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  • 1.introduction to pom

    1. 1. INTRODUCTION to management Agenda!!  Definition of management  Functions of Management  Characteristics of Management  Professional Qualities –Manager  Understand Importance of Management Principles Of Management (Anand Choudhary) 1
    2. 2. POM-Principle… Why ?? What is a principle? Who defines them and How are these formed? Why are these principles required? Are there any validations/thumb rules for laying down these principles? Do principles change? If so -What are the factors lead to changes? Principles Of Management (Anand Choudhary) 2
    3. 3. POM-Principle… What is a principle?  It’s a fundamental truth or at least believed to be true at a given time Who defines them and How are these formed?  Each one of us have some other principle  Depending upon the situation the person in- charge defines Principles Of Management (Anand Choudhary) 3
    4. 4. POM-Principle…(contd) Why are these principles required? Are there any validations/thumb rules for laying down these principles?  Guide (shows a direction) through to achieve the desired objective/goal and to overcome complexities  There cannot a thumb rule principles, they are all based on thought process, experience and the need of that situation/time Principles Of Management (Anand Choudhary) 4
    5. 5. POM-Principle…(contd) Do principles change? If so -What are the factors lead to changes?  Some facts are universal eg: Archimedes principles- which never change  However, managerial principles change with the need of hour- could be due to internal or external market forces eg: Jet Airways - retrenchment issue Principles Of Management (Anand Choudhary) 5
    6. 6. What is Management ? What do we mean by “Manage” & “Management”? Who is responsible for Management? What does a manager do? Why is management required? Principles Of Management (Anand Choudhary) 6
    7. 7. What is Management ? “Manage” & “Management” Manage:  Art of getting things done  Actions performed in pursuit of a objective/goal eg; "Who is overseeing this project?“ Management:  Act of Managing an objective/goal (Project Manager)  People/Technique/ Practice involved in managing or controlling  Who is responsible for Management?  Each and everyone in responsible Principles Of Management (Anand Choudhary) 7
    8. 8. What is Management ? (contd) What does a manager do? The one who manages the operations and has all the required organized knowledge of science..i.e :POM Why is management required? To attain desired objective with minimum cost and optimum use of resources Simplify complexities through :plan, direct, act , control Principles Of Management (Anand Choudhary) 8
    9. 9. Definition of Management Management is a process of  Forecasting  Planning  Organizing  Controlling various activities, people, products etc. to achieve a desired goal in the best and the cheapest way Principles Of Management (Anand Choudhary) 9
    10. 10. Class Exercise Open a retail mobile shop in a small town with post sales services from the same outlet. (Assume the shop space could be provided at a location of preference) 1. Define your requirements 2. Manage Operations 3. What ‘s Next??... post step 2 Let us discuss the approach!! Principles Of Management (Anand Choudhary) 10
    11. 11. Functions of Management Observation Key elements in the process  Planning –Know the objective then plan for What, When, How and Why and at what cost  Organized- How is work distributed. Departments /Sections  Staffing –Right person at right place  Communication- Internal/External  Co-ordinate, control and direct  Motivation  Decision making These are all management functions Principles Of Management (Anand Choudhary) 11
    12. 12. Characteristics Of Management (contd)  It is an ACTIVITY and an ART of getting things done using logical, personal skills. Manager must posses the required scientific knowledge to be able to deliver the expectations  It is a continuous process . Management cannot be static  Management is the mirror of the organizations leadership quality  Linked to defined objectives/goals mainly to maximize profit Principles Of Management (Anand Choudhary) 12
    13. 13. Characteristics Of Management (contd)  Required universally across all industries and departments , levels  Management is a must for every enterprise  Every business needs a direction- This is given by management  Management is the decision making engine Principles Of Management (Anand Choudhary) 13
    14. 14. Characteristics Of Management Art as well as science  Maximizing Profit Management is an activity  Decision Making Continuous Process  Profession Achieving Pre-Determined  Universal Application Objectives  Getting things done Organized Activities  Team work Factor of Production  Management as a career System of activity  Direction & Control Management is a discipline  Dynamic Purposeful Activity  Needed at all levels Distinct Entity  Leadership quality Principles Of Management (Anand Choudhary) 14
    15. 15. 15Principles Of Management (Anand Choudhary)
    16. 16. Definition of Manager A Manager is a person who  Plans  Organizes  Leads and controls human, financial and information resource etc in the most efficient and effective pursuit of specified organizational goal. Principles Of Management (Anand Choudhary) 16
    17. 17. Qualities of a Manager Intellectual skills Technical skills Human Skills  Ethical skills  Interactive skills  Emotional skills Communication skills Principles Of Management (Anand Choudhary) 17
    18. 18. Qualities of a Manager (contd) Intellectual skills  Logical thinking  Able to understand the impact/s of problem and probable causes  Problem solving  Ability to breakdown problem statement into issues and identify the cause in order to solve it Principles Of Management (Anand Choudhary) 18
    19. 19. Qualities of a Manager (contd) Technical skills  Ability to guide and train team member to perform a task  Must posses t he required technical skill set to be able to take informed decisions  Technical skills helps the manager understand the areas of impact Principles Of Management (Anand Choudhary) 19
    20. 20. Qualities of a Manager (contd) Human Skills  Ethical Skills  Ability to discriminate right and wrong  Interactive skills  Effective communicator  Few skills – Influencing, motivation, bargaing, discipline, conflict Resolution Principles Of Management (Anand Choudhary) 20
    21. 21. Qualities of a Manager (contd) Emotional Skills  Manager needs to manage people –Hence must be emotionally smart  Must be able to have good interpersonal relation  Ability to identify and handle feeling and channelize the emotional energy into motivation to drive towards the objective Principles Of Management (Anand Choudhary) 21
    22. 22. Qualities of a Manager (contd) Communication Skills  Understand what to communicate , when , to whom  Medium of communication : When to email/call/ personal meet etc. Principles Of Management (Anand Choudhary) 22
    23. 23. ‘M’s of any business MANAGEMENT MAN MONEY MATERIALS MACHINES METHOD MOTIVATION MARKETSManagement is on TOP!! Principles Of Management (Anand Choudhary) 23
    24. 24. Importance Of Management Management has to Accomplish Group goals  Optimum Use of resources  Realignment of business model/unit  Quality of decision impact performance  Integrate various interests  Ensure organizations stability Counter Changes – Internal & external  Internal- Attrition  External- Changes caused due to market conditions (US slowdown impact on IT and exports) Principles Of Management (Anand Choudhary) 24
    25. 25. Importance Of Management ..(contd) Effective utilization of business Management directs the organization Day-day functioning  Tackle problems to enhance performance  Ensure harmony between internal teams (workers) and external forces (customers , vendors)  Resource development  Drive innovation Principles Of Management (Anand Choudhary) 25
    26. 26. Administration and Management Principles Of Management (Anand Choudhary) 26