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2013-10-23 Beyond Your Logo


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Published in: Business, Technology
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2013-10-23 Beyond Your Logo

  1. 1. Beyond Your Logo Why Good Brands and Strong Management are Inseparable Larry Checco, President October 23, 2013 Thrive. Grow. Achieve.
  2. 2. What is a brand, anyway? A good brand answers the following… • Who are we? • What do we do? • How do we do it? • And why should anyone care enough to support us?
  3. 3. MY GOAL To demonstrate to you that successful branding is far less about logos, taglines and marketing…and far more about: • Quality leadership and staff • Accountable and ethical behavior • An organization’s willingness, ability and commitment to live up to whatever it says about itself.
  4. 4. Branding Myth #1 “Marketing and branding are one and the same.”
  5. 5. Marketing & advertising are promotional strategies. Your brand is a reflection of everything associated with your organization.
  6. 6. Branding Myth #2 “Once we have an attractive logo and catchy tagline, we have our brand.”
  7. 7. Your logo and tagline are simply the banners for your brand. Your brand drills much deeper into your organization’s core values.
  8. 8. Branding myth #3 “Branding is the responsibility of our communications and marketing folks.”
  9. 9. If it helps, consider the person who answers your phones your “Director of First Brand Impressions”
  10. 10. Branding myth #4 “We don’t have a budget to promote our brand.”
  11. 11. If you leverage your current resources—i.e. your staff, board members, volunteers, clients, etc.—you won’t need much of a budget to promote your brand.
  12. 12. One of your worst branding nightmares is a disgruntled workforce, which is often the result of poor management and an unhealthy work environment!
  13. 13. Step #1 Conduct a SWOT analysis of your current workplace environment. • • • • Build on/promote Strengths Address Weaknesses Leverage Opportunities Prepare for any perceived Threats
  14. 14. Step #2 Evaluate your management leadership: • • • • Hire/appoint well Place the right people in the right job Create a “hero’s journey” for everyone Understand the difference between what’s legal and what’s ethical
  15. 15. Step #3 Accept the “New Normal” with respect to: • • • • • Technology Generational issues Volunteerism Funding sources Expectations of funders, clients, partners and others
  16. 16. Step #4 Create a healthy work environment: • Allow staff to speak their truth to your authority • Understand that kindness is not a weakness • Set appropriate and realistic goals • Beware of mission creep • Lighten up!
  17. 17. Final Take-Away The quality of your brand is often a referendum on how you treat your people.
  18. 18. Thank you! Larry Checco Checco Communications Branding consultant/coach Motivational speaker Workshop presenter Helping organizations clearly define who they are, what they do, how they do it—and why anyone should care! 301-384-6007 Page 21