Best practices for video search & discovery aug 2013


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Best Practices for Video Search and Discovery
Presented by: Tom Wilde, CEO, RAMP

Analysts agree that video is growing, both in terms of volume and the need to expose it to search. In fact, Cisco’s 2013 VNI study predicts that globally, consumer Internet video traffic will be 69 percent of all consumer Internet traffic in 2017, up from 57 percent in 2012. But video as a format inherently lacks comprehensive metadata that would make it searchable in the same way text-based content is, thus rendering it an “invisible” asset even if the content is appropriate and meaningful. Applying rich metadata to video content is manual, time-consuming and costly. During this session, you will learn about several best practices that can be applied to unlock the value in your video, and make it more discoverable for your target audiences, including:

• How automatically creating a rich metadata “fingerprint” for video enables it to be discovered via search
• How that metadata can be further exposed and cultivated to create experiences that drive users to related content, and increase video stream starts and time on site
• How metadata can be used to drive contextual advertising experiences that offer additional revenue generating opportunities for you and your advertisers.

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  • Analyst agree that video is growing, both in terms of volume and the need to expose to search.
  • Technology, devices, and software for creating high quality video have become ubiquitous……resulting in exploding amounts of video content being used to communicate inside and outside the enterprise……making video an integral part of all enterprise platforms is now mission critical
  • As video productions costs come down, the volume of video has gone up. At the same time, so has the complexity of making this video accessible to the target audience (employees, customers, partners) and the tools they use everyday to find information (search, E/WCMS).This is what happened 10 years ago with documents and “document management” about 10 years ago and what spurred the interest in “enterprise search” solutions to deal with “information overload”.
  • So let’s talk about how we make video valuable. Our value is generated across four core principles. The first is we help make your videos more discoverable. If your content can’t be found, it’s not going to be consumed, so RAMP’s solutions help ensure your videos are discovered across major search sites, like Google, Bing; major social sites and within all of the content you produce on your website as well. Second, if people won’t engage with your content, you won’t have a very large business opportunity. And our technology is unique in that it drives more video streams per session, longer video time on site, and more overall engagement with your video assets. And we do that with our award-winning lean-forward video solutions, which we’ll demonstrate later. We help you make your video more versatile. The reality today is that your video needs to be discovered and consumed across all platforms – web, mobile, connected devices, and TVEverywhere. And finally we make your video more monetizable. Our technology uses the same approach for enhancing discoverability and engagement to help you both generate more inventory around your video and target inventory better to your video. We do that with our powerful metadata approach which generates contextual cues and targeting around video assets in a very unique way. <click>
  • Now let’s dive into some live demonstrations so you can see the product in action. <click>
  • A little bit about RAMP as we get started. <click> Our premise is that We Make Video Valuable. Our goal since we started is to help you derive more value from all the content you produce 24X7. Media for the most part is a sunk-cost business model – once you have created videos, articles, galleries, all these things, the more revenue you can drive from those assets, that’s typically a very high margin exercise. And that’s what we’re focused on – how do we make your video more valuable. We’re a successful company; we were founded in 2005. We’re ventured backed and we reached profitability last year (2012). Late in 2012 we raised a growth round and now are continuing to invest for growth. Our technology has a terrific track record. It is a cloud-based solution. We serve some of the largest media companies in the world and have been doing so for the past 6-7 years. This technology has been proven at huge scale with tremendous reliability. Our core differentiator is the unique IP we were born with as a result of spinning out of a government research lab called BBN Technologies in Cambridge, MA. BBN has been around since WWII but over the past 20 years developed speech-to-text, natural language processing and search technology for broadcast television and telephony indexing. And we’ve used that technology and put it into a cloud solution to help make your video more valuable. <click>
  • We work with some of the largest media companies in the world. Primarily in NA but certainly some international as well. Our service was built from the ground up with an understanding of how media companies are organized – meaning multiple properties, channels, brands, web sites, mobile properties, and applications. So our solution is designed to support the way that media companies work and we’ve had great success doing that as you can see from the list of companies we’ve worked with. <click>
  • Best practices for video search & discovery aug 2013

    1. 1. Best Practices for Video Search & Discovery Tom Wilde, CEO August 27th, 2013 1
    2. 2. What’s So Great About Video? 2
    3. 3. We watch 5 hrs of TV per day! What’s So Great About Video? 3
    4. 4. But in different ways than before… 4
    5. 5. And with more screens than before… According to Nielsen, 85% of viewers use a smartphone or tablet while watching TV 5
    6. 6. While Linear TV still dominates… 6
    7. 7. Cable TV is under pressure… 7
    8. 8. While YouTube is on a tear… 8
    9. 9. And Mobile Video is Set To Explode… 9
    10. 10. Video Monetizes Far Better… $15-$20 $3-$5Display CPM Video CPM 10
    11. 11. Growing faster than any content type… 11 “By 2016, the sum of all forms of video will exceed 86% of global consumer traffic.” “Clients tell Gartner that the amount of video in their organizations is increasing at rates varying from 50% to 200%, annually.” “At YE2017, the best result for more than 50% of searches at Global 2000 companies will not be a textual document.” Cisco, “Video Networking Index: 2001-2016”, May 2012 Gartner, “Organizational 'YouTubes' Demand a New Video Responsibility”, Feb 2012 Gartner, Symposium ITXpo, “To the Point: Beyond Google and Siri” Oct 2012
    12. 12. And flooding into the enterprise… 12 Technology, devices, and software for creating high quality video have become ubiquitous…
    13. 13. Creating a new kind of search problem… 13 Video is the New Document …driving down the cost of creating high quality video content… …and increasing the complexity of video search & content management
    14. 14. But Video Presents Challenges… Unlike articles, blogs and documents, videos are a binary content object, typically hindered by: • Lack of metadata and tags • Lack of transcript • Lack of context • Lack of targeting information • Lack of SEO and search • Cross platform complexity ? 14
    15. 15. Drive discovery across major search and social sites & within embedded articles. MORE Discoverable How to make video….. CONFIDENTIAL 15 Increase video sessions and video viewing with award- winning “lean- forward” video MORE Engaging Access video across web, mobile and connected devices. MORE Versatile Profit from increased consumption & powerful ad targeting to capture premium video revenue MORE Monetizable 15
    16. 16. Best Practices in Video Discovery (aka Video SEO) • SEO best practices consist of on site and off site efforts: − On Site: •Clean URL (“permalink”), rather than the “flash palace” • Keyword density- title, description, tags • Timecoded transcript-make video look like a “document” • Related content and outbound links • Thumbnails • Video Sitemap!! − Offsite • Submitting to YouTube/YouTube optimization • Linking strategy 16
    17. 17. Best Practices in Video Search • Even Video Search is driven by text: − Searching across video catalogues: • Establish a process for creating comprehensive titles, tags and timecoded transcripts • Select robust search technology to search and sort across facets • Timecoded “snippets” with keyword in context maps to what users’ expect in a search result • Generate thumbnails to go with your video results − Searching within videos • Metadata is the key-complete metadata for each video makes this possible • “Jump-to” navigation is critical for longer videos (especially true with corporate video applications 17
    18. 18. Best Practices in Video Engagement • Using Video to drive the context of a user’s experience to drive engagement: −Search within video − Related content (quizzes, polls, articles, galleries, ads) to video timeline − Timecoded tags within video −Related content to video clip − Related articles, galleries 18
    19. 19. Demos 19
    20. 20. Proprietary & Confidential 20 Video SEO
    21. 21. 21 Site Search
    22. 22. Proprietary & Confidential 22 TV Everywhere
    23. 23. About RAMP Awards Next Generation Search & Video Solutions We Make Video Valuable Established in 2005, tier-1 venture-backed Reached profitability in 2012 Growing Company, Strong Financials Cloud-based solution delivers performance and cost-effectiveness Proven Technology Speech-to-text, Natural Language Processing developed over 20 years of gov’t funded R&D Unique Core IP 23
    24. 24. Who We Work With 24
    25. 25. Q&A Tom Wilde, CEO 25