Yardsprojects _ 2400 _ exhibition _Rio Summit 2012


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the first mileage _ 2400 yd.

the first fabric _ recycle Polyester

the first practitioners _ 11 designers

Yardsprojects’s first mileage is recycle polyester of 2400yd from water bottle.

11 design practitioners created PET recycle polyester into 40 products.

YARDsprojects develops variety of fabrics in collaboratoin with manufacturer, and distribute them to various practitioners from fashion designers to artists.

From the eco-friendly fabrics for the environment, to ethical fabrics against animal cruelty, to traditional fabrics with cultural heritage, and even to innovative fabrics.

Yardsprojects on SNS


Earth Summit 2012


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Yardsprojects _ 2400 _ exhibition _Rio Summit 2012

  1. 1. Enzuvan, Fitbow Kollectiv, PartspARTs by IMSEONOC, SYK sMall Friends, SOFTCORE, MOSCA, VENT, Ranggan, Mischief, GRU,sponsored by
  2. 2. 1 introducing ’Conscious Fabrics’ to the fashion scene by developing potential meterials. It involves creative practitioners from different fields in this transformation and circulation of region- based materials. It depicts a metaphor of an urban conditions through this cooperative sourcing, buying, and supply chain building. ydsprojects.net
  3. 3. PartspARTs by IMSEONOC eye toward thPartspARTs was launched by evolving lifesIMSEONOC in 2011. This new technology-inlabel will bring a fresh to conventionperspective to design with an 4 styles / 5 c
  4. 4. ward the future andng lifestyles offering logy-infused alternativesventional fashion. s / 5 color ways “I would describe my cloth as Tofu. Clothes are consumed and worn 2 just as tofu is eaten on the daily basis. As Tofu is made in process of system as math does, clothes can attain systemic algorithm under people’s characteristic like plus and minus. This is totally different from fast fashion depending soley on trend becoming easily useless. And I like to try combile other genre to my design as PartspARTs.” www.imseonoc.com
  5. 5. SYK sMall Friends her brand inSyndey So Yeon Kim’s the point of ebackground has been in unconventionDKNY,Club Monaco, NY and heterogeneoKUHO, Seoul. She established 2 styles / 2 c
  6. 6. and in 2005 starting from nt of everything isventional and ageneous mix of things s / 2 color ways 3 “It’s one of the most important thing we are doing custom-made private order and don’t use fur and leather. I got lots of spiritual inspiration from nature. I am getting inspired by Seoul nowadays as well because many friedns starts their own creative field based on Seoul. SYK sMallFriends clothes are for independent creative women and men who demand versatility and longevity from their wardrobes. www.syksmallfriends.com
  7. 7. VENT The goal andVent is a team of people with to be expresdifferent backgrounds such as product Venclothing wholesale, fashion first is Accesdesign,communicationplanning. 3 styles / 2 c
  8. 8. oal and vision of Vent areexpressed through the “...been involved with fashionct Vent Series, and the industry as designer, planner, Accessaries + Clothing. merchandiser...I found myself s / 2 color ways surrounded by many friends from various field of interests and could see possible directions we all be involved with much of excitement.. ..the name ‘Vent’ is quite simply come from idea of ‘grabbing a fresh air’ in Seoul fashion scnen.. www.vent.ac the first mileage _ 2400 yd. Y the first fabric _ recycle Polyester 1 the first practitioners _ 11 designers a the next mileage ? Y YARDsprojects develops variety of fabrics in c collaboratoin with manufacturer, and distribute them to p various practitioners from fashion designers to artists. o 4 From the eco-friendly fabrics for the environment, R to ethical fabrics against animal cruelty, ta to traditional fabrics with cultural heritage, th and even to innovative fabrics. c Y ‘l 1st yd. fabric li : recycle Polyester in 4 plastic bottles = 1 cloth :o p Environmental IMPACT fabric recycled from PET a • Reduce using natural resources and energy consumption • Reducing emission CO2 gas by 30%, compared with making new polyester from petroleum • Same quality as Virgin polyester 4 kinds / 8 color ways COMA 30S 72%, POLY SPIN YARN 30S 65%, RECYCLE 150D 28%, RECYCLE 150D*2 35%, 60/70" 300~310G/YD 66/68" 470~480G/YD POLY SPIN YARN 30S 55%, POLY SPIN YARN 30S 55%, RECYCLE 150D 45% , RECYCLE 150D 45% , 60/62" 400~410G/YD 60/62“ 280~290G/YD
  9. 9. d. YARDsprojects is an on-going project.er 1st yd. mileage starts from Seoul s and continues with international cooperation.? YARDsprojects builds in communication among sourcing, design, to production, supply chain and consumers by s. organizing cultural experience with creative projects. “designing garments for humannt, Results are put into exhibitions internationally and bodies... as if I am painting on take part in variety of campaigns to share canvass....for this fabric I choose to y, sculpturing a heart-shaped helmete, the vision with many others under the communication design of R2W(Rare-to-Wear) in the form of hoodies,I like s. inventing fairy tales and surrealistic YARDSprojects explores happenings with my friends...It’s ‘locally made, globally relevant’ opportunities fun to play unusual sources for linked to a new view of scale and resource use design, such as wrapping heels in fashion and textiles with a pvc, instead of wearing :open source of fabric developing rainboots. prompts diverse creators and consumers www.senayoon.com around the world to get inspired , ,
  10. 10. Sena Yoon studied fashion abd pfine art in Antwerp, Belgium hand started her own label fSOFTCORE in 2009. 1she does apply themes and
  11. 11. d process that she used to do for her fine art works, for her fashion collections 1 style / 2 color ways 5 “I was in Austrailia working as a carpenter. And fishing and camping are my long lasting friends. One day I went to camping area and was shocked to see all those 1200 tents look identical. I wondered why all camping gear and furniture are made up of metal so I made fishing chair made up of wood. Many friends started ask me to make it for them and Hollain began thanks to those personal request.” www.hollain.com
  12. 12. HOLLAIN sHollain brings outdoor lifestyle sinto everyday fashion, gear and Pfurniture. Hollain collaborates hwith various artists and designer
  13. 13. sharing common culture of street and outdoor activities. Professional crew never miss high quality craft making.r “ ..how you rest and sleep means a lot more than you think. it means half of your life...covering yourself with blankerts for a sleep actually means how you end your todays and prepare tommorows.. Jul bang-suk is cushion for buddist ritul ‘jul’ which defines your own space by its size and design...we do have our own space but we often neglect to define it.... 6 www.guruhome.com
  14. 14. Jinhee Cho is running GURU Swhich aleady has 30years of bhistory for blending traditional whand made beddings and pcontemporay life styles in Korea 3
  15. 15. She comes up with idea of Jul bang-suk for Yards projects, which simply represents the philasophy of her brand.a 3 styles / 2 color ways “Head is the most beautiful part of human body and hat emphasizes it. I am more like technician than 7 designer. Technicians actualizes design and its ideas and that is what I want to be doing rather than just playing with ideas. I am oppen to any way of educating myself for any thing.... by the way, Urban Monster for Yardsprojects aleady made fans from Japan... www.ranggan.com
  16. 16. Seohyun Jo studied milinary & mjewerly in Bunka Fashion dCollege inTokyo and set up Sorder-made hat brand, mRanggan. Collaborating with r
  17. 17. many designers, artists fordiverse range of projects inSeoul. he believes ‘any ideas inmind’s eye can be formed inreality. 8 “ I used to be a hiphop artist and now I design garments and lead Fitbow Kollectiv, which is like collection of EP becoming LP. Hiphop does express ideas and messages through their own words, I wanted to do the same for my garments. Korean has its own unique brilliance in culture and tradition, and I think there are so many things to be discovered through design.” www.fitbow.co.kr
  18. 18. FITBOW KOLLEKTIV is a wdesign collectivity founded in K2004 by Kyungbin Chon. Each tseason, new collections are 2produced based on the projects
  19. 19. which tend to be blendingKorean themes and patterns intheir design process.2 styles / 1 color ways “We have been close for ages and also brought up in same town. We gave our name as MISCHIEF MAKERS and MISCHIEF HOUSE 9 for our studo...guess we are making troubles by dreaming of making what we believe...since we have lots of troubles with factories for our design, we are practically making everything by our hands... it is slow and quite painful way but thats our way too.... www.mischief.co.kr
  20. 20. In 2010, two 26-year-olds, Seo sJi Eun and Jung Ji Yoon Afounded a new apparel/Goods blabel MISCHIEF. 1They play with ‘the analogue
  21. 21. sensibility of ‘VINTAGEATHLETIC CASUAL’, inspiredby much of 90s pop culture.1 style / 2 color ways 10 “...marble images for Yardsprojects are from several layers of plastic surface. Mosca begins with my personal repects to Elsa Schiaparelli, a designer who would point out the prejudices of society with humor and class. Mosca also want it to speak up its own voice by paradoxical but experimental approach with our friends. We have been played with ‘fly’ and ‘dog’ for upcoming collection www.mosca.co.kr
  22. 22. MOSCA is Italian word for ‘fly’ in benglish. MOSCA uses fashion Fas a vehicle to confront econventional beauty and prove pthat the grotesques can be 1
  23. 23. n beautiful than It seems. Fashion should be the most effective way to deal with prejudice and misunderstanding 1 style / 3 color ways w ap on C 11 online commerce booklets project online showcase (online- based featured film) (R2W) - R2W creates collaborative movements in diverse perspectives that will transform social and creative scenery. - R2W creates a platform that w supports for better practices and R creations and allows a wider ar consumer scale. - R2W creates communication design using media as a bridge between creative process and technology.
  24. 24. www.ydsprojects.netapplying conscious materialson creative community in a certain directionCreation of Collaborative Movement exhibits and sells designers’ collections online in their own showroom, on a single web platform. A controlled, pre-approved network of international retailers and consumers has acess to view the collection and to pre-order online. Seoul FN : Directory Network www.seoulfn.net brings together 45 Seoul-based designers to create open source online platform and map practical information to global consumers and buyerswww.rare2wear.comRARE-to-Wear’s possibilitiesare not confined
  25. 25. Enju Hong has been onbest Korean designers s1999, with her brand Enwhich is well known for tunique blend of avantga
  26. 26. een one of and practical designs. ners since nd Enzuvan 4 styles / 4 color wayswn for theirvantgard 12 “It was really hard time for Korea in 1998 because of financial crisis(IMF). I just got back from Paris and started my own collection in 1999,trying to reveal this insecure conditions. I tried many reformed and recycled thngs which were unexplored.... Enzuvan has a distinct design of oriental and avantgard fusion having a frenzy of loyal followers and I appreciate that long lasting bond with customers.” www.enzuvan.com
  27. 27. the first mileage _ 2400From recycle factory todesigners’ studio, YARDjects passes through urbcondition and daily rout
  28. 28. 2400 yd. Seoul,ory to through YARDs2400 video, YARDspro- from water bottle to fabric, to gh urban clothing, the cycle depicts whole y routine urban circulation of city, Seoul By correlating the material(recycled polyester) to its urban environment, revealing much about the conditions we are in, and how its own cycle is formed among designers. www.ydsprojects.net www.seoulfn.net/events 13