Go gosocial ebook-Twitter-tips (RAGHU)


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Go gosocial ebook-Twitter-tips (RAGHU)

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Go gosocial ebook-Twitter-tips (RAGHU)

  1. 1. +9 Top Twitter TipsYou Can StartUsing Today
  2. 2. IntroductionTwitter is based on the concept of “micro-blogging”— that is,creating entries that are limited to a certain number of characters.This limits the amount of information users can post in one “tweet.”The limits on length make Twitter the ultimate real-time thoughtstream. It’s the quickest way to deliver a thought, piece of news, orinteresting link. It enables conversations between users,encourages pass-along through “retweeting” (more on that later),and it all happens as you watch. It’s a simple platform, which isbeing used in more and more interesting ways.When brands use Twitter, it enables fans to speak to the brand andthe brand to reply.This conversation is something that Facebook,blogs and other social media tools have not matched.Let’s Go!
  3. 3. The golden rule: the more people you follow, the more followers you’relikely to get. However, it is very important to target the right audience.Hopefully you’re already following people you found through your emailcontacts, the next step is to look for people in your field. Search for majorplayers in your industry using the “Find People” function, then look at thelists of people following them.For example, if you’re in the travel industry, go the JetBlue’s Twitter feed.Add the list of people who are following JetBlue’s updates.These followersalready show interest in your industry and by adding them, you arewidening your potential client spectrum.Your tweets will reach the rightaudience—people who like to travel.If your business is local, you can search for users by location. Find all theTwitter users in your town and follow them. If they don’t already patronizeyour business, they’re likely to be interested in finding out who you are.1. Build an audience
  4. 4. If you are interested in business, cats and knitting, then you should find away to build that in to your tweeting habits. It’s important to define yourgoals for being on twitter and then to find your voice in support of that.By sharing content about topics you are interested in, you will attract anaudience with similar interests.Then you can slowly become moreinfluential within that community.2. Find your voice
  5. 5. We always say “thank you” in social media. we also try to follow backeveryone of my followers who looks like a real person, has a real bio filledout, a profile picture and interacts with others.So make sure you fill out your profile. Load up your picture. Explain whereyou work, what you are interested in and anything else important. Include alink to your blog or Linkedin profile.If you read our top tweeted words over the course of our years on twitterthey would read:“RT Thx Social Media Marketing Great RTs B2B Content Business Blog”3. Have good manners
  6. 6. Twitter allows you to post tweets from any SMS-enabled phone.To enable the mobile feature,go to the “Devices” tab under “Settings”. Addyour phone number and set up yourpreferences for receiving messages.When you want to post an update but are awayfrom your computer, send the update in a textmessage to the number 40404. It willautomatically post as a tweet to your page.If you have a smartphone, like a Blackberry, oriPhone, you can download applications to sendand receive tweets from your device. Click onthe “Apps” link at the footer of any Twitter pageto find the right app for your smartphone.4. Stay connected to Twitter on your phone.
  7. 7. It is possible to market through Twitter, but it requires a bit of a shift inthinking.Twitter is all about simple conversations; you can’t use pressreleases, marketing copy and other one-way communication tactics andexpect results. Customers want interaction—with you and with each other.Twittering is one-to-one, with the benefit of being in a public space whereother customers may overhear your conversation and interact with eachother on your behalf.5. Stop thinking like a marketer
  8. 8. It doesn’t matter how large your company is, on Twitter, people want toconnect to a person.They are not interested in talking to your ‘brand’.Make your updates personable and human, not scrubbed and polished likea press release. It’s fine to be a little rough around the edges.If you can, identify a real person to write the updates to give a face to yourTweets. For example, Comcast’s Twitter account (@comcastcares) isheaded by Frank Eliason, Director of Digital Care. Frank even lists hisdirect email and personal website on his profile which not only gives ahuman face to the company, it helps build trust in the conversation.By using Twitter, Comcast is offering an alternative, less corporateconfined outlet for customers to receive support. Customers are able to askquestions and be communicated with on their own turf; no more having towait in long lines, no need to press 4 for more options!6. People don’t talk to brands,they talk to people
  9. 9. Some companies might eye Twitter as another ‘channel’ to conquer.Thiskind of thinking is dangerous with interactive marketing. Social Media isnot about building a channel, it’s about creating a conversation.Your jobshould be to get people talking by posing questions, asking for input andconnecting people as a trusted third party.Creating a conversation requires something that many marketers are notused to: actively listening to customers.This back and forth motion is whatmakes social media wonderful and helps build an emotional connectionbetween your brand and consumers. Since consumers now have morechoices and are able to jump from brand to brand in an instant, thisrelationship has become more crucial than ever.7.Twitter is a two-way street
  10. 10. Social Media outlets like Twitter work best when they are frequentlyupdated.You’ll find that the most prolific companies on Twitter have tens ofthousands of updates.This may seem like a lot of work, but it doesn’t haveto be; these updates tend to be short, quick and off-the-cuff.We find that it works best when our clients designate a single personinternally to act as a social media liaison. Doing so will ensure that theupdates occur more frequently and result in less clutter.This social mediaambassador can then begin to build relationships with key customers andthese customers are then able to act as brand ambassadors for you.It’s a good idea to internally develop or hire a company like Mojave toestablish the “rules of engagement” for your ambassador.This allows themto decide what conversations they should participate in and which onesshould get escalated within your organization.8. Promote a dedicated ambassador
  11. 11. People love to pass on information and if people are following your brandon Twitter, they are already showing a proclivity to your message. So whynot reward them? Offer inside information, special offers or just one-to-oneconversation with customers who follow you through Social Media.Once you have been using Twitter for a while, you’ll notice key people thatlike to talk about your company.These people are worth more than you canimagine! Encourage users by converting them into brand ambassadors:Invite them to your private product launches, let them contribute to newfeature requests, ask them how you can improve. Not only will you gainfirsthand, unfiltered information on how your products are used in the realworld, you’ll also activate a network of ambassadors to give you the bestthing you could ask for: positive word-of-mouth.9. Give people a reason to follow you
  12. 12. Zappos (http://twitter.com/zappos) - CEO tweets about day to dayactivities at the Zappos office, funny and interesting encounters as well asnew product information.* Followers love to hear about company shenanigans!Whole Foods Market (http://www.twitter.com/wholefoods) - A goodexample of promoting your company’s core values and beliefs.WholeFood’s tweets discuss answer questions on related current events, healthyliving, and product information.* Tweeting about mainstream news that directly relates to your businessprovides an opportunity for users to participate in discussion.JetBlue (http://www.twitter.com/jetblue) - JetBlue does a great job ofproviding customers with promotional offers and travel tips.* If you’ve got “inside information” that you don’t mind sharing, peopleappreciate all the help they can get!Brands successfully using Twitter
  13. 13. If GoGo Social thinks it can help your business profitfrom Twitter, it will take a brief and start building yoursocial media profile FREE OF CHARGE for 4 weeks (inc.targeted audience building and all tweet writing).Interested? Let’s GoGo!Get a FREE trial