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  • The goodwill generated by such public relations events benefits the business in many ways. Well-planned and organized public relations efforts can increase sales, reinforce a good reputation, and increase the willingness of consumers to respond to advertising efforts for the company’s products.
  • Good communication b/w employees and customers is vital in promoting a favorable business image. Courtesy, helpfulness, interest, tolerance, and friendliness help make customers come back. This repeat business is what makes a company successful.
    Many businesses go even further. They offer special suervices and amenities in order to maintain good customer relations. These services and amenities may include on=premise restaurants, child-care facilities, gift wrapping, check-cashing services, fax and copying services, and free delivery.
    Manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers use customer advisory boards to test new products. A supermarket might want to learn about customer preferences regarding store hours and preferred cultural or health food products to stock. It may also want to learn whether customers like in-store promotional devices, such as electronic coupons and videocarts. By consulting with the advisory board, the supermarket can adjust or change policies, products, or promotional efforts to meet customers’ needs.
    Some larger dept stores also hire consultants to assist customers with their purchases. Fashion, cosmetic, travel, bridal, and interior decorating consultants, as well as personal shoppers are ex’s of employees with specialized training who are hired by some retail firms.
    National companies often employ consumer CAS’s==================
  • Businesses foster good community relations by participating in and sponsoring activities that benefit the civic, social, and cultural life of a community.
    Companies encourage employees to join and remain active in civic organizations, such as the optimists, rotary club, or the lions. In addition, involvement with school community organizations, such as business advisory committees, business and school partnership programs, or the local chamber of commerce, provide recognition for individual employees and present a favorable image for the business.
    EX: Brad able to go to Chamber from GEICO
  • Public: schools, hospitals, universities, government agencies, charitable organizations, and the military
  • In 1999, two different production problems in Belgium affected the taste, quality, and external odor of some Coca-Cola products. This prompted the Belgium health minister to take precautionary measures. Although no health or safety issues were discovered, the negative publicity affected the overall image and sales of Coke products in Europe. Coca-Cola Belgium removed all old products from the marketplace and destroyed them in an environmentally safe manner. The company also took steps to restart production with all new ingredients, performed more rigorous testing on all production lines, added new equipment, and improved monitoring systems. By acting quickly and responsibly, Coca-Cola was able to overcome the bad publicity.
  • Press kits are given to the media to assist them in reporting on the intended news item. These save time for public relations specialists b/c faq’s can be covered in one place.
  • Must carry a certain amount of newsworthy info so as to be picked up by the media!
  • Media should think of the information as news, not publicity!
  • Public relation and publicity

    1. 1. Bell Ringer  Let’s say that we’re going to have a Marketing Education open house to show students, parents and guardians, and the business community the advantages of participating in a marketing education program. In addition to press releases to announce the event, list some other things we could do to get people to come to the event.
    2. 2. Publicity/Public Relations Another Element of the Promotional Mix
    3. 3. Review  So far we’ve covered advertising, which was only one element of the promotional mix. This week we’ll talk about publicity/public relations and sales promotion!  Next week we will construct visual merchandise displays and begin our unit on personal selling, which is the final element of the promotional mix!
    4. 4. Objectives  Define and discuss publicity/public relations  Compare and Contrast the different audiences for public relations  Discuss how to prepare a news release  Prepare an actual news release for promotion project!!
    5. 5. Why have public relations?  Present a positive image to customers, employees, and the general public  Examples:     Grand opening of a mall Interview with a company official about hiring plans Launch of a new product or product line Announcement of employee promotions or retirements
    6. 6. Why have public relations?  Examples Cont…      Presentation of an award to the company or to one of its employees Company-sponsored event Community activity, such as a scholarship program sponsored by the business Charitable activity, such as a walkathon for a local charity, in which the business participates Cultural activity, such as support for a new exhibit at a museum
    7. 7. Customer Relations  Customer advisory boards- panels of boards consumers who make suggestions about products and businesses  Consultants  Consumer Affairs Specialists- design Specialists programs to reflect customer needs for information on topics such as nutrition, health and wellness, and product safety
    8. 8. Employee Relations  Loyal and well-motivated employees who feel they are important to the company  Examples:     Tuition reimbursement for college courses Newsletters for and about the company and its employees Recreational programs Employee recognition programs for improvements in performance and efficiency
    9. 9. Community Relations  Community Relations- refers to the Relations activities that a business uses to acquire or maintain the respect of the community  Examples    Sponsoring Special Olympics Providing mentors for marketing students Matching employee donations to local charities
    10. 10. Public Relations Specialists  Work with customers, employees, media, civic and professional groups, legislators, government officials, consumer activists, stockholders, environmentalists, and suppliers.  Work in both public & private sector
    11. 11. Public Relations Specialists  Principal task is to publicize good news about a company and its products--- and to control the damage done by any negative news.
    12. 12. Public Relations Duties  Annual reports for investors and interested customers  Brochures and responses to customer inquiries  Short feature articles for trade magazines  Web site
    13. 13. Public Relations Duties  Develop press kits- folder containing kits articles, news releases, feature stories, and photographs about a company, product, or person  Hold press conferences- meeting in which a conferences business or organization invites media members to hear an announcement about a newsworthy event.
    14. 14. Now You’re the Public Relations Specialist  Writing a News Release:   News release- a prewritten story about a company that is sent to the various media Usually contains information about the company’s employees, stores, operations, products, corporate philosophy, or participation in an event or program
    15. 15. Now You’re the Public Relations Specialist  Writing a News Release:     NEVER use the word publicity Answer who, what, where, when, and why Avoid opinions, unless directly quoting Brief, but thorough
    16. 16. NOW…  Create a news release for the product you chose for your promotion project.  Using the handout as a guide, you should include all the necessary elements of a news release.