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  • Madames et Messieurs Bienveneu a notre “Polderdak”.
    Ladies and Gentleman, I want to give you a warm welcome at our pilot project “Polder-roof”.
    My name is Sacha Stolp and I’m project manager of Polderdak in behave of the Green Business Club South Ax and the City of Amsterdam
  • The adequate and temporary storage of storm water is a crucial part of solid water management in metropolitan areas and delta cities.
    Due to increasing urbanization and the changing climate, Water storage is becoming more and more important.
    Urban development limits the possibilities to create larger water areas or alternative storage in public space.
    This question for a resilient city, encourage a group of young and involved professionals in Amsterdam.
    They combined their knowhow and expertise and this resulted in pilot. project ‘Polderdak’. Which we like to present to you today.
  • Polderdak is the first roof in Amsterdam which is a part of the water system.
    The primarily purpose of this roof is water storage,
    preventing that storm water and sewer overflow causes nuisance, inconvenience OR economic damage.
    This makes Polderdak different from all other green roofs in Amsterdam .
    Polderdak serves primarily as an alternative water storage facility but combines this with all advantages of a ‘green roof’.
    Like benefits for urban heat, building energy, biodiversity.
    And because of the combination of water and green, we expect opportunities like food production.
  • The Polderdak is an experimental project both in content and process.
    The initiator of the project is the Green Business Club Zuidas (GBC).
    The GBC is an impact organization of the largest companies of the South Ax area.
    They initiates local and sustainable projects.
    The pilot Polderdak is executed by De Dakdokters B.V. together with departments of the municipality of Amsterdam and Waternet.
  • The Polderdak is realized on top of an existing building.
    The building we are in right now.
    The participating parties will use the pilot project Polderdak as a showcase for anyone interested in the concept and the technology behind it.
    To show that this can actually contribute to sustainable, organic, urban development models.
    The Polderdak will also function as a research objective.
    Since there is little data available about the utility and necessity, our intension is to become part of a growing scientific research.
    The purpose is to gather and share data and create a motion in cities worldwide.
  • Wouldn’t it be an interesting idea to set up similar projects and studies in your country?
    The collective data could lead to solid revenue models.
    Models which combines organic urban development with water-storing and green.
    Roof by roof we can contribute to sustainable and resilient metropolitans of the future.
    Let’s demonstrable this value to developers, owners and users.
    Together we can create resilient and sustainable cities for our children.
    Do you join us in this challenge?
  • I’ll hope you enjoy your visit to Polderdak Amsterdam. Thank you very much
  • Annex 13 Polderdak

    1. 1. Bienvenue à Polderdak Storm water storage and green roof for resilient city.
    2. 2. Global Trends • Increasing Urbanization • Changing Climate
    3. 3. Purpose • Primary Blue: Storm water storage and reduce of sewer overflow • Secondary Green: : Urban Heat Island, Building Energy, green environment, biodiversity and Air Quality • Opportunities for Urban Farming
    4. 4. Showcase and research for resilient city
    5. 5. Water management is a world wide challenge. With the technique of today we can make the resilient city of tomorrow. Let’s do it together !!
    6. 6. Thank you very much