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Breakthroughs happen
when the creative process
is sustained.That’s why our
team of product experts
optimize computers that...
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Rave Computer in Modeling, Simulation and Visualization


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Modeling, Design & Engineering
The creative process cannot be interrupted by outdated, misconfigured computer hardware. Designers, engineers, architects and the organizations they work with require a level of hardware performance that is optimized specifically for the software applications used in coordination with the task at hand. Rave engineers and product development teams understand the usage requirements and optimized configurations that support enterprise testing, intense rendering and intricate modeling.

Rave’s relationship with leading Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s) ensures that our systems maximize the performance of their applications. We integrate the latest technologies in processing, graphics and storage with a focus on providing optimized custom hardware solutions and pre-configured systems for clients and their teams. Even more, Rave offers configuration flexibilities that are not found with other manufacturers as we are able to utilize the breadth of our component partner network to integrate the exact solution needed for each unique client use.

Require a Custom Solution?

At times, our modeling and engineering clients have special considerations to keep in mind for their projects. Rave’s product development team is standing by to custom configure a solution that addresses each unique requirement.

Easy, Cost-effective Upgrades

Rave’s product development team employs cost-effective techniques that address the lifecycle of client systems. Often rip and replace is expensive and not always the right approach. Rave systems can be upgraded as new software applications and hardware technologies are released. Our focus is to investigate if a client’ system could be upgraded to increase speed and productivity while keeping upgrade costs down.

Rave’s Ignition Series of Workstations and Servers

Rave Ignition Series is a product line of workstations and servers specifically built for high performance. Integrating powerful, enterprise grade graphics and processor components, they are easily reconfigured and can be adapted to hundreds of different application software packages.

Take Advantage of Our Pre-configured, Optimized Systems

Rave partners with many leading ISV’s and offers pre-configured systems that are optimized to their application software. Here’s a sampling of the systems we have available. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, simply try Rave’s product selector tool or give us a call. Our product development team will quickly customize a solution that meets your requirements.

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Rave Computer in Modeling, Simulation and Visualization

  1. 1. Breakthroughs happen when the creative process is sustained.That’s why our team of product experts optimize computers that power the most intense Modeling, Simulation & Visualization applications at peak performance. Experience the difference of a purpose-built computer. Custom Configurations Optimized for the Software You Use Most. Integrated Using the Best Technology Available: POWERING INNOVATIONS IN DESIGN & ENGINEERING POWERING INNOVATIONS IN DESIGN & ENGINEERING HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUTING SOLUTIONS HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUTING SOLUTIONS RAVE.COM 800.966.7283 YOU DESIGN WITH PURPOSE IN MIND. SO DO WE.