8 ways to improve your marketing using Google (RAGHU)


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8 ways to improve your marketing using Google (RAGHU)

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8 ways to improve your marketing using Google (RAGHU)

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  2. 2. 1 | Email: help@thesociamediacafe.co.uk | 0844 330 5679 | Strategy | Training | Mentors | ConsultantsTable of ContentsIntroduction................................................................................ 3Learn - Google News......................................................... 4Listen - Google Reader...................................................... 4Learn/Target- Google Keyword Tool & Ads.............................. 4/5Engage - Google+…………............................................... 5Listen - Google Alerts........................................................ 6Share - Google Places........................................................ 6Share - Google Docs.......................................................... 7
  3. 3. 2 | Email: help@thesociamediacafe.co.uk | 0844 330 5679 | Strategy | Training | Mentors | ConsultantsIntroductionEveryone is searching for ways to get more visibility online. Google has always hadsome great free tools and seems to be concentrating on it in a much more focused wayto help you achieve this.As more and more businesses rely on high search listings – it makes sense to use thetools offered by Google to help you and they may have a bearing on where you appear.Of course nothing beats quality and consistent content that is relevant to your field ofexperience, so ensure you are creating that too.Google is currently the first search engine many people use, especially in the UK and isthe bench mark for the competition. However many people are completely oblivious asto the other offerings in the stable which can be incredibly useful to you as a business.This is especially important given the direction that business marketing is taking.By harnessing the power of the way we communicate these days via blogs and socialnetworks we can see very quickly and cost effectively the real reason people buy andwhat influences their decisions. That makes marketing much easier by putting whatpeople want to see within their reach – even it is on their peripheral vision. You can alsosee via many of the on-line platforms what people don’t like and how to improve goodsand services that you offer, with the power of reviews. What a huge change from the last10 years when the only way you could access a tiny percentage of people was to askthem in small focus groups. Now you can just use these powerful tools and in a fractionof the time you have instant answers.There are some very key fundamentals to this process that are incredibly easy to get togrips with… you need to Listen – Learn – Share & Engage with your Audience so youcan accurately Target what will help them.Once you get your head away from selling you will be given the key to a whole newworld that is waiting for you to explore. These tools are the ways to fashion your keyand unlock the gate to social media you will be surprised at how much fun you can haveactually engaging with your target market. You will notice that two of them suggestlistening… you have two ears to one mouth for a purpose so use them accordingly.
  4. 4. 3 | Email: help@thesociamediacafe.co.uk | 0844 330 5679 | Strategy | Training | Mentors | ConsultantsSo why bother with Google News? You can find stuff to chatabout, keep up to date in your industry and set yourself up as theexpert in your arena…Listening to what is happening in your world or niche in real time.. is a great way to keepup with the ever constant changes. It’s fine to send it back out and curate the content butby writing your own you set yourself apart your competition. Google News will give youthe ideas for you to expand on. If you use the key search to find what you should belistening to you can then teach others in your world with your new found knowledgefrom Google News.Try being local as well as industry specific… then take the knowledge further and expandupon it with a brilliant blog post where your knowledge really comesin to its own!Then not only will you keep all of your words of wisdom in oneplace but you will also be leaving them in full view for someone tofind them… and when they need an expert in your industry you are easily found. Youmay consider video, ebooks, press releases and other formsof PR… give real value and watch as others find you for yourworld. Don’t forget to join in the conversations by joiningthe sites you find and commenting where appropriate onblogs in your areas of expertise.ACTION: - Go to News.Google.com1) Enter an industry key term.2) See what comes up and choose the most recent result relevant toyour business/niche.3) Think about what might be useful to your blogs or social mediaposts and create content around them.
  5. 5. 4 | Email: help@thesociamediacafe.co.uk | 0844 330 5679 | Strategy | Training | Mentors | ConsultantsIf you are serious about blogging you should be looking atself-hosted ones which can double as yourwebsite and pick a key word rich url for whatyou are going to talk about… use the freeadwords tool later on to find out the best ones for your industry… Werecommend Wordpress as the best with a great theme and there are loadsto choose from… or try Posterous or Blogger to get yourself started… Write what youare thinking and then edit it. You need a minimum of 500 words to make an impact andshould be thinking of key words in your headline but the most important thing is to grabthe attention of the audience to hook them in to read some more.. thinkREAD – Reach Out – Engage – Add Value and Direct them to do something…Listen - Google Reader is another free tool that helps you stay up to date with what’sgoing on in your industry. You can get the rss feeds of all your news in one stream andplace… and can filter it. A great source for you to keep up-to-date.This is a great way of saving time so you don’t have to search for the articles that youwant, they come to you. You can never replace time unless you buy it so let the GoogleReader allow you to quickly filter through news stories, blog posts, videos and otherrelevant content.By listening in the right places you will also get the opportunity to comment on changesand fresh news in your arena which could catch the attention of people around you andestablish you as an expert in your industry.ACTION: - Go to Google.com/Reader1) Search for industry blogs/sites to subscribe to. Think about who your industry leaders are.Your subscriptions are shown on the left hand side so if you have several niches you cankeep track of what you have looked at.2) Check Google Reader regularly in line with your social media strategy.3) Create a list of blogging ideas.
  6. 6. 5 | Email: help@thesociamediacafe.co.uk | 0844 330 5679 | Strategy | Training | Mentors | ConsultantsLearn & Target So why would you use Google Adwords?Well there is the great Keywords Tool you can use for free andcheck your target market are really looking for what youthink… it’s absolutely the best place to check and completelyfree.. you don’t even need to use your findings for pay per clickads – just use your new found knowledge in your blogs, socialmedia posts and on line posts. It shows the searches locally andglobally and alternatives that may be less competitive if you are thinking of advertisingwith ppc.So the real reason for Google adwords is pay per click advertising – also known as ppc.These are the ads you see at the top and down the side of google searches. Depending onwhat you want to be found for these ads will cost you money when someone clicks.It takes a little time to get the ppc idea right – taking out all of the words that could givewrong results and ensuring you are found by the people you want to see your ads not byaccident or for a rogue word with different meanings. It is alsoimportant that you get your location in to your searches.Of course you could just write your website copy and your blogsites with the key words and you would be open to the vagaries ofthe organic google searches. Ensure you have consistent posts toget this to stay high. In some instances you will be competingwith people that would mean you could never make page 1 ofgoogle so ppc may be your only option is page 1 is very importantto you.Sponsored links are paid for and you will need to get your content in tip top shape foryour keywords to rank well and get you the best results for your money. Google ispartnered with many websites and you may find newspages, websitesand blogs will pick up your paid for listing that relate to your contentwhich could feature your ads. There is a free Display Ad Builder toolbut be aware that 75% of searchers click on organic search. Only 25%of online searchers click on paid results.
  7. 7. 6 | Email: help@thesociamediacafe.co.uk | 0844 330 5679 | Strategy | Training | Mentors | ConsultantsACTION: - Go to adwords.google.com1) Check your keywords using the keyword tool to find the best ones for you2) Design an offer (free trial, free product, report, etc.) with correspondingwebsite page (squeeze page).3) Create a Google ad.4) Design a call to action. (what do you want them to do? Sign up to a list, like apage etc)5) Launch and monitor performance (for free).Engage - Google+ is a new social network social media and search engine traffic to yourchosen destinations such as a website or blog, or even another social network. It hasbuttons you can integrate outside of google+ which may be useful to help rank in searchengines at a later stage and these were introduced before the launch of the platform. Thisallows ordinary websites to integrate with the platform and givethe content peer approval which will probably be seen morefavourably by search engines. It is similar to facebook with theaddition of Circles, Chat & Hangouts. Circles are essentiallygroups or lists of people you can choose to share content with ona message by message basis instead of broadcasting to the world,if that is what you choose. Hangouts are video chats amongst Google+ users which isactually a very powerful tool and enable very strong connections to be made very quicklyrather than just sharing links and content in streams.You will see under your circles and games (if you have chosen any) there is also asection labelled what is “What’s Hot” which will contain links to articles that are similarto things you are listening to or have previously google+ d which Google says will beserendipitous and diverse information. You will see streams of content from your circlesand will be able to share, google+ (like) and comment on posts as well as reply to theauthor. There are also notifications you can set up to suit your preferences.
  8. 8. 7 | Email: help@thesociamediacafe.co.uk | 0844 330 5679 | Strategy | Training | Mentors | ConsultantsACTION: - Go to https://plus.google.com/1) Sign up for a Google+ Account. You can probably do thiswith your existing google account.2) Set up your Google Profile page for yourself and add aphotograph.3) Add connections and organize your circles.4) Begin sharing content to your different circles.5) Set up your Google+ Business Pages.Listen - Google Alerts - What are they? Well they are a way of askingGoogle to let you know when something you would like to keep a track of isindexed in Google. It may be your company name and could be used to listen forwhat others are saying about you. It could also be used to track useful content inyour area of expertise or the activity of your competition. Whatever you want tolisten to is very easy to set up and is also another free resource.You choose the words or phrases you want to listen for and they are emailed toyou at the intervals you set. If your choice is too broad you may see lots ofirrelevant content so try to be specific about the type of results you want to see.A few trials will set your boundaries to something that works for you.If you are using it to monitor what is being said about your company, you will also need to have astrategy for responding, especially if feedback is negative. Don’t takethe knee jerk reaction of removing anything negative from an unhappycustomer, you would be much better allowing the world to see you arehuman and publicly put something right than to waste time attempting toget comments removed.ACTION: - Go to http://www.google.com/alerts1) Think about what you would like to listen for.2) Set up Google Alerts with timings that suit what youneed or want to see.3) Monitor the content being delivered and amend ifnecessary.4) Use results to manage your brand on-line or to get ideas for your own content.
  9. 9. 8 | Email: help@thesociamediacafe.co.uk | 0844 330 5679 | Strategy | Training | Mentors | ConsultantsShare - Google Places is your chance to get seen first and for free.With the increasing use of mobiles and ipads for searching it isimperative you have a Google Places listing as they come up first inthe searches. With the weighting of the newest releases of Google,you will also find that these are biased towards local businesses as these are very muchwhat Google thinks will be more relevant to the searcher. It is free and easy to getyourself started on here but you do now need a physical location to verify the listing.Your listing will show on Google Maps and is geobased. It will give your company greater visibility andallow your customers somewhere to share theirexperiences with you. This could in turn generate moretraffic to wherever you guide people so ensure you addas much information as possible to your free googleplaces listing. You can add video and pictures to yourlisting to give your prospective customers the very bestfirst impression.ACTION: - Go to http://www.google.com/places/1) Claim your Google Places listing. You will need a physical location and willreceive a postcard with a code to confirm it is real.2) Add as much details as possible including optimizing for your key searchterms.3) Add images, videos and other media to showcase your company.4) Encourage testimonials from satisfied customers as this will influence whereyou are shown.Share - Google Docs - are free online documents that can be accessed from anywhereand shared with people you invite. There are currently 6 types of document:1. Documents 2. Spreadsheets 3. Presentations 4. Drawings 5. Forms 6.Calendars
  10. 10. 9 | Email: help@thesociamediacafe.co.uk | 0844 330 5679 | Strategy | Training | Mentors | ConsultantsShare – Access - Edit. Create a document then you can share it whoever you choose toinvite and give them access to edit or manage it using the share button in the upper rightcorner simply by adding their names/email addresses.Schedule & Work Smarter – Become more efficient and diarise what is important anduseful to you – maybe a blog list or marketing activities. Collaborate - Share ideas, andwork on the same documents with other people getting their valuable input withouthassle and saving time on unnecessary meetings making your business more efficient.Calendars & Meetings – These are great for organising meetings and ensuring peopleknow where you are by making them public.ACTION: - Go to https://docs.google.com/#home1) Create a strategy of your next 6 months social media andmarketing activity and what will be in it.2) Create documents around the content3) Identify those you wish to collaborate with and allow themaccessWe hope these free Google tools are helpful to you and are happy tohelp if you have any queries. You can find The Social Media Café on-line on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Google+ and manyother places. Don’t forget to like our content, share it and ask lots ofquestions. We’ll see you on-line. You can watch the videos of thisbooklet below. There are live actions recorded with extra content not in this document.Just click on each one to gain access to each section. Don’t worry none of them are long.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8Introduction News Reader Keyword Tool/Ads Google + Alerts Places Docs