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How specific is SLI


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Reference list to accompany RALLI video and powerpoint slides on "How specific is SLI"

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How specific is SLI

  1. 1. Reference listHow Specific is SLI?Bishop, D. V. M., & Norbury, C. F. (2002). Exploring the borderlands of autistic disorder and specificlanguage impairment: A study using standardised diagnostic instruments. Journal of ChildPsychology and Psychiatry, 43, 917-929., D., & Rutter, M. (2008). Neurodevelopmental disorders: conceptual issues. In M. Rutter, D.Bishop, D. Pine, S. Scott, J. Stevenson, E. Taylor & A. Thapar (Eds.), Rutters Child and AdolescentPsychiatry (pp. 32-41). Oxford: Blackwell., D. V. M., & Snowling, M. J. (2004). Developmental dyslexia and Specific LanguageImpairment: Same or different? Psychological Bulletin, 130, 858-886., M. J., Piek, J. P., & Patrick, J. (2011). The validity of psychiatric diagnoses: The case of specificdevelopmental disorders. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 32(6), 2704-2713., E. L. (2001). Non-specific nature of specific language impairment: a review of the literature withregard to concomitant motor impairments. International Journal of Language andCommunication Disorders, 36, 149-171., B. F., & Bishop, D. V. M. (2009). Relations among speech, language, and readingdisorders. Annual Review of Psychology, 60, 283-306., E., & Cohen, A. (1998). Language deficit with attention-deficit disorder: A prevalentcomorbidity. Journal of Child Neurology, 13, 493-497.Tomblin, J. B., & Mueller, K. L. (2012). How can comorbidity with attention-deficit/hyperactivitydisorder aid understanding of language and speech disorders? Topics in Language Disorders,32(3), 198-206. Bishop, June 2013