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Diaporama Hgc G5 S.Ppsx

  1. 1. 6 November 2010<br />HANDS GROUP CORPORATION (HGC)<br />GURKHAS 5 SECURITY (G5S)<br />Your business partners in Madagascar and to overseas<br />
  2. 2. Offering : VariousCompanies to serve clients<br />Entry Service in Madagascar & World Service (USA, UK, HK, INDIA, INDONESIA, ITALY, RUSSIA, CHINA, MEXICO, SINGAPORE, GERMANY, FRANCE, Etc)<br />Alliances and PartnershipsDevelopment<br />Marketing Research and Strategy<br />Finance: M&A, IPO, Capital & FundsRaising<br />Import-Export: Construction, Trade, Vehicles, Equipment, Commodities. Gas and Oil. Hospital. Railway. Food and Beverages. Automobile. Energy. Agriculture. Mosquito. Telecommunication. Security. <br />Services: VISA, Exchange, Banking and Offshore Banking, ExpatriatesRecruitmentAgency (Nepali, Indian, Phillipines, American, British, Indonesian, etc), and Malagasy people. Arts and Culturals. Water Services. Medicines. Mosquito and all Insectes or AnimalsChasers. Textile.<br />Programmers: Google PPC, SEO, Web Design, Internet Video Promotion and Marketing, E-Commerce Design, Banners & Ads Click through, ExpenseReduction, Customer Relationship, Email tracking & Bulk Email, SpreadsheetDatabaseCreation, HTML CSS JavascriptSkills, Microsites WordpressJoomla, Created Premium Front-End paidmembership VIP Section, Video / Photo Integration, B2B & B2C, Etc<br />Partner with 90.000 manufacturers to overseas and having over 45.000 Investors<br />6 November 2010<br />
  3. 3. REALESTATE & CONSTRUCTION<br />REAL ESTATE: <br />We are an Associate Partner of PropertyInvestorsWorldwide (PIW) in Chyprus and having one bureau in Dubai.<br />CONSTRUCTION: <br />We have industrialfactories of steel structure. Weact as an Agent, Distributor and we are a partnerwith the largest American and Indian construction Groups havingexperience to worked on projects in India, in America and to overseas. Mobile Cosntruction made by Steel and Wood.<br />GENERAL BUILDINGS PROJECTS: <br />Commercial, Residential, Industrial buildings, Power, Water, Energy and RenewableEnergy: Wesearchprojectthat are financed and subcontracts.<br />6 November 2010<br />
  4. 4. Construction projects<br /><ul><li>General building projects. </li></ul>Infrastructure port, highway, bridges, airport, railway and urban construction, housing complexes, sport facilities, schools, hospitals, hotels and commercial buildings. <br />Civil engineering works: Ground and undergoundprojects, tunnels, mining, railways, subways and water supplyworks.<br /><ul><li>Industrial buildings.</li></ul>Metallurgy and building material, steel-structures and metalprojects.<br /><ul><li>Power, Energy and RenewableEnergy: </li></ul>Hydropower plant, petrochemical, refinery and fertilizer plant, water supplyprojects, wastetreatment.<br />Light industry:Pulping and paper, sugarrefining, textile and chemical plant.<br />6 November 2010<br />
  5. 5. SECURITY<br /><ul><li>ExecutiveProtection
  6. 6. Maritime and Aviation Security</li></ul>* Logistics Management<br /><ul><li>PhysicalSecurity(VIP Guarding: Korean, Arabic, American, British, Indian, Nepali, Thaî, Malagasy, …)</li></ul>We have got over 50.000 Security professionalsatKathmandu in Nepal and the most of themhaving more experiences to the United Nations (U.N)<br /><ul><li>Assets Transit and Protection </li></ul>We are Associate Partner of Global Wealth Protection atEstonia,Nevada in the United States of America (U.S.A) and also the Insurrance Life atKathmandu in Nepal. <br /><ul><li>Training</li></ul>* Insurrance and World Class Safety Standards (HSE)<br />* Health, Safety and EnvironmentEngineering<br />* Piracy and TerrorismCounteraction<br />6 November 2010<br />
  7. 7. SECURITY<br /><ul><li>Banking and Financial Services
  8. 8. Risk Management Consultancy</li></ul>* Cash Management <br />(Funds transportation, Change, Cashpooling, Netting, etc)<br />* Merchant, Offshore Banking and E-Banking<br />* OperationalRisk Management <br />(Fire, Mechanical, Chemicalhazards, Rardiationhazards, Electrical,Gas, Oil)<br /><ul><li>Building Technology Management</li></ul> * Access Control: Biometric, FingerPrint and Face Recognition System<br /> * CCTV Management: Monitoring Video Up 64 sites<br /> * VSAT System<br /> * Human and VehicleTrecking System<br /> * Doorautomatic<br /><ul><li>Investigation and Law Enforcement</li></ul>6 November 2010<br />
  9. 9. SECURITY<br />6 November 2010<br />
  10. 10. SECURITY<br /><ul><li>Travel and T.O Agency Security
  11. 11. Audit Security Management
  12. 12. Food Security
  13. 13. Zoo, Parks and Cultural Properties
  14. 14. Farming Security
  15. 15. Garment Factory
  16. 16. Information System Security (I.S.S)
  17. 17. Manufacturing
  18. 18. Educational Institutions
  19. 19. Engineering and design Security </li></ul>(CAD/CAM/CAE/UNIGRAPHICS NX/ AUTOMATION)<br /><ul><li>Metal and Explosives detection
  20. 20. Telecommunication</li></ul>(Mobile Solutions – VOIP – VSAT SYSTEM - Etc)<br /><ul><li>Offshore</li></ul>* Call Center (Business Online Directory)<br />6 November 2010<br />
  21. 21. SECURITY<br /><ul><li>GURKHA Stores (GS)
  22. 22. Personnel Security
  23. 23. Commercial, Residential, Luxury Real Estate (Madagascar and to overseas)
  24. 24. Government
  25. 25. Mining, Gas, Oil, and Energy Security
  26. 26. Sales, Equipment, and Services Security
  27. 27. Etc</li></ul>6 November 2010<br />
  28. 28. Import-Export<br />TRADE:<br />All light industry equipments, renewable energy, mining tires and miningequipment<br />COMMODITY:<br /><ul><li>We import to Madagascar Pakistan’srice long grain (KIRMINE), Turkey, Brazil and IsraelCement Portland 42.5 N/R, Edibleoils (Soyabean, Palm, Corn, RapeseedOils), Brazilsugar ICUMSA 45, Granite and marblefromItaly country, Ceramicmaterials, Architectural Steel, Bitumen all grades from China, Trucks, Buses, Pick Up, Cars, Police cars, Uniforms and SafetyArmy Boots, Military supplies, Ambulances, Trains, Locomotive, Wagon, Spare parts, etc
  29. 29. We export to any countries Iron Ore, Copper Cathode, Scrap plastic, ScarpMetal Copper & Aluminium, Oil & Gas D2, Kerosene, M100, Pinus and PalissanderWoods, MillingWheat Grade-2, Stones, Gems, Gold Dust, Nugget and Bars 22/24 Carats. Diamonds, Jatrophaoil and Biodieseld.</li></ul>Rawmaterials and products for Agriculture:<br />Natural Horn Fertilizers, Yellow corn, Peanuts, DryesVegetables, Madagascar Spices, White and RedBeans, lentilles, Raphia Bulk, Madagascar Oilessentials, Soap made by Oilessentials, Madagascar Tea and Cofee (Arabica & Robusta), Madagascar Cocoapowder.<br />6 November 2010<br />
  30. 30. Partner with 90.000 Corporations to any countriesList of equipmentthatwecan import – export to overseas<br /><ul><li>Paperprocessing
  31. 31. Nailmaking
  32. 32. Poultry plant
  33. 33. G02 International Chlorineproduct
  34. 34. Solar Cooking International
  35. 35. Solar Panels, BatterySolars, Inverter, Wind turbines, Lamps and Bulbs Solars, etc
  36. 36. SeawaterTreatment for Brackish, Desalination Water Treatment
  37. 37. Plastic machine (Packaging)
  38. 38. Sandwhich machine
  39. 39. Salt refining plant
  40. 40. Pharceutical production line
  41. 41. Blanketprocessing production line
  42. 42. Food processingequipment
  43. 43. Food packaging equipment
  44. 44. Food package container production line
  45. 45. Metal printing</li></ul>6 November 2010<br />
  46. 46. Agriculture Irrigation and Green Housesprojects<br />PrivateCompany, facing and taking all thechallenges & chances fromtoday’s Madagascar Agriculture market.<br />A bridge betweenforeignsuppliers,Malagasy and foreigners clients.<br />A team ownsyears of vastexperience of introduced unique agricultural concept to Malagasy clients.<br />A network coversstrategic agricultural regions and crops in Madagascar:<br />- Spiruline;<br /> - Tomato (New ketchup Product in Ambatondrazaka);<br /> - Pimentos (Pili-Pili);<br /> - Black Pepper, Ginger, White and RedBeans, Lentilles, Peanuts, Coffee,Tea, Sugarcane, Tropical fruits in the East and S.E of Madagascar Island, Madagascar LuxuryMakalioka’srice, etc<br />6 November 2010<br />
  47. 47. Agriculture Irrigation and Green Housesprojects<br />A network supplies a wide range of Agriculture products to Malagasy clients:<br /> - Irrigation<br /> - Natural Horn Fertilizer and Fertilizers<br /> - Seeds<br /> - Machinery<br /> - GO2 International Chlorineproduct<br /> - Modern Agriculture Management and solutions<br /> - Etc<br />6 November 2010<br />
  48. 48. FINANCE<br />Emergingmarket, Government, Private: Structure Finance; CorporateAdvisory, Islamic Finance, Foreign Exchange Investment, over 15 TOP BANK around the world. <br />Inbound flow of money investing in Madagascar, in America, in United Kingdom, in UAE, in China, in Indonesia, in Australia, outbound American, British, Australian, Arabic, Chineseinvestorsinvestingoverseas. We have<br />Bankingprofessionalsalsowhoadvise and assist clients on their capital markets and corporate finance issues as well as their business startegiesspeciallyrelatedto Madagascar or to any countries as a market or a source<br />6 November 2010<br />
  49. 49. ENERGY & MINING<br />Investment. We have mandate for block of oil and gas, gems, all mines in Madagascar and in various countries.<br />We are searching mines in need of investors and or acquisition.<br />Investment of Mines in Madagascar interested Coal, Uranium, Gold, Copper, Iron Ore Mine, Titanium Dioxyde, Nickel, Cobalt, Oil, Gas, Diamond and Gems. <br />For Malagasy investor and Foreigninvestors<br />Acquisition of mines overseas by ForeigninvestorsmainlyIron Ore – Copper – Gold – Coal – Uranium – Titanium Dioxyde – Platinium – Gems - Etc<br />6 November 2010<br />
  50. 50. SECURITYProviding Solutions for a Range of Requirements<br />Video Surveillance (Total Solutions) for Airports, Seaports, Subways, Highways and Border Security<br />Wireless Mesh Networks for City WideVideo Surveillance<br />BulletproofVests and TacticalWeapons and Equipment<br />Scanning and Detection Equipment (All the Equipment for Airport)<br />Mine Safety and Security (Wireless Communications and Tracking Solutions for underground mines)<br />We have numerouscustomersaround the world including over 30 Airportsaround the world. Several Train, Subway and Bus systems in the world.<br />Oilfields, Oilrefineries, Gas and MiningCompanies<br />Governments, Highways, Banks and Military.<br />Etc<br />6 November 2010<br />
  51. 51. Contacts<br /><ul><li>Email : onm_nepalmada@yahoo.com
  52. 52. Email:manageryrihat@yahoo.it
  53. 53. Skype: RATAHGO
  54. 54. Websites : www.handsgroup-on.us / www.g5s.us / www.iwuc.org / www.e1000expert.us</li></ul>www.propertyinvestorsworldwide.com / www.go2intl.com / www.onmgroup.org<br /><ul><li>Mobile : (261) 334170314 - 328082531</li></ul>6 November 2010<br />