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  1. Jewish American Heritage Month
  2. Introduction State the significance of Jewish American Heritage Month • What is Jewish American Heritage Month? • Why does the United States celebrate it? Tell your story • What does Jewish American Heritage Month mean to you? • Why is it important to you?
  3. Overview Give a brief overview of what you’ll cover in your presentation.
  4. History Make a timeline of the important historical events or list historical contributions made by people of Jewish American heritage. 1st Event 2nd Event 3rd Event 4th Event 5th Event 6th Event Date Date Date Date Date Date Description Description Description Description Description Description
  5. Interesting facts List some interesting facts about Jewish American Heritage Month. Here are a few examples: • The US celebrates Jewish American Heritage Month in May. • President Carter signed a presidential proclamation to celebrate Jewish Heritage Week in 1980. • Jewish Heritage Week was expanded to a month in 2006 by President George W. Bush.
  6. Key People Choose three notable people of Jewish American heritage using and discuss their lives and accomplishments. Here are some examples: Elaine May is an American comedian, film director, screenwriter, playwright, and actress. Paul Simon is an American musician, singer, songwriter, and actor. Hedy Lamarr was an American actress, inventor, and film producer.
  7. Arts and literature Provide examples of art and literature that are significant to Jewish American Heritage Month. Here are a few examples: • The writings of David Mamet • The music of Barbra Streisand • The artwork of Annie Leibovitz
  8. How to celebrate List some ways you can celebrate Jewish American Heritage Month. Here are a few examples: • Discover Jewish American artists • Read Jewish American authors • Listen to Jewish American music • Learn Jewish American history
  9. Conclusion Provide a brief summary of your presentation. Remind the audience what you covered in the previous slides.
  10. Questions & answers Invite questions from the audience.
  11. Resources List the resources you used for your research: • Source #1 • Source #2 • Source #3