Making Your Web Content Mobile Optimized


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Mobile customers are your customers, and mobile employees are your employees. Ensuring that 100% of your content is available for the ever-growing assortment of devices and platforms is critical. Read this paper to learn how to accomplish this efficiently and effectively.

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Making Your Web Content Mobile Optimized

  1. 1. RAMP: Mobile Publishing Make 100% of your web content mobile optimized with RAMP Mobile Publishing Mobile Web: The Big Opportunity By all predictions, the mobile web will represent as much if not more content consumption than the “traditional” web within just a few years. The combination of processing power, bandwidth, and browser capabilities of today’s mobile devices across smartphones and tablets means that more and more users are on the web and on the go. Users are increasingly discovering content from Google, Twitter and Facebook on their mobile devices, and that means they are viewing pages that aren’t optimized for the mobile web. RAMP’s Mobile Publishing solves this challenge. All of Your Content, Mobile Optimized With RAMP’s patented MediaCloud™ technology, all formats including video, audio, text and image content are optimized for mobile consumption. Whether users find your content by navigating to your home page, or discover content from the search and social web, RAMP dynamically optimizes it for mobile consumption. Articles are properly formatted, images are resized, videos are transcoded, and site navigation is optimized for the particular mobile device, be it smartphone or tablet. Apps or HTML5? Mobile publishing takes many forms, and your mobile solution should address all of the opportunities. RAMP’s Mobile Publishing includes industry-leading HTML5 “apps” to provide users with the benefits of native iOS and Android apps while optimizing for content found on the Web. Advanced user experiences leveraging mobile interfaces such as multi-touch, tap, swipe, portrait and landscape are built into RAMP’s HTML5 apps, to give the user maximum functionality, while ensuring all of your content is optimized. In addition, RAMP’s Mobile Publishing includes mobile-optimized API’s to enable publishers to include RAMP’s award-winning search, topic, and video solutions into native iOS and Android app environments. Your Content, Your Branding RAMP’s Mobile Publishing is delivered via RAMP’s software-as-a-service white label deployment. You have complete control over branding, style, and look and feel, and you can update any element of the user interface whenever you choose. Integrated Monetization and Analytics RAMP Mobile Publishing integrates your ad tags and analytics, or you can take advantage of RAMP’s existing mobile advertising partners. You begin making money on the mobile web day one.
  2. 2. #MOPUB-0311-3 RAMP 27 Wormwood St. Suite 210, Boston, MA 02210 | | tel 857-202-3500 Functional capabilities • iPhone/iPod Touch and Android detection on hosted web landing with redirect to mobile versions • Detection and redirection code from non-hosted pages to hosted “preview” pages • Dynamic resizing of thumbnail images and indexed images • Integrated mobile video encoding and hosting workflow • Integrated use of customer-provided mobile content pages and video encodings • FB and Twitter like/tweet buttons • Overall UX adherence to apple recommended spacing, colors and target element size • Overall SEO updates: Proper cross-referenced meta tagging for canonical web and alternate mobile versions Branding/Integration capabilities • Support for header image and link • Support for footer HTML • Support for mobile display ads • Support for 3rd party analytics and click tracking Overall UI features • HTML5 Apps • Dynamic search box show/hide in header, with auto-complete • Tabbed interface Mobile Site Search features • Content-type filtering • Dynamic pagination via scrolling gesture • Search box auto-complete • List view tab (portrait) • Preview-view tab (landscape) Topic landing page features • Standard vertical scrolling interface • Tap pagination • List view tab (portrait) • Preview-view tab (landscape) Podcast/Audio landing pages • Display of audio item thumbnail as link to media file Video landing pages • Display of video item thumbnail as link to media file • Device detection to return the proper video encoding Image landing pages • Display of individual indexed image • Dynamic resizing of image Text landing pages • Display of title, description and first paragraph of index text item • Link to view full item on customer provided content-url Web Services • Mobile Search, Related and Metadata interfaces About RAMP RAMP is an advanced Content Optimization SaaS platform providing publishers workflow, discovery and engagement solutions to maximize the value of their online content. RAMP offers publishers an open, flexible and modular capability to optimize large amounts of content, including text, audio, video and images, within dynamic publishing environments. Leading publishers using RAMP include – Thomson Reuters, FOXNews, NBC, Dow Jones, Meredith, and others.