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How common is SLI?                                    ReferencesBeitchman, J. H., Nair, R., Clegg, M., & Patel, P. G. (198...
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How common is SLI?


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References to accompany RALLI video and slide presentation on this topic

Published in: Education
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How common is SLI?

  1. 1. How common is SLI? ReferencesBeitchman, J. H., Nair, R., Clegg, M., & Patel, P. G. (1986).Prevalence of speech and language disorders in 5-year-old kindergarten children in the Ottawa- Carleton region.Journal of Speech and Hearing Disorders, 51(2), 98-110.Broomfield, J., & Dodd, B. (2004). Children with speech and language disability: caseload characteristics. International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders, 39, 303-324.Jessup, B., Ward, E., Cahill, L., & Keating, D. (2008).Prevalence of speech and/or language impairment in preparatory students in northern Tasmania.International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, 10(5), 364- 377. doi: 10.1080/17549500701871171Law, J., Boyle, J., Harris, F., Harkness, A., & Nye, C. (2000). Prevalence and natural history of primary speech and language delay: findings from a systematic review of the literature. International Journal of Language & Communication Disorders, 35(2), 165-188. doi: 10.1080/136828200247133McLeod, S., & Harrison, L. J. (2009).Epidemiology of speech and language impairment in a nationally representative sample of 4-to 5-year-old children.Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 52(5), 1213- 1229. doi: 10.1044/1092-4388(2009/08-0085)Silva, P. (1980). The prevalence, stability and significance of developmental language delay in preschool children. Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology, 22, 768-777.Stevenson, J., & Richman, N. (1978).The prevalence of language delay in a population of three year old children and its association with general retardation.Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology, 18, 431-441.Tomblin, J. B., Records, N. L., Buckwalter, P., Zhang, X., Smith, E., & OBrien, M. (1997).Prevalence of specific language impairment in kindergarten children.Journal of Speech and Hearing Research, 40(6), 1245-1260.Weindrich, D., Jennen-Steinmetz, C., Laucht, M., Esser, G., & Schmidt, M. H. (2000).Epidemiology and prognosis of specific disorders of language and scholastic skills.European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 9(3), 186-194. Dorothy Bishop, November 2012 References to accompany RALLI presentation