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2013-06-04 Best in Class Cloud Based Accounting Systems


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Are you ready to transition your accounting system to a modern cloud based platform that delivers the funtionality you need while providing a real return on your investment? You may be ready to graduate to a full featured financial management and accounting system. Join the Raffa Technology team for an informative seminar reviewing the powerful cloud based financial accounting system Intacct. This educational session will focus on the business drivers for cloud based accounting solutions with a focus on Intacct's award winning software platform. We will take you through a tour of Intacct's key features and functionality and address the Return on Investment (ROI) for cloud based solutions.

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2013-06-04 Best in Class Cloud Based Accounting Systems

  1. 1. Intacct CloudBased AccountingSystem SeminarSeth Zarny – PartnerBuu-Linh Tran – Senior ManagerJeremy Taro – Account ExecutiveThrive. Grow. Achieve.June 4, 2013
  2. 2. WHAT’S ON TAP2• INTRODUCTION & AGENDA• NEW OPTIONS - ON PREMISE V. CLOUD• What is the Cloud? Attributes, Advantages• On Premise – Advantages• Mixed Cloud with Traditional ERP• Key Decision Points• INTRODUCTION TO INTACCT• Flexibility & Visibility• Multi-Everything• DEMONSTRATION - INTACCT• Functions• Visibility• Flexibility• ROI• Q&A
  3. 3. DO YOU NEED THE NEW SOFTWARE?3Hint – Sometimes You Need toChange Your Software!
  4. 4. MUTUAL INTRODUCTIONS4• WHO IS IN THE ROOM• YOUR ORGANIZATION– Size – Number of Employees– Current Accounting Solution(s)– Challenges• Raffa– Seth Zarny– Buu-Linh Tran– Jeremy Taro– Brief Background and Qualifications
  5. 5. WHAT IS THE CLOUD?5NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF STANDARDS ANDTECHNOLOGY (NIST)Cloud computing - model for convenient, on-demandnetwork access to shared pool of configurablecomputing resources (e.g., networks, servers,storage, applications, and services). Rapidlyprovisioned and released with minimal managementeffort.[4]Cloud computing provides computation, software,data access, and storage services – does not requireend-user knowledge of physical location andconfiguration of the system that delivers services.
  6. 6. CLOUD – CLAIMED KEY ATTRIBUTES6• Agility – Improved Re-Provisioning• Cost – Claimed to be reduced,costs distributed over many users• Device & Location Independence• Multi-Tenancy – Key Issue for ERP• Reliability – Multiple RedundantSites• Security – Providers devote moreresources• Maintenance – Upgrades InstalledCentrally
  7. 7. ON-PREMISE ATTRIBUTES• Control – In your environment• Integration with Organization Applications• Customization – Under Your Control• Security – Pluses & Minuses• Access – Remote Access & Controlled Users• Local Data – Data is Accessible• Known Costs – Traditional Costs• Reputable Mature Vendors7
  8. 8. MIXED CLOUD & TRADITIONAL VENDORS8• Existing Software – Hosted in the Cloud• Mature Products – Functionality• Monthly Fees• Single Tenancy – Upgrades, Backups,Customized Attention• Integrations – Traditional• Remote Access - Citrix, Remote Desktop• Known Costs – Traditional Costs• Reputable Mature Vendors
  9. 9. KEY DECISION CRITERIA TO CONSIDER9• Functionality – Do Cloud Solutions Meet Your FunctionalNeeds?• Sophistication – What level of customization do you require• Infrastructure Support – Committed to On-PremiseInfrastructure, Cloud, or Both• Costs – What are the Realistic Costs for Your Organization– On-Premise vs Cloud• Support – Who is Supporting Your Users, Applications, andInfrastructure
  10. 10. INTRODUCTION TO INTACCT10• Newer Cloud Based ERPSystem– True Cloud Based– Local Partners– Yearly Costs• Strong Functionality• Very Satisfied Client Base• Targeted to Firms – in noparticular order– Outgrowing QuickBooks– Interested in the Cloud– Not For Profit– Project Oriented Firms –Professional Services– Very Strong Financials– Multi-Company– Multi-Currency– Multi-Organizational Rollup– Cost Effective
  11. 11. INTACCT’S RELEVANT EXPERIENCE11• HELPED HUNDREDS OFBUSINESSES LIKE YOURSACHIEVE A SIGNIFICANT ROI BY: Increasing real-time visibilityinto your software business todeepen leadership insights Accessible Financials, Multi-Organizational, & Services Automating complex revenuerecognition and billing Maximizing renewal revenuewith proactive and automaticrenewals management Accelerating financialconsolidations and closeprocesses Streamlining the capture oftime and expenses incurred byyour services organizationCase Examples“Intacct has rich functionality, greatreporting and it’s tremendously flexible.Intacct makes us more productive,allowing us to strategically redeploysome of our staff – ultimately saving thecompany more than $100,000 annually inadded salary.”CEOASP Global Services
  12. 12. INTRODUCING INTACCT’S COREPILLARS OF SUCCESS12Since we are into financials, let’s do a little math …BestBest in Class(Cloud) FinancialsSuperiorROIYOURSATISFACTIONDeep Visibility“Get the Edge”Leadership InsightsFlexibility & Control"Youre in Charge”Maximize theValue of Your DataAdapt the Powerof Our Software
  13. 13. Best in Class Financials13 Specifically designed for dynamic,small and mid-market organizations. Uniquely preferred by the AICPA No. 1 integrated financial applicationsfor Intacct highlights:― Unmatched real-time, “deep insight”visibility― Comprehensive financials, from coreaccounting to global consolidations― Out-of-box, tailored reports and workflows― Easy to individualize, extend and integrate tomatch your precise needs― Superior integration with your existingbusiness solutions― Comprehensive ecosystem of partners― True cloud computing with world-classoperationsBUILT FOR AND BY FINANCEPROFESSIONALS”
  14. 14. DEEP VISIBILITY14• Unlock your business data for powerful businessinsights• Drive business performance through rich planning,reporting and analysis• Intacct Highlights:• “Get at Your Data Real Time” - Role-baseddashboards deliver business insights tailored forall your internal and external stakeholders• “Discover More” - Easily combine financial andnon-financial data into compelling, new insights Integrate financial and operational datafor ratios and KPI’s Use 13 dimensions to capture the mostdetail of your business Maintain multiple, auditable sets of books• “Synthesize Insights” – Leverage your ownfinancial graphs, reports and analyses Enable rich planning, reporting, andanalysis at the global and local level withability to drill down to transactional detailright from within reports and dashboards Manage an unlimited number ofbudgeting, planning, and forecastingscenarios
  15. 15. FLEXIBILITY & CONTROL15• Intacct solutions adapt to your business now and intothe future• Easy to get started with best practice charts ofaccounts, dashboards and reports• Easy to individualize, extend and integrate to matchyour precise needs and processes– Configure workflows– Configurable data fields, transaction definitions, invoices, and reportformats• Easy to adapt and scale your business with Intacct’s“Multi-everything” architecture:• Multi-ledger delivers scalability and control for high volume / hightransaction businesses• From multi-book to multi-national global business management, Intacctkeeps pace with your dynamics business.
  16. 16. SUPERIOR RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI)16 Subscription-based pricingmodel - Pay only for whatyou need− “We know we need to earn yourbusiness every year” Higher ROI and fasterpayback− Save time with automated andstreamlined processes− Higher employee productivity− Real time visibility− Anytime, anywhere access− No IT infrastructure and on-goingoperational costs− No additional upgrades costs− Continuous product innovation− Industrial-grade infrastructurewith guaranteed service levelsand operational excellence• Subscription fee• Training• ConfigurationOn-Demand• Ongoing IT workload• Fixes, Patches• Maintenance & upgrades:• Hardware• Network• Downtime• Performance tuning• Rewrite customizations• Rewrite integrations• Upgrade dependentapplications• Disaster recoveryOn-Premises• Security• DatabaseOngoing Cost Comparison
  17. 17. 17SUCCESSFUL IMPLEMENTATIONS Experienced project managersand consulting services with deepindustry and financial expertise 1,000s of successfulimplementations Established project methodologyleverages Intacct’s “BestPractices” for accelerated“FastTrack” time-to-valuesolution Training and support speed-upuser adoption Well-defined tools and templatessimplify effort with littledisruption to you― Turnkey, standardized “bestpractice” setup and configuration― Customized, consultative approachmatches your business processes― Integration with additional systemsand business processesIllustrative Implementation Process Excerpt
  18. 18. INDUSTRIAL GRADE OPERATIONS18 IBM Fortune 100 class data center SunGard hot backup data center Multiple layers of securityand encryption― Update every security patch on anightly basis World-class 24x7x365 operations― 99.992% availability for 2010― Industry leading SLA― SAS 70 Type II Audited― 3rd Party Penetration Testing― Earthquake protected― Armed guards― Biometrics systems
  19. 19. KEEPING YOU SATISFIED19• Our deep commitment to customer satisfaction isingrained in our products, our culture, and the way wedo business Our employees’ bonuses are paid on yoursatisfaction 94% of our customers would recommend us totheir friends Industry leading SLA• Implementation Best practices to ensure success Web-based training included• Post-Implementation Support US-based, dedicated Customer Success teamwith dedicated Services Program Manager Deep industry and financial expertise Close collaboration with Sales to ensurecomplete understanding of requirements Best practices and post-implementation support
  22. 22. QUESTIONS22Seth Zarny – Partnerszarny@raffa.com301.279.6500Buu-Linh Tran – Senior Managerbtran@raffa.com301.279.6511Jeremy Taro – Account Executivejtaro@raffa.com301.279.6504