Introduction To SAQ 4 U


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PCI Self Assessment Questionnaire assistance designed to help the small business owner.

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Introduction To SAQ 4 U

  1. 1. SAQ 4 U - Serving the small business<br />Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)<br />What is it?<br />Why is it important?<br />
  2. 2. Who is SAQ 4 U?<br />A privately held business. Established to help small business owners with the first step toward complying with The Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS).<br />Industry professionals with a keen understanding of payment card security and PCI regulations.<br />NOT a costly Qualified Security Assessor (QSA), because you don’t need to pay high dollars<br /> to complete an SAQ.<br />
  3. 3. What is PCI-DSS?<br />As stated by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council (SSC):<br />&quot;The PCI DSS is a multifaceted security standard that includes requirements for security management, policies, procedures, network architecture, software design and other critical protective measures. This comprehensive standard is intended to help organizations proactively protect customer account data.&quot;<br />Source:<br />
  4. 4. PCI’s 12-Steps for compliance<br />Build and Maintain a Secure Network<br />Requirement 1: Install and maintain a firewall configuration to protect cardholder data<br />Requirement 2: Do not use vendor-supplied defaults for system passwords and other security parameters<br />Protect Cardholder Data<br />Requirement 3: Protect stored cardholder data<br />Requirement 4: Encrypt transmission of cardholder data across open, public networks<br />Maintain a Vulnerability Management Program<br />Requirement 5: Use and regularly update anti-virus software<br />Requirement 6: Develop and maintain secure systems and applications<br />Implement Strong Access Control Measures<br />Requirement 7: Restrict access to cardholder data by business need-to-know<br />Requirement 8: Assign a unique ID to each person with computer access<br />Requirement 9: Restrict physical access to cardholder data<br />Regularly Monitor and Test Networks<br />Requirement 10: Track and monitor all access to network resources and cardholder data<br />Requirement 11: Regularly test security systems and processes<br />Maintain an Information Security Policy<br />Requirement 12: Maintain a policy that addresses information security<br />
  5. 5. What the card brands say (like VISA)<br />All merchants will fall into one of the four merchant levels based on payment card transaction volume over a 12-month period. Payment card transaction volume is based on the aggregate number of payment card transactions (inclusive of credit, debit and prepaid) that a merchant handles. Volume is based on the number of transactions stored, processed or transmitted by the merchant.<br />
  6. 6. What “Merchant Level” are you?<br />Please note: <br />AMEX and Discover requirements differ. Please call for more information.<br />
  7. 7. Merchant “Validation” Requirements<br />
  8. 8. What will SAQ 4 U accomplish for you?<br />We will:<br />Meet with you and ask brief interview-type questions to understand your business.<br />Determine which SAQ form is required for your business.<br />Complete the appropriate SAQ form and walk you through the results and the Attestation of Compliance validation process.<br />Answer any questions you have and<br /> make suggestions for improvements.<br />
  9. 9. WHY SAQ 4 U?<br />We know that a “Self-Assessment” Questionnaire can be done by you.<br />We also know that most people can mow their own lawns or clean their own homes, but they still hire Gardeners and House Cleaners.<br />We want you to run your business, NOT fill out<br />forms and research requirements.<br />
  10. 10. Where is SAQ 4 U?<br />TEXAS: Serving Austin, San Antonio and Houston<br />CALIFORNIA: Serving San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange County<br />Other locations being added fast. Call to request service in your area.<br />
  11. 11. Next Step:<br />Call SAQ 4 U to schedule an appointment today.<br />CALL (713) 854-4410<br />or email<br /><br /><br />