not of optimum satisfaction. Additionally, these quality and properly placed, ©Mercedes-Benz glass often products are tested to avoid problems can occur in theincorporates various electrical conductivity problems for electronic operation of the sensors or grids.components including rain components such as heater grids,sensors, antennae, and heating antennas or rain sensors. —Genuine Mercedes-Benz Star-elements. Aftermarket glass Marked replacement glass isoften does not account for always 100% correct in the qualitythese complex Mercedes-Benz of grids and sensors. Aftermarketelectrical components and glass, being reverse-engineered,may interfere with the vehicles may not be so.electronic systems. ^Of course, the care in removal,©Mercedes-Benz windshields handling and reattachment ofensure better wiper performance, the vehicle-mounted connectorswhile aftermarket glass may have can have a great bearing on thea larger center contour. success of component operation, Coating the glass with the correct so always follow the specific ©Mercedes-Benz ensures primer will ensure a quality seal. repair information instructions for Mercedes-Benz adhesives arecleanly-ground edges, which not the vehicle you are servicing. designed to give the best results.4 StarTuned
  5. 5. different for the replacement glass surface and the metal mounting area. ©Always use the required urethane sealing product. Using other than the correct product can result in leaks, cracks or loss of structural integrity. To avoid costly damage, take careBe certain to protect delicate when removing the wiper arm.connectors during glass toWhen replacing rear glass, bereplacement procedures. sure to carefully remove the wiper arm to avoid damage.Glass Service Tips •i;Here are some handy tips for ©Install glass with sealer in theglass replacement service: correct location quickly. Once installed, it should not be moved. to Take note of the windshield Affix with tape in a few spots towhen a vehicle arrives in your secure until sealer is for any service. Look forchips or emerging cracks that Set the glass properly the first time. -Nothing irks customers more Todays quick-curing sealers dont allowwill only spread as the vehicle is than getting their vehiclex back much forgiveness.driven. Mention to the customer and finding pieces of glass leftthat you can replace the glass from the replacement service.with Genuine Mercedes-Benz Always clean all glass shardsStar-Marked glass so the vehicle from the vehicle to maintain yourstays as originally designed. This relationship with your customers.will enhance the vehicles resaleor trade-in value. toAlways refer to the specific service information for the ©Always use the correct vehicle you are servicing. Thisadhesive for the sealing area. information is available atThe specified products may be Be sure to remove all glass shards to Training information is and particles from the vehicle to avoid available on the Mercedes-Benz angering the customer. USA Technical Training website at service_and_parts/ ©On the site, you can download genuine_parts. electronic files, or print sheets of service information. —Contact your local Mercedes-Benz Wholesale -More information about Parts Dealer for information Genuine Mercedes-Benz parts, on any Genuine Mercedes-BenzThoroughly clean and prep the metal plus why you and your customer Star-Marked replacementframe area of the vehicle before should use them, is available at glass or adhesive products. |applying the primer. Mercedes-Benz July/August 2011 5
  6. 6. Games Mercedes-Benz vehicles hold their value better than any other marque. This means customers are likely to invest in major repairs, such as those that involve cylinder head R&R.SH9 dC. ^Thanks to superior engineering —Since you will very rarely have (Above) After draining the coolant, but and the very best materials and to remove the heads of late-model before starting any disassembly of the assembly procedures, Mercedes- Mercedes-Benz vehicles, weve 137 VI2, rotate the crankshaft to TDC Benz engines last a long, long chosen an older engine for our using the "OT1,6" mark on the crank time. Its not at all unusual for example here: The powerful 137 pulley. This will allow you to inspect and set cam timing marks to make them to go 200,000 to 300,000 V12. There are also some unusual reassembly easier. miles and still have plenty of life aspects to this service on this left. This is a sharp contrast to particular engine, so we think label "01-5795 R& R Engine other market segments where its a good choice as a subject to Cylinder Heads (includes cooler a "life expectancy" is built in at cover in StarTuned. r&r)," is rated at 16.1 hours, so the factory. Since these cars you must follow the instructions and SUVs are basically rock- in WIS to the letter to avoid having solid machines, their owners Disassembly to do it over (WIS document are typically willing to spend —The specimen we used for our number AR18.30-P-3482L Engine the money to replace major photography had a leaking oil 137 (V12) models 220 & 215). components such as engines cooler at the back of the block. and transmissions. The oil cooler also houses a -aThe first steps should be to crankcase breather system, and remove the electric cooling fan — Mercedes-Benz has a the whole assembly had to be and drain the coolant. At this remanufacturing program that removed in order to repair the oil early stage, you should crank the extends to these components leak. It is mounted in the "V" of engine manually and set the #1 and offers exceptional warranties. the block and requires that the piston to TDC using the "OT 1,6" Cylinder head replacement is cylinder heads be removed to mark on the crankshaft pulley. a relatively common service gain access. You might think that There are no special tools or procedure in high-mileage this would be a difficult task on conventional timing/alignment engines, so knowing how to do a large V12, but Mercedes-Benz marks for the 137 V12 engine. this job correctly will ensure that engineering made this engine Timing is set by checking the both the service life of the vehicle relatively serviceable with no intake and exhaust valve degrees and your relationship with your seemingly impossible steps. Still, of rotation for opening and customers will be extended. this operation, which carries the closing time with a degree wheel. 6 StarTuned .
  7. 7. All gasket surfaces need to be scraped clean and be free of oil or grease. Avoid using abrasive discs with air tools since abrasive dust can get into the engine and cylinder walls and cause premature wear. Use nylon pads and elbow grease to remove deposits. Vacuum or blow out any material that may fall into the engine. provides length specifications to allow you to tell if the stretch is Make note of the cam position with the engine atTDC.This will help with excessive and the bolts need toreassembly.These particular engines do not have conventional timing marks, butuse degrees of rotation when the camshafts open and close the valves. be replaced. Do not use a tap to clean the threads in the block as—So, make very careful note of ™After removing the fuel injection it will remove too much materialthe cam position with the engine system, wiring and hoses, the from the threads and weakenat TDC - you can make your own upper intake must be taken off. them. Use a thread cleaner, rifletiming marks to simplify this step, The intake bolts directly to the brush, or head bolt to loosen anywhich will help with reassembly. cylinder heads and removing the contaminants and blow out theContinue by removing the timing throttle body makes it easier to holes using a clean rag to collectchain tensioner and timing cover. unscrew the bolts at the rear of the spray.This includes the cam sprocket the manifold. Putting the car oncovers for both banks. Note that a lift will give you easy access —With the cylinder heads, off youbank #2 has an additional CSO to the six bolts that hold the may want to clean the tops of the(Cylinder Shut Off) system that two exhaust downpipes to their pistons, but do not use abrasiveuses oil pressure to activate and manifolds. With the intake and discs and air tools to do this.deactivate camshaft operation. exhaust manifolds off, you now The material that comes off suchWith tension off the chain, you only have to remove the cylinder discs is very abrasive, and thesecan remove the cam sprockets head bolts and timing chain guide particles can make their way intoand support the chains so they pins to lift off the heads. the engine and accelerate not come off the crankshaft Clean all carbon deposits andsprocket and alter your timing gasket surfaces with a nylon padmarks. Also, do a close inspection Cleanliness Is or brush. The block and cylinderof the chain and sprockets while Next To Godliness head are both made of aluminumyoure there. ™The Torx-type head bolts may and can easily be damaged with have stretched. Mercedes-Benz power tools. Mercedes-Benz Juiy/August 2011 7
  8. 8. HEAD GAMESThe seal between the two parts of the oil cooler is not available separately. It was very difficult to determine if the leakwas from this seal or the one underneath, so we decided to replace the whole assembly.The Source Of The Problem Installation special antifreeze formula Part Under the cylinder heads in This is a labor-intensive job and Number A000 989 16 25 14.the valley of the block is the oil you will feel more at ease usingcooler/crankcase breather. It Mercedes-Benz OEM gaskets You can find all the steps in WISis a two-piece unit that directs in your repair. After fitting the before you turn a wrench andengine oil through passages in head gaskets, be sure all contact lay out a plan for getting the jobthe cooling system. It also directs surfaces are clear of oil, grease, done properly. A smooth-runningcrankcase gases through hoses to and dirt on both the block deck engine without complicationsthe upper intake manifold. The oil and cylinder head surfaces. Bolt is your reward for doing the jobcooler sealing gasket is available holes need to be clean and clear according to Mercedes-Benzfor replacement, but the gasket of debris. Place the cylinder head procedures and specifications.between to two pieces is not, so gasket on the dowels provided in You customer is rewarded withyoull need to replace the whole the block and place the head on many more miles of trouble-freeunit (part number A137 188 05 the block being sure not to slide engine operation, and will most01). With clean gasket surfaces, it into position and damage the likely feel new confidence in yourthe sealing rings will provide gasket. WIS instructs us to tighten work and loyalty toward you. |proper sealing if the assembly the cylinder head bolts to 20 NMis properly torqued down. in a specific pattern. Tighten eachEspecially with aluminum engine bolt an additional 180 degreescomponents, tightening bolts to in the same pattern in twotheir proper torque is critical for stages of 90 degrees each. Afterlong-term problem-free operation. reassembly, you should changePurchasing a subscription to the oil, flush out any old will and read/clear codes with yourmake all torque specs and SDS or aftermarket equivalent.service procedures available toyou in WIS. "Throughout this procedure, pay particular attention to installing The oil cooler must be installed the new oil seals properly - you We dont want to have to do thisfirst since the mounting bolts are certainly dont want to go back large job twice. Using OEMnot accessible with the cylinder to fix a leak. Also, if you see any Mercedes-Benz gaskets gave us anheads in place. With all gasket signs of corrosion in the water added measure of confidence thatsurfaces thoroughly cleaned, you jackets or passages, Mercedes- there would not be any problemscan now install the heads. Benz recommends using its down the road for the customer.8 Sta (Tuned
  9. 9. z. COLOR-MAXJ METALLICBASF s • No matter what kind of car youve g is always the goal. And thats where BASF Refinish breaks from the field. Only BASF offers the COLOR-MAX®3 system, which covers every color category in the spectrum and only uses chips sprayed with authentic BASF Refinish paint—not printed with ink. So you are assured a precise match the first time, every time, reducing comebacks and increasing productivity. And remember, BASF Refinish coatings are already approved for use by most major OEMs in North America. BASF For the kind of color matches that also match your customers expectations, call Chemical Compa. .-3000 or Foose", Chip Foose". Foose Design™ aid the Chip Foosn signature are 0 2000 BASF Corporation
  10. 10. Again SAM In an effort to reduce wiring clutter and streamline the diagnostic process, Mercedes-Benz has advanced the application of the CAN (Controller Area Network) concept. Lets look at the lay of the land and, more importantly, how to use CAN to find problems— Mercedes-Benz vehicles are among the most Above: SAM modules are usually attached to or locatedtechnologically advanced in the world. Nowhere is near fuse panels. On this 164 chassis ML-Class, the rearthis truer than in the companys use of Controller SAM is mounted on the passengers side inner fender underArea Network (CAN) systems. The goal of a CAN the fuse box. It controls the hatch lock and also powers up the power to reduce complex and redundant wiring in thevehicle. This not only cuts weight and saves space,but also simplifies the diagnosis and repair process. system, we can put all switch inputs to a controlYes, you heard that right: It can simplify diagnostics. unit in the door and use a two-wire CAN system toYou do need to have the right tools and information communicate these inputs among control take advantage of what CAN has to offer. In orderto diagnose and repair these systems, you should "-This is what a CAN system offers. Theseknow how their components and operation. You communicating control modules have evolvedalso need a basic understanding of electricity. A from the early 90s with the 140 chassis S-Class.light bulb needs a voltage supply and a ground, a Modules that distribute power and ground andswitch changes an electrical signal from one wire to receive inputs have gone by various names inanother, and solenoids and relays need to be sent a the past. They were sometimes referred to assignal to complete a circuit. "Combination Modules," "All-Activity Modules," and finally as "SAMs," or Signal Acquisition Modules.— Its where voltage supply and ground come SAMs are usually integrated with or connected tofrom, and where the switch inputs go to thats the fuse/relay panels. For example, the 211 chassis hasdifference. When using your remote to unlock a car a drivers side SAM and a rear SAM. The driversthere must be a control unit to receive whatever side SAM receives the power it distributes from thesignal comes in. This control unit then has to either rear pre-fuse box. It both gives and receives powersupply a power or ground to activate the door locks. from the Electronic Ignition Switch (EIS) when theThere also have to be switches to indicate what ignition key is turned to "On". The drivers sideposition the locks are already in. The same goes with SAM can then directly control some componentspower windows. A switch from the master switch in such as the fog lights and instrument cluster. It alsothe drivers door must be run to each door to control communicates information on the CAN-B systemthat window, plus you need additional wiring to with other control units such as the instrumentcontrol the window from its own switch. With a CAN cluster and Automatic Air Conditioning (AAC).10 StarTuned — — — • _ _
  11. 11. , ?fej *.V- ;.• • - •?„ + .*?,,. MJlf-nVehicle 220.175 Control unit Current quick test: Filter status: All control units ; ETC - Electronic transmission control • 0225455032" ESM - Electronic selector module " 22054501T2"1 ME-SFI 2.0 - Motor electronics 2.0 0255458932 ->/- ESP - Electronic stability program 0245450732 -s - AIRmatic 2205450032 -f- AB - Airbag 0018202226 -,/- OCP - Overhead control panel 2208201001 -F- EZS - Electronic ignition switch 2205450308 -S - J UCP - Upper control panel -S - 2208205810 PSE - Pneumatic system equipment -S - 2208000248 SAM-FL - Front left signal acquisition and actuation module -f- 0205451732 SAM-FR - Front right signal acquisition and actuation module -S - 0275454532 REAR SAM - Rear signal acquisition and actuation module -S - 0325458432 ICM - Instrument cluster with maintenance interval display -y - 2205407447 SCM TMRMl - Stefirinn column module ??r)5450?3? -•- 0Using your SDS, you can perform a "QuickTest."The SDS communicates with every control unit in the vehicresults of this test you can see there is no communication with the drivers-side SAM. Verify that the EIS (EZlisted as present in the coding.|S1 (Rotary light switch) ;1! Left parking lamp,: • : " .;:-, v """i • ! • " , - " • / / * , " , • " " . " •[ OFF -1: ": 076 Right parking lamp OFF 077 Side lamp OFF 078 Driving lights ON 079 Side lamp, foglamp OFF 080 Side lamp, foglamp, rear foglamp OFF 081 Driving light, foglight OFF 082 Driving light, foglight, rear foglight OFFLooking at the SAM data, you can see inputs and outputs while you operate the switches. Here, we see the ilight switch to the drivers side SAM, and we can directly command outputs under the Activations" tab."Problems found in the electrical system of a Meter). If the switch input is working, but thevehicle can be diagnosed one of two ways. You can output is not providing power or ground, how willgo to the offending input, such as a switch, and you know which component has failed? With this check the operation by monitoring signal voltage. 211 Chassis E-Class, lets say the fog lamps are You will need to know proper switch operation. not working. The light switch input uses Bus LWR You then can go directly to the problem output communication to send the command to turn on and verify that a sufficient power and ground the fog lights. The drivers side SAM then directly supply are present with a DMM (Digital Multi- turns on the fog lights. Do we replace the light Mercedes-Benz July/August 2011 11
  12. 12. PLAY IT AGAIN SAM I -8 (fa Before replacing a SAM, you should verify power, ground, and that communication lines are open. An oscil will display the computer communication with a high and low square-wave signal. These signals were take the drivers side SAM verifying that the problem was with the unit.Initial startup should use an oscilloscope and verify that the CANInitial startup with automatic takeover of settings of previous control unit communication is making it to the SAM.Initial startup with manual settings input for new control unit( For example: The previous control unit can no longer be read. ) —If you have to replace a SAM, there are someOnce the SAM has been replaced, you will need to additional steps you will need to follow to complete"Initialize" the new unit. If you can communicate with the the repair. Whichever SAM you replace (Front,old unit, pull the information out first, then replace the Drivers, Passengers, or Rear), you will have to tailorcontrol unit and upload the configuration data. If you cannotcommunicate, youll have to enter the data manually. it to the rest of the vehicle. Once again the SDS will allow you to perform "Initial Startup" of a module.switch, SAM, or both bulbs? Of course, you should You are then basically given two choices, eithercheck both bulbs first, but investing in a Star pull the information out of the old control unit andService Diagnostic System (SDS) will give you the install the data into the new SAM, or manually enterinformation you need conveniently. the SAM information if you cannot communicate with the offending SAM (or module). This second With an SDS, which is available for purchase option will require that you know what options arefrom your Mercedes-Benz dealer network, you can on the vehicle and how the owner had those optionsenter the drivers side SAM and look for Diagnostic configured. Keep in mind that the purpose of theTrouble Codes (DTCs) and monitor the data. You SAM is to control multiple functions that are closecan watch switch inputs coming in on Bus and CAN by. When replacing these SAMs, be sure to checkcommunication lines on a software level. Depending all of the functions the SAM is in charge of.on the control unit, you may also be able to see ifthe offending control unit is putting out power to With a paid subscription to youthe necessary circuits. With bi-directional control can look at "function charts" in the wiring diagrams.under "Activations," you can command outputs and They lay out the control units that are involved insee if they work without removing panels to access a particular function. You can then either use yourthe output itself or check electrical signals with a SDS to look at data PIDs in each of these controlmeter or scope. If you do find that the drivers side units or perform electrical tests at the wiring. EitherSAM is not applying power to the circuit, you still way, a more accurate diagnosis and complete repairshould check powers and grounds to the SAM and will prevent a comeback and instill confidenceverify that the wiring from the SAM to the bulbs is in your customers that you can repair "the bestnot damaged. If it is a communication issue, you engineered cars in the world." |12 StarTuned
  13. 13. FIRE... . . . on all eight with USA Dealer Workshop Services is the source for all the technicalinformation needed to support, service, and maintain Mercedes-Benz vehicles.Mercedes-Benz workshops rely on DWS products and services for getting jobsdone quickly and more efficiently. Our products include:• STAR Teklnfo with WIS-net (Workshop • Maintenance Manuals and Sheets Information System) STAR Service Manual Library CDs Electrical Troubleshooting Manuals WIS and DAS software updates Installation Instructions Star Diagnosis System (SDS) Technical Bulletins Operators Manuals and COMAND Manuals Campaigns Mercedes-Benz Equipment Mercedes-Benz Special Tools Inventory of technical publicationsSTAR TeklnfoDealer Workshop ServicesEngineering Services, Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz USA, LLC.
  14. 14. the New Wholesale Parts Website is up and running complete with the following enhancements: Whats New: Accessories tab added for direct access to the items that enhance your Mercedes-Benz vehicle.Sourcing Mercedes-BenzRepair and Parts Information • Page with helpful parts information. Keep it Genuine with Links to other informative sites like the Mercedes-Benz Service and Parts Classic Center and Collision Program. Mercedes-Benz He*llY picigflfrfi Keep It Genuine with Mercedes-Benz Service and Parts »t<« t b w t S W « w l • Direct link to the Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC) e m»>n.e**n_<i „• _ •,•:• ,.• *Sf 0 »«>denlt »?e a lett of Kifridl . .... . ... .. ...,. , . to look up parts. •• . Downloadable Remanufactured Parts CatalogSuperior performance, exquisite style, and cutting- and Reman Parts policies.edge technology are what you expect fromMercedes-Benz. • User friendly links to tools such as STAR Tekinfo and WIS.Certified Mercedes-Benz Technicians are requiredto participate in ongoing training, assuring that they WebParts online ordering information and how-tomaster the use of state-of-the-art diagnostics, tools, video tutorial.and equipment to properly repair Mercedes-Benzvehicles. Search feature to find archived StarTuned Magazine articles & information.Genuine Mercedes-Benz replacement parts and Please visit us at www.mbwholesaleparts.comaccessories installed by certified technicians Mercedes-Benz Wholesale Partspreserve the performance and integrity of yourvehicle. As well, keeping it genuine withMercedes-Benz parts will help maintain yourvehicles residual value. Accessories DetailsShow your customer why you recommendMercedes-Benz OE Parts. Link to MBUSA Accessorise *Tj Pries Sptclslt - Promo Pitts Please visit us at % Price Special - parts
  15. 15. GENUINE MERCEDES-BENZ REMANUFACTURED A/C COMPRESSORS W H^_BJU2r__G£JNlJU JlNJ E ~ PLACE — W e replace more parts than aftermarket br E GINEERED — Designed t o meet original OEM draw M INUFACTURED — Made with same OE components as factory parts. A s E M B L E D — Completely assembled from components and not just repaired. N w — Tested t o new unit standards.ITSRemanufacturing Process (Genuine Mercedes-Benz)1. Dismantle core 2 Replace key 3. Test all 4 . Replace and clean all components 100% other critical components that components. with new OE part. components. do not meet specs.Rebuilt Process (Typical Aftermar1 . Identify damaged Replace damaged 3. Re-assemble, part or parts. part with non-OE test and box. part and clean. Mercedes-Benz es-Benz Dealer
  16. 16. COMPLIMENTS OF R B M OF ATLANTA, INC. 770-390-0601 Dont gamble with your reputation. Keep it Genuine. Your Mercedes-Benz customers expect the best without excuses or compromise. When a customer trusts you enough to give you their Mercedes-Benz to work on, theres one way to make sure its still all Mercedes-Benz when you give it back: Use Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts. For more information, contact your local Mercedes-Benz Wholesale Parts Dealer or visit us at UNSURPASSED QUALITY | FACTORY BUILT & TESTED | COMPETITIVE PRICE | PROVEN RELIABILITY | PRECISION FIT | LIMITED WARRANTY©2010 Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC. Mercedes-Benz