Employees News Letter
DS Construction Libya,
                         31 May 2010 Inaugura...
Editors Note
                     By Gubburu VS Rao

                     Greetings from Tripoli, Libya, North Africa
Ram Seti has been promoted as Foreman Civil

                    Lember has been promoted as Foreman Civil
From 01 Jan ...
   Recognition and reward program
                                Employee Annual Vacation and Leaves
PROJECT: 1500 Housing Unit at Kufra
                  CLIENT : Executive Authority of Housing of Utility Projects, Misurat...
                                            in DS CONSTRUCTION FZ CO

Team in LIB...
Joined During May 2010

                         17939                                          17948                  Imran Khan
18046               18047
                                              18045                                   Mohd. Naba...
Employee in DSC –
MAY 2010

                      Sudhir Kumar        Loganathan Venugopal     ...
Employee in DSC –
MAY 2010

                       Govindan Kutty           Aloka Behera       ...
Employee in DSC –
MAY 2010

                    Pramod Kumar Pandey      Jena Ganeshwara       ...
Employee in DSC –
MAY 2010

                     Prakash Naagaraj S         Imran Khan       Ja...
Shweta & Yogesh Mishra blessed with a baby
BUNDLES OF                           boy Naitik Mishra on 07th Feb, 2010.

   Skills           Keep it short. Whether it’s an E-mail, voice mail, or face to...
Reduce negative stress

                    Treat problems as situations to be corrected, not as threats to your future....
   Have you made this decision or a similar one in the past? How did it turn out?
                    What would happen ...
Basics of       Self-assessment - Self-assessment can be very effective as it provides employees with
Date -
Match                        Venue                             Results
3                ...
Match Date - Time Venue                                      Results
        14/06                                  Nether...
Matc Date -
                                 Venue                                 Results
    h    Time
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prerana Inaugural ISsue


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Employee News letter -GVS RAO-NORTH AFRICA

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prerana Inaugural ISsue

  1. 1. PRERNA Employees News Letter DS Construction Libya, 31 May 2010 Inaugural Edition Number 1 UAE, India. Foreword By B. S. Narula Greetings: Contents As the summer peaks up in Libya, and only economy in Africa where business potential 1. Foreword is jumping 4 times in comparison to the other nations, I am excited about the way the 2. Editor’s industry and our company is moving. It is an interesting and vibrant year where there addresses will be challenges in the business arena and the way the company responses and 3. HR Initiatives handles it Employee Retention Our strength with which we are able to manage the massive construction site execution is commendable in Sebha. I am determined to ensure internally we are stronger and Employee better prepared. Here I want to remind you all about one of our core values is to Benevolent Challenge the Limits & Constraints-and market the opportunities favour a prepared Fund mind. 4. Site News To harnessing human relations this start, I would say that communications and information exchange plays a vital role within an organization. I hope that with the 5. Management introduction of this PRERNA Employee News letter (ENL), we are able to bridge Team communication gaps within DSC spread over India, Dubai, and Libya. Read my lips, this 6. New Employees is just beginning to bring all staff closer to and inculcate a strong DS family identity in May 2010 for all divisions to go to the market as ONE. 7. Induction & its DS Construction FZ CO Libya therefore gives top priority in providing conducive and a Benefits well bonded working environment and I hope this Employee News bulletin would be a mean of achieve the new heights. The good start will then be complementing what we 8. Birthday Big have done in 2009 where we strengthened our position in terms of Organizational, Boys in May Financial and Business aspects to meet the internal & external challenges ahead. 2010 As we endeavor to reshape our company, let’s continuously give our best to the 9. Brush up Basics company. I am sure that our effort will bear fruits in whichever and every level we are in. 10. What is Performance Last but not the least; I would like to thank VP-HR (GVS RAO) and his team for their Appraisal dedicated effort in creating and developing this news material which will create a new philosophy of awareness and transparency in the DS family. 11. Introducing New Delhi Staff Warm Regards B. S. Narula Director (Operations), SWANI, TRIPOLI, LIBYA 12. FIFA 2010 “Desire is the key to motivation, but its determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek”. -Mario Andretti- 1
  2. 2. Editors Note By Gubburu VS Rao Greetings from Tripoli, Libya, North Africa Chief Editor addresses Wishing you all a safe, healthy summer ahead in Libya As we usher Summer we may reflect on the events of the past and learn from our mistakes and hopefully make us better individuals. This in turn, would help create the basis of a better working setup our endevour is provide facility to ensure peaceful MISSION OF HR personal life off from the work tasks. To create and As a start, this Summer 2010, we in DS Family in Libya are pleased to release our FIRST nurture the right issue of PRERNA –Employee newsletter which we will continue to publish on a monthly basis. AS this is our first publication, we look forward to suggestions from all the DS Environment family members; we will strive to improve the Newsletter edition after edition. We and working would like to appreciate contributions of photos and articles concerning Personnel, conditions, so Human Resource…….which we may include in the coming issues. as to motivate Happy Reading!!! and instill in our employees of all Gubburu VS Rao Vice President –HR grades, a sense SWANI, TRIPOLI, LIBYA of respect, loyalty, We are what we repeatedly do. dedication and Excellence, then, is not an but a habit -Aristotle- professionalism in performing From 01 Jan 2010 till 31 May 2010 their duties Promotion Announcement Devendar singh has been promoted as Addl. General Manager. Sajan Varughese has been promoted as Office Manager Gurvinder Singh Pal has been promoted as Administrative Officer John T. O has been promoted as Sr. Draughtsman Sudhir Kumar has been promoted as Asst. Purchase Officer 2
  3. 3. Ram Seti has been promoted as Foreman Civil Lember has been promoted as Foreman Civil From 01 Jan 2010 till 31 May 2010 Mohd. Hasrathulla has been promoted as Foreman Welder Promotion Announcement Nabirul Ansari has been promoted as Charge hand Electrical Kamlesh Sharma has been promoted as Charge hand Mason Sujit Kumar has been promoted as Charge hand Plumber Basudeva Jen has been promoted as Charge hand Elect. Ramesh Masih has been promoted as Camp In char Charan Das has been promoted as Supervisor B. Plant Karamjit Singh has been promoted as Supervisor Transport HR Initiatives EMPLOYEE RETENTION We at DSC are of the firm belief that our employees make Organization to achieve its Vision. To ensure the highest level of employee contentment, in the following HR initiatives are being implemented.  All Employee grievances get addressed  Delinking Contracts with Performance Management Process 3
  4. 4.  Recognition and reward program  Employee Annual Vacation and Leaves  Identification of (HARD CORE) HC 1, HC 2 & HC 3 & HC 4 to ensure fast track career path  Counseling on motivation and morale of employees _____________________________________________________________________ EMPLOYEE BENEVOLENT FUND Proposal for establishing an employee benevolent fund, the salient features of which are as under Employees & Employer will have contributions This fund objective is to help the deceased family members, where Insurance is denying / natural unexpected Death Details can be obtained from Administration department Hon Chairman approved to disburse a cheque of Indian Rupees Two lakhs to the dependents 1. Mr. Bhanwar lal Verma, Card No. 15891 and 2. Mr. Gurdev Singh, Card No. 13092 who died in Libya due to Cardiac Arrest (Natural Death) There will 2 separate funds, one contribution from Worker’s and another Staff’s Monthly contributions will be from April 2010, Employee Earnings. Project updates HEADLINES on PROJECT: Widening & Strenthening of Main Road of Azizia City – Phase 3 our Business in CLIENT : Organization for Development of Administration Centers LIBYA VALUE : 17 million  The Project handing / taking over Committee visited the Project. PROJECT: Gherian – Mazda Road Project CLIENT : Department of Roads & Bridges VALUE : 16 million  Three additional BITUMEN Storage Tanks have been installed in May 2010 to enhance the stock capacity and expedite the progress of works. PROJECT: Kremia Marketing Complex CLIENT : Organization for Development of Administration Centers VALUE : 20 million  Honorable Prime Minister of Libya visited the Kremia site on 28th May 2010. 4
  5. 5. PROJECT: 1500 Housing Unit at Kufra CLIENT : Executive Authority of Housing of Utility Projects, Misurata (HIB) VALUE : 223 million  General Committee of GSPLAJ visited KUFRA site on 15th May 2010 to the progress of works.  CONFLUENCE, A Project Management Co. has been engaged to provide project management services for the project. Their deployment will commence from June 2010. HEADLINES on our Business in  Mr. S K D Malisetti Venkata Simhadri, Sr. Vice President (Projects) has taken LIBYA charge of KUFRA project w.e.f May 2010. PROJECT: 3050 Housing Unit in Seba CLIENT : Organization for Development of Administration Centers VALUE : 719 Millions  HEPHER Project Management Company has been engaged for providing project management services for the project. Their deployment will commence w.e.f. June 2010.  Mr. Vinay Kapoor, Executive Director (Operations) has taken over in May 2010.  Still have the pride to be the highest valued project for DSC Libya. As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. -John. F. Kennedy- 5
  6. 6. KNOW YOUR MANAGEMENT TEAM in DS CONSTRUCTION FZ CO Management Team in LIBYA H S NARULA Chairman B S NARULA Director (Operations) VINAY KAPOOR T K GHATAK SUDHIR KUMAR O. D. SHARMA LAXMIKANTH A ED (Project) E D (Projects) SR. E D (Projects) ED (F&A) E D (Projects) 18042 S K D Malisetti V S Sr. VP (Projects) 6
  7. 7. Joined During May 2010 17965 18042 17977 Lakshmikant Atchutuni Vinay Kapoor S K D Malisetti V S Purna Prasad Arakere ED (Projects) ED (Projects) Sr. VP (Projects) GM- Projects 18079 Ramesh Kumar NEW Hyderkhan 17978 17937 17938 Kapil Kumar Head - HSE Sudhir Kumar family Rajnish Khanna Dy. G M (Admin.) (DGM – Site) (Manager Admin) members in DSC FZ CO Libya in April, May 2010 17941 17946 17940 17975 Gunjan Kumar Shijo Podiyan Sandesh Rai Guthu Mohd. Shameem Jr. Engineer (Mech.) (Quantity Surveyor) (Quantity Surveyor) Engineer - Project 17945 17944 17943 17976 Achyut Rajan Agrawal Tapan Kumar Tripathy Mohd. Aman Ullah Shareef Nagoor Meera (GET (P&E) Accountant Site (Engineer HVAC) Admin. Assistant 7
  8. 8. 17974 17939 17948 Imran Khan 17947 Anurag Supervisor Civil Bindeshwar Kumar Rajni Kant Thakur Supervisor Joinery Supervisor Civil (Fini) (Surveyor - TS) NEW 18015 18016 18017 family 17979 Sushanta Mondal Divakara Thoppanahally P Dayamay Mondal Surveyor TS Mohd. Shah Alam Foreman Shutteing members Foreman - Shuttering Electrical Engineer in DSC FZ CO Libya in April, May 2010 18018 18019 Praphool Kumar Shiv Kumar Upadhyay 18020 18021 Pathnayak Foreman Reinfrcement Gagan Kumar Joshi Pradeep Kumar Raut Foreman Finishing Asst. Store Keeper Time Keeper 18043 18022 18024 Mayankumar Laxmi Kant Patasani 18023 Tajuddin Shaik Keshavlal Patel SuperCivil (Masonary) Vikas Goswami Foreman Mechanical Sr. Surveyor - T S Officer Safety 8
  9. 9. 18046 18047 18045 Mohd. Nabab 18044 Ayub Khan Kayamkhani Kailash Chandra Lenka Hardeep Singh Joshi Camp Supervisor Camp Supervisor Lab Technician Sr. Civil Foreman What is induction Induction is the first step in building a two-way relationship between the DS Construction FZ CO Libya and an employee. HR department is committed to recruiting and retaining quality staff, and is therefore committed to a high quality induction program for staff. Taking up a new position with a new organization or department can be a daunting process. There are new colleagues to meet, new processes to become familiar with, new offices and buildings to navigate, new software to master, employment conditions Employee to understand AND a job to learn! Induction Benefits of induction & its The transition to the new workplace is made easier and more effective for both the Benefits employee and employer if there is an effective induction process in place. Induction provides new staff members with a comprehensive introduction to their role, their workplace and the Company, which clarifies what is expected of them in terms of professional conduct and performance. A properly conducted induction process makes strategy in practice and in retaining staff, reducing staff turnover and fostering effective performance. It is the line manager's responsibility to ensure that their staffs are successfully inducted. Big Boys Birthday in May 2010. PRERANA heartily congratulates and wishes ahead 365 days full of health and family safe. 9
  10. 10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Employee in DSC – DURING MAY 2010 Sudhir Kumar Loganathan Venugopal Pravin Kumar Thakur Ravi Muthuswamy 06.05.1964 07.05.1950 11.05.1972 26.05.1957 Rajeev Kumar Jha Mohd. Arif Varghese Mathew Sarojakshan Pillai 23.05.1975 24.05.1974 14.05.1970 03.05.1964 HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Employee in DSC – DURING MAY 2010 Pradosh Kakkarayil Bhim Bahadur Chettri Gouranga C. Routray Nagaraja M. B. 11.05.67 22.05.1970 04.05.1977 16.05.1969 Md. Salman Abid Ashrith Kumar Manjunath Manoj Kumar Pillai Subhash Rajan 05.05.1967 24.05.1984 25.05.1982 25.05.1969 10
  11. 11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Employee in DSC – DURING MAY 2010 Govindan Kutty Aloka Behera Samar Alam Anup Kumar TS 04.05.1968 13.05.1975 18.05.1973 18.05.1982 Rajeev C R Sunil Sudharan Palaian Senthil Kumar Jayabal Shaji Sadhasivan V 23.05.1975 24.05.1979 11.05.1984 14.05.1983 HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Employee in DSC – DURING MAY 2010 Nagaguru Karuppasamy Ramendra Nath Bairagya Soundar Rajan Vellakutti Pramod Kumar M. 06.05.1985 15.05.1960 08.05.1970 17.05.1980 Banslal Om Chand Prabhaharan R. Vijayan 01.05.1957 05.05.1977 15.05.1966 Sadanandan 20.05.1967 11
  12. 12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Employee in DSC – DURING MAY 2010 Pramod Kumar Pandey Jena Ganeshwara Malay Mohapatra Pankaj Kishore P. 20.05.1981 29.05.1966 28.05.1978 01.05.1962 Suresh Kumar Jena Mr. Krishna Chandra Nagoor Meera Soma Sekar M. 07.05.1973 13.05.1959 03.05.1971 25.05.1978 HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Employee in DSC – DURING MAY 2010 Goutam Mondal Jitender Shekhawat Rajeshwar Singh Hari Kumar 05.05.1979 05.05.1972 23.05.1971 17.05.1974 Chakka Poyyan Pradeep Suman Barik Tusar Ranjan Sundaray Bhagban Pradhan 23.05.1965 22.05.1981 07.05.1982 09.05.1982 12
  13. 13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Employee in DSC – DURING MAY 2010 Prakash Naagaraj S Imran Khan Jajati Keshari Naik Prasant Kumar 04.05.1964 01.05.1985 25.05.1982 Jena 23.05.1985 Sankarshan Behera Mukesh Kumar Singh Mohd. Yusuf Rohit Kumar s. 17.05.1983 27.05.1983 29.05.1983 23.05.1984 S. C. Gopinathan Unni Nandu Yadav Shivarama Pillai Pradhan Dibakar 19.05.1984 02.05.1965 19.05.1955 05.05.1962 Ganesh Sah Kapildev Pandey Dipak Kumar Das Shweta Kumar S. 10.05.1959 07.05.1985 09.05.1985 10.05.1985 13
  14. 14. Shweta & Yogesh Mishra blessed with a baby BUNDLES OF boy Naitik Mishra on 07th Feb, 2010. We congratulate the proud parents on this JOY occasion. Sunita & Mukesh were blessed with a baby girl Pari on 14th April 2010. Our heartiest congratulations to the proud parents. B is for bottles, booties, and bibs Books, Blocks and bassinets. Boats and Bubble baths And your beautiful Babies As you tie the knot on your wedding day, here’s a toast to your special bond….. May the coming years fill your lives with full love and happiness……….. MARRIAGES ARE MADE IN HEAVEN Congratulations Lubna & Riyaz Abdali entered Monika & Amit Nanda tied the into holy matrimony on 09th knot on 07th May, 2010. April, 2010. We wish them a long, happy We wish the newly married and prosperous married life. couple A HAPPY MARRIED LIFE 14
  15. 15. Supervisory POSITIVE COMMMUNICATION Skills  Keep it short. Whether it’s an E-mail, voice mail, or face to face meeting, keep your comments brief and to the point.  Play nice. Don’t forget to say “please” and “thank you” and to do what you can Brush up to help co-workers. If you go out of your way for people, they’re apt to return the favor. Basics  Be a wordsmith. Choose your words carefully, especially when E-mailing, since written messages often appear more severe than intended. If you request action, be clear about what you need.  Listen up. Give those with whom you speak your full attention. Resists the temptation to finish other’s sentences or to formulate your own responses while they are talking. How you say it is as important as what you say Ever since cavepeople uttered the first meaningful sounds, communications has been a key ingredient in all human interaction. In the workplace, effective communication is vital whether it’s face to face, on the phone, or in writing, the way you communicate with co-workers, customers, and others has a lot to do with how successful you are on the job. Those with the most positive communications styles are the most likely to get ahead and win the respect of their co-workers. Here is a little quiz that will help you rate your own communication style. On the line to the right of each statement, write 4 if the statement is always true; 3 if it is Supervisory usually true; 2 if it is sometimes true; 1 if it is rarely true; and 0 if it is never true. Skills Then add up your score and fine out how you rate. 1. I know what I want my communication to achieve________ Brush up 2. I think before I speak and organize my thoughts__________________ Basics 3. I keep my communication brief, clear , and to the point__________ 4. I limit topics in each communication to avoid information overload_____ 5. I use conversational language in speech and writing and avoid jargon __________ 6. I encourage questions and feedback ________ 7. I phrase things positively (“DO”) rather than negatively (“Don’t” )__ 8. I focus on what others are saying when they speak_______ 9. I am conscious of my body language while speaking face to face _________ 10. I speak clearly and keep my tone pleasant and my volume at a moderate level________ 15
  16. 16. Reduce negative stress  Treat problems as situations to be corrected, not as threats to your future.  Put things in perspective. Every problem isn’t a crisis.  Don’t take things personally. Changes, criticism, or difficulties often reflect what’s happening on the job or at home, not a negative response to you as an individual.  Don’t try to control everything and everyone. It’s impossible, and it just adds to stress. Accept that nobody is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes so be forgiving of yourself and others. Supervisory EVERYONE COUNTS! Skills What does workplace diversity really mean?  All employees show respect for one another’s differences. Brush up  Differences are viewed as plusses to the organization. Basics  All employees feel comfortable and equal in the work environment.  All employees feel encouraged to express their views and ideas.  No particular group receives extra benefits.  Individuals are judged by the same criteria, not by criteria tailored to specific groups.  People think before they speak to avoid voicing stereotyped of offensive remarks.  Work teams have diverse memberships and perspectives.  Different ideas and approaches are welcomed.  Diversity is viewed as a given, not program-of-the-month.  All employees recognize that organizations can succeed only when they have access to every possible talent, perspective, and market. Supervisory Work place INCLUSIVENESS isn’t mandated by law. It is not forced on us by the state or federal regulators. It is something we choose because we know that it makes our Skills organization stronger, more competitive, and more profitable. But to make employee inclusiveness at work, your support is essential. Remember, everyone counts! Brush up Basics Making Good Decisions  What’s the best thing that could come of making this decision?  What’s the worst thing?  What do you wish would happen?  What’s likely to happen based on your experience? 16
  17. 17.  Have you made this decision or a similar one in the past? How did it turn out?  What would happen if you made no decision at this time?  Pick someone you respect. What would this person decide to do? Basics of Larsen & Toubro - Engineering major Larsen & Toubro has developed a competency matrix which lists 73 competencies-that vary across managerial levels-to measure Employee performance and gauge developmental needs of its employees. Each listed competency Performance has associated knowledge, skills, and attributes. The company appraises individual employees on the listed competencies, and zeroes in on the functional, managerial, and Appraisals behavioral skill gaps. Subsequently, customized reinforcement is provided. Further, as the matrix is linked to business strategy on the one hand and training needs on the other, strategic needs drive the company's development policies, making the process of re-learning and re-skilling easier, and more focused. National Panasonic - The Japanese white-goods major has developed a performance- assessment system driven by Key Result Areas (KRAs). KRAs describe performance goals- business, functional, and behavioral ones-with defined time-frames and are decided jointly by the employee and his manager at the beginning of the year. It is a structured exercise using a written format. These KRAs are then used to map the employee's progress and, based on the results; the company decides to plug performance gaps with the help of relevant training inputs. National Panasonic puts a great deal of emphasis on this process for re-skilling its employees as it believes in growing its own timber rather than opting for expensive mid-career hires. Hughes Escorts - Hughes Escorts, the subsidiary of the US-headquartered telecom company, Hughes, uses a competency-based performance-enhancement model. Each position in the organization is defined in terms of 23 key competencies, categorized into four groups: attitude-based, knowledge-driven, skill-centered, and value-based. The company uses these competencies to measure shortfalls and provide relevant training inputs. It is done to both maximize productivity and make employees aware of Basics of their professional standing. Employee Who Should Assess Performance Performance Performance evaluation is never easy. It is essential that the assessor has adequate Appraisals opportunity to observe the assessee's performance over a period of one year to arrive at a credible conclusion, and, subsequently, HR uses the data for staffing, salary, and training-related decisions. It suggests the use of several categories of evaluators, such as Project Site Engineer, up to Vertical head who can provide critical feedback on the employee's performance over a specified period, using technical, functional and behavioral parameters. Here is a checklist of possible evaluators: The immediate superior - An effective appraisal process must involve the inputs of the immediate superior. He is likely to be most familiar with the employee's performance and thus be able to observe and appraise, using skill and competency-linked standards. The only pitfall of relying too much on the immediate superior's recommendations could be the lack of objectivity and personal bias. It could be checked with the departmental head, which could ratify the findings. 17
  18. 18. Basics of Self-assessment - Self-assessment can be very effective as it provides employees with an opportunity to participate in the appraisal process, and set performance targets for Employee themselves. But self-assessment also runs the risk of variability and leniency that may Performance conflict with superiors' or peers' findings. It could be more useful when combined with other forms of appraisal. Appraisals Remember, a performance-appraisal program can never be perfect or ideal. It would depend as much on the evaluator as on the employee, to be effective and responsive in meeting changing organizational or employee needs. NEHA SHEETAL B. NIRBHAI B. NITIN VIKAS S. Sr.EXECUTIVE Sr. EXECUTIVE EXECUTIVE EXECUTIVE HR Introducing (P&HR) FRONT OFFICE EXECUTIVE HR HR-ADMIN Our India based EMPLOYEES KRISHNA K. SANJAY R. GAJENDRA J. AMIT S. VIPIN S. EXECUTIVE (L&A) ACCOUNTANT OFFICE ASST. OFFICE ASST. OFFICE ASST. SPORTS UPDATE WORLD CUP SOCCER in SOUTH AFRICA Group A Date - Match Venue Results Time 11/06 1 Johannesburg - JSC South Africa Mexico 16:00 11/06 2 Cape Town Uruguay France 20:30 16/06 17 Tshwane/Pretoria South Africa Uruguay 20:30 17/06 18 Polokwane France Mexico 20:30 22/06 33 Rustenburg Mexico Uruguay 16:00 22/06 Mangaung / South 34 France 16:00 Bloemfontein Africa Group B 18
  19. 19. Date - Match Venue Results Time 12/06 3 Johannesburg - JEP Argentina Nigeria 16:00 12/06 Nelson Mandela Bay/Port Korea 4 Greece 13:30 Elizabeth Republic 17/06 19 Mangaung / Bloemfontein Greece Nigeria 16:00 17/06 Korea 20 Johannesburg - JSC Argentina 13:30 Republic 22/06 Korea 35 Durban Nigeria 20:30 Republic 22/06 36 Polokwane Greece Argentina 20:30 Group C Match Date - Time Venue Results 12/06 5 Rustenburg England USA 20:30 13/06 6 Polokwane Algeria Slovenia 13:30 18/06 22 Johannesburg - JEP Slovenia USA 16:00 18/06 23 Cape Town England Algeria 20:30 23/06 Nelson Mandela Bay/Port 37 Slovenia England 16:00 Elizabeth 23/06 38 Tshwane/Pretoria USA Algeria 16:00 Group D Match Date - Time Venue Results 13/06 German 7 Durban Australia 20:30 y 13/06 8 Tshwane/Pretoria Serbia Ghana 16:00 18/06 Nelson Mandela Bay/Port German 21 Serbia 13:30 Elizabeth y 19/06 24 Rustenburg Ghana Australia 16:00 23/06 German 39 Johannesburg - JSC Ghana 20:30 y 23/06 40 Nelspruit Australia Serbia 20:30 Group E 19
  20. 20. Match Date - Time Venue Results 14/06 Netherland 9 Johannesburg - JSC Denmark 13:30 s 14/06 Mangaung / 10 Japan Cameroon 16:00 Bloemfontein 19/06 Netherland 25 Durban Japan 13:30 s 19/06 26 Tshwane/Pretoria Cameroon Denmark 20:30 24/06 43 Rustenburg Denmark Japan 20:30 24/06 Netherland 44 Cape Town Cameroon 20:30 s Group F Match Date - Time Venue Results 14/06 11 Cape Town Italy Paraguay 20:30 15/06 New 12 Rustenburg Slovakia 13:30 Zealand 20/06 Mangaung / 27 Slovakia Paraguay 13:30 Bloemfontein 20/06 New 28 Nelspruit Italy 16:00 Zealand 24/06 41 Johannesburg - JEP Slovakia Italy 16:00 24/06 New 42 Polokwane Paraguay 16:00 Zealand Group G Date - Match Venue Results Time 15/06 Nelson Mandela Bay/Port Côte 13 Portugal 16:00 Elizabeth d'Ivoire 15/06 14 Johannesburg - JEP Brazil Korea DPR 20:30 20/06 Côte 29 Johannesburg - JSC Brazil 20:30 d'Ivoire 21/06 30 Cape Town Portugal Korea DPR 13:30 25/06 45 Durban Portugal Brazil 16:00 25/06 Côte 46 Nelspruit Korea DPR 16:00 d'Ivoire Group H 20
  21. 21. Matc Date - Venue Results h Time 16/06 15 Nelspruit Honduras Chile 13:30 16/06 16 Durban Spain Switzerland 16:00 21/06 Nelson Mandela Bay/Port 31 Chile Switzerland 16:00 Elizabeth 21/06 32 Johannesburg - JEP Spain Honduras 20:30 25/06 47 Tshwane/Pretoria Chile Spain 20:30 25/06 48 Mangaung / Bloemfontein Switzerland Honduras 20:30 MISTAKES I found in RESUMES! (Hey it’s not Error) TAKEN FROM ACTUAL CVs ~’ I am extremely loyal to my present firm, so please don’t let them know of my immediate availability ~’ Qualifications –I am a man filled with passion and integrity, and I can opt on short notice Unfold your Nerves A GUIDE TO EFFECTIVE RELATIONSHIPS –learning’s from Nick Heap-  Listen to understand others positions and feelings.  Allow each party to express positions and feelings openly.  Treat yourself and others with respect.  Face differences with others directly.  Work towards solutions where both parties win. We welcome any constructive feedback or suggestions on how we at DS Construction FZ co Libya could serve better. Please email to hr at A mystery gift awaits those with excellent ideas for improvement 21