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RAeS Hatfield Newsletter Sept 2011


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RAeS Hatfield Newsletter Sept 2011

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RAeS Hatfield Newsletter Sept 2011

  1. 1. Royal Aeronautical Society Newsletter Hatfield BranchBranch Chairman: David Philpott President: Mike Ramsden September 2011From the ChairmanW elcome to a new season with the Hatfield Branch of the Royal Aeronautical Society and thank you gesting future lecture topics and other Branch activities, or even in some other way not yet thought of!for all your support over the past year. We had a very I look forward to seeing you all again on 28th Sep-varied and well attended lecture programme and our tember.thanks go to the University for continuing to provide David Philpottsuch marvellous facilities to host our activities. Chairman We start the new season at 7pm on Wednesday 28th with a lecture by Rob Morris on the 146/RJ, 30 years on. On 19th October, Kevin Hackett, ex BAE The 2011/2012 Lecture(Hatfield) and QinetiQ, will be talking about his work on Programmethe solar-powered Zephyr UAV that achieved a non-stopflight of 14 days. September 28th 7:00pm Room A154, During the past year members of the main Society Lindop Buildingwere hit by the large increase in membership fees and The 146/RJ30 Years Onsome felt they were unable to continue membership. Ifyou are one of these, please be assured that you will stillreceive a warm welcome at branch lectures and events.For those who are not members of the main Society,Branch membership is now £10 per annum. Maintaining and increasing the Branch membershipis of constant concern. With the help of Fadl Isa, oneour student representatives on the committee, we havecompiled a list of local aerospace-related companiesand intend to use this to circulate news of our activitiesto a wider audience. Please do your bit in encouragingyour own friends and families to come along. We alsointend to build further on our good relationship withthe University and encourage wider participation byboth staff and students. O ur new lecture programme gets off to an apt start with a talk on the 146/RJ. This is your Branch. Please feel free to contact us with Rob Morris of Falko Regional Aircraft (formerly BAecomments and suggestions. Perhaps you could help by, Asset Management) is marking the 30th Anniversary offor example, writing something for the next Newsletter, the first flight of the 146 here at Hatfield. He will arguetalking to others about the Branch and giving them a that, despite the aircraft’s age, it still can look forwardcopy of the Newsletter and lecture programme, sug- to a great future. 1
  2. 2. October 19th 7:00pm (Room TBA)Aerodynamic Design of Zephyr HaleUAV follow the children’s science programme ‘Bang Goes the Theory’ you will know that Richard is heading up the organisation to build a jet/rocket car to exceed 1,000 mph. Richard has already held the World land speed re- cord with Thrust 2, which he drove himself, and went on head up the project that broke the sound barrier with Thrust SSC driven by Andy Green.Kevin Hackett, who used to work at Hatfield on the 125 Not content with that, the goal now is to beat theand Airbus projects and now works for the Engineering record yet again so it should be an interesting tale ofSciences Data Unit in London, will discuss the World re- determination and innovation.cord breaking UAV known as the Zephyr. This remark- Incidentally, our branch past Chairman, Ray Wilkin-able vehicle is solar powered and is being developed for son, is involved in the programme to develop the Rocketultra long missions lasting, not hours or days but several Motor (toffee powered no doubt!)MONTHS! The 6:45 start gives time for the mince pies and wine. Kevin will describe the Electrical power generation/ January 18th 7:00pm (Room TBA)storage problems and aerodynamic efficiency challeng- Aerodynamic Efficiencyes that are critical to the viable performance of solaraeroplanes. Dr Raj Nangia is coming to talk all about how we could go about meeting the future demands of reducing theNovember 16th 7:00pm (Room TBA) environmental impact of the aircraft industry by 50%Simulators in Education over the next quarter of a century.Simulators are a big thing at the University of Hertford- Dr Raj argues that traditional evolutionary develop-shire. They now have at least three in the simulator lab- ments aimed at drag reduction and engine SFC improve-oratory where your committee gather for their regular ments will have limited effect and, what is needed aremeetings. The first one to be installed was the Merlin new operational concepts. Among these novel ideas areand Chris Neal of Merlin Flight Simulator Group will talk in-flight refuelling and formation flying.about the huge benefits to students in their quest to un- Geese know best!derstand the mysteries of the aeroplane.December 14th 6:45pm (Room TBA)The Bloodhound 1,000mph CarRichard Noble OBE has agreed to come and give us ourChristmas lecture. If, like me you have grandchildren and Royal Aeronautical Society, Hatfield Branch Newsletter Editor: Ray Wilkinson Email: Produced by Ray Wilkinson and Maurice James 2
  3. 3. February 15th 6:45pm (Room TBA) Annual General Meeting 2011Volcanic AshEx Hatfield Flight Test Engineer, and now Head of Air-worthiness at the UK Civil Aviation Authority, Podrhaic M inutes of the 2010/11 Annual General Meeting, University of Hertfordshire, held on WednesdayKellerher is giving our ‘Partners Evening’ lecture on the 18th May 2011well known topic of Volcanic Ash. 1. Apologies Clearly, we can never know when the next eruption None received.will be so it will be interesting to see what lessons have 2. Minutes of 2009/10 AGMbeen learnt from the Eyjafjallajoekull eruption last year. All actions quoted were carried out and there were no Don’t forget that ‘Partners’ evening means that food points of accuracy raised. There were no further mattersand drink will be provided. arising from the minutes. 3. Hon. Secretary’s Report The Secretary presented his report which is attached as Appendix 1. There were no matters or actions arising: Acceptance of the Secretary’s report was proposed by Alan Dobson, seconded by Tony Newton and passed unanimously. 4. Hon. Treasurer’s Report This year’s treasurer’s report is attached as Appendix 2. It was made clear that the report was being present- ed pending audit (See paragraph 5 below) Acceptance of the report was proposed by Brian Rolfe, seconded by Ken Pye and passed unanimously. 5. Election of AuditorMarch 21st 7:00pm (Room TBA) The Treasurer announced that Don Dykins was unableStudent Lecture Competition to audit the accounts due to ill health and a vote of thanks for Don was proposed by Steve Rogers, secondedThis will be the third year of the resurrected and succes- by Dave Philpott and passed unanimously.full lecture competition when 4 brave students present The treasurer also took an action to write a letter ofa short lecture on a variety of topics. thanks to Don on behalf of the membership, for all his Once again the competition will be kindly sponsored good work in the past.and judged by Goodrich Electrical Power Systems of Pit- Mr Ray Cherry was proposed to be the new audi-stone. tor by Maurice James, seconded by Henry Geering and passed unanimously.The details of our last two lectures are still being sorted 6. Acting Chairman’s Remarksbut I am sure that you will be impressed with the topics. The Acting Chairman’s Report is attached as appendix 3We will obviously keep you informed in plenty of time. and no issues were raised. The Dates are: 7. Subscriptions April 18th at 6:00pm The Sir Geoffrey de Havilland The Committee recommended that the subscription forLecture friends of the Branch be raised to £10 per annum as it May 16th at 6:45pm Our Final lecture and AGM had remained unchanged at £8 for several years. A pro- Hon. Sec. posal was put before the membership by Steve Rogers, seconded by Les Bray and passed unanimously. 3
  4. 4. 8. Election of Committee. a. ChairmanThe president, Mr Mike Ramsden, took over the Chairand carried out the vote for Dave Philpott as our newChairman. The proposal was made by Steve Rogers and sec-onded by Stan Kimm. It was passed unanimously by themembership b. Committee membersThe following Committee Members were obliged by theConstitution to resign after serving for two years. Bothwere willing to continue in office: • Steve Rogers, (Treasurer) was proposed by John ed with 4 excellent lectures on GPWS by Manuella Ca- Holmes-Walker and seconded by Henry Geering. sissa and Cameron Stewart, on Fifth Generation Fighters • Maurice James (Secretary) was proposed by Eric by Mukti Limby, on Supercruise by Haris Ali Qazi and on Dobson and seconded by Tony Newton. Anti Tank Weapons by the winner of the competitionBoth were voted in unanimously by the members. Fadl Isa.9. AOB The Committee are deeply grateful to Goodrich Pow-John Holmes-Walker asked if there had been any reac- er Systems who are keen to continue to sponsor thistion by the branch to the increase in the Main Society event and we are in the throes of producing a perma-fees. Mike Ramsden stated that he had attended the nent trophy.meeting in Hamilton Place and had expressed dissatis- The Sir Geoffrey de Havilland lecture passed off wellfaction with the proposals. A defence of the need for with a turnout of just under 100 people for the lecture.the increase was argued very strongly by the Main So- The main Society president, Air Vice Marshal Davidciety President although it was conceded that the issue Couzens, and the Chairman of the Sir Geoffrey de Havil-could have been better handled. land Flying Foundation, Air Marshal Ian Macfadyen, have M R James sent letters of thanks to our President, Mike Ramsden. Hon. Secretary. This year, in response to member’s requests, an effort was made to explain in more detail, the achievements10. Appendix 1 – Secretary’s Report of the prize winners at the presentation. Lecture Programme 2010/11 Once again, it was a disappointing turnout for theAs seen below, the attendance at this season’s Lecture dinner which, nevertheless, was thoroughly enjoyed byProgramme is holding up well against the annual re- all present and the committee thank Nigel Price for hiscords. Hopefully, this is an indication that members are efforts in organising much of the event.finding the programme interesting. The John Cunningham and John Houlder Flying Suggestions for future lecture topics are always wel-come and all you need do is speak to any committeemember. The record for the individual lectures for this lastseason is shown below and firstly we apologise that itbecame necessary to cancel the January lecture as nospeaker was available. The other disappointment wasthe turnout for the March event. This was the studentlecture competition and it is a shame that the membersdo not support this event with more enthusiasm. Onceagain the members who did attend were amply reward- 4
  5. 5. Scholarships has not been well and has been unable to audit the ac-The winner of the third John Cunningham flying schol- counts this year. Ray Cherry has agreed to step into thearship was Tom Atherton and that of the second John breach but due to business commitments, he was un-Houlder award was Alex Flood. Both could not be pre- able to do this before this meeting. The accounts aresent for the presentation as, this year, the event fell dur- therefore not fully signed the Easter holiday. The committee will try to avoid This year, the accounts show that the Branch made a loss of £2443, compared tothis clash in future. a profit last year of £695. The Secretary has been informed by Air Marshal IanMacfadyen, Chairman of the Sir Geoffrey de Havilland The main cause of this loss was the decision to fundFlying Foundation, that the two flying scholarships will two significant presentation pieces for the John Cun-be available for this year which is excellent news. ningham & John Houlder scholarship awards. These one We are also glad to announce that Ian Macfadyen, off costs totalled well over £2000. The Committee hasMaurice James and Stan Kimm paid John Houlder a visit agreed to increase our claims to the Main Society to re-to thank him for his award and to show him the mag- cover these costs, but this will be done over a numbernificent carving that Stan produced for the John Houlder of years.Scholarship. The reports for the students were read out Our two main sources of income remain the sub-to John and he was very grateful for the opportunity to scriptions from local branch members and the generoussee and discuss the scholarship in person. support, which we get from the Main Society. We bid for University Support this money each year, based on the costs of running the The Committee are most grateful to the Head of branch. Local branch subscriptions are slightly up thisSchool, Reza Sutodeh, who will shortly call a meeting year.with the Chairman and Secretary to explore further On expenditure, the net cost of the de Havilland din-ways to co-operate with the University. The outcome of ner was slightly up at £645. This covers the costs of thethis meeting will be followed up by the committee and branch guests, a subsidy on ticket prices and the factreported via the newsletter. that we failed to sell the minimum number of tickets. Sir Geoffrey de Havilland Plaque The committee recognises that the cost of the dinnerTake a look at the wall opposite the reception desk in is quite high and in 2010, we maintained the level ofthe entrance hall of the College Lane Campus and you subsidy. Although the dinner is enjoyed by those whowill at last see the magnificent plaque carved by Stan attend, getting people to come remains a challenge andKimm together with the list of ‘FIRSTS’ compiled by our the committee are considering alternate formats. ThePresident, Mike Ramsden. It has taken a lot of work to other major area of expense remains the cost of run-get this plaque, which replaces an original that was sto- ning the lecture programme. We are grateful to the Uni-len. versity who provide the lecture theatres and facilities Committee Help for committee meetings at no charge. We do have toI would like to add my thanks to our student representa- pay for the Fielder Centre for the de Havilland lecture.tives, Manuela Cassissa, Cameron Stewart, Scott Moffat Although this cost is high, it does offer a high qualityand Fadl Isa for their impressive initiative and energy facility for a prestige lecture. We also pay for entertain-and finally once again I stress that any other volunteers ing the lecturers and this has included some overnightto help the committee would be most welcome and travel expenses. At the partners evening and at the M James December lecture, we do provide refreshments. Hon. Secretary, As in previous years, the University have kindly un- May 2011 dertaken the printing and distribution of the newsletter and we are very grateful for the University’s generousAppendix 2 – Treasurer’s Report contribution.I must start with an apology. Don Dykins has acted as The Main Society recommends that Branches shouldour Honorary Auditor for many years. Unfortunately he maintain a balance of between 12 and 18 months ex- 5
  6. 6. penditure. You can see from the balance sheet that, ex- tremely high and the success of the evening was due, including the one off award costs, we are now towards no small part, to the efforts of our University committeethe bottom end of this range, although the year end fig- representatives.ure is only a snapshot. There was a very large attendance at the excellent Sir In summary, the finances of the Branch remain Geoffrey de Havilland Lecture, given by Miguel Santoshealthy, although we need to continue to rebuild our on the Dreamliner. However, the number attending thereserves. dinner has been declining in recent years and, although The RE Bishop account is very simple. We award an this is a very successful social event, it is proving expen-annual cash prize of £250. There is also the cost of pro- sive to run.viding a small memento, as we do not let them take Stan A concern of the committee is the relatively smallKimm’s magnificent trophy away. number of students attending lectures on a regular ba- The fund stands at a very healthy £57826 and al- sis. Our student representatives are currently examin-though income from interest payments remains very ing ways in which the University web site, used to com-low, given the current annual outgoings, we can sustain municate with students on a day-to-day basis, can bethe award for many years to come. used to improve the visibility of the Branch’s activities Steve Rogers and emphasise the relevance of these activities to their Treasurer studies and subsequent careers. In order to extend our audience further, a list of organisations with the HatfieldAppendix 3 – Chairman’s Report area having aerospace interests has been compiled,I assumed the role of acting chairman of the branch in which will be used to promote our Branch activities inOctober 2010, following Ray Wilkinson’s resignation. I a targeted fashion.would like to convey both my personal thanks and the Finally thanks to all members for your continuedthanks of the Branch to Ray for his enormous contribu- support. Our Branch offers a unique opportunity for in-tion as Chairman, his very effective work for the Branch teraction between those about to qualify to enter thewithin the University and his continuing support in the profession and current and past practitioners. This op-production of the Newsletter. portunity must be used to support the industry which We are also grateful to Prof. Reza Sotudeh, of the draws us all together. Sometimes we seem to be sur-School of Engineering and Technology, for his support rounded by doom and gloom but, according to theand to Dr. Raj Calay for agreeing take over as Univer- Daily Telegraph (12th May 2011), “Britain has the big-sity staff representative on the committee, following gest aerospace industry in Europe, and is second only toRay’s resignation. We were also very encouraged by the the US worldwide. There are 2,600 manufacturers andnumber and enthusiasm of our student representatives, service companies ranging from the likes of Rolls-RoyceFadl Isa, Manuela Cassissa, Scott Moffat and Cameron and BAE Systems to small businesses”. Last year exportsStewart. Our cooperation with the University is great- were £22.2bn, an increase of enhanced by the John Cunningham and John Houl- David Philpottder awards, offered to students for flight training, the ChairmanBishop award for design work and the Student LectureCompetition award. Our thanks go to the Sir Geoffrey deHavilland Flying Foundation and Goodrich for the sup-porting these activities. This year saw a varied and interesting lecture pro-gramme with generally good attendance and tonightwe welcome Brian Kitson from EADS to deliver the fi-nal lecture of the season on the A400M. The StudentLecture Competition (sponsored by Goodrich) was oneof the year’s highlights. The standard of entries was ex- 6