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Social mobilization


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Social mobilization

  1. 1. Social mobilization Rafael Rubio
  2. 2. Social mobilization “¡Ok! Have convinced me. Now, get out there and put pressure on my” President Franklin D. Roosevelt Tlf: +34 91 57 57 755 20
  3. 3. Social mobilization
  4. 4. Public Opinion and Sensibilization “Ten people who speak make more noise than ten thousand silent” Napoleon Bonaparte
  5. 5. Social mobilization Mass access to ICT through internet has changed the social mobilization processes. Conventional Mobilization Unconventional Mobilization
  6. 6. Social mobilization New volunteer Less faithful More demanding Punctual collaborations Individualistic VOLATILITY
  7. 7. Social mobilization SLACKER Doing something in support of an issue or cause that requires minimal personal effort. Term coined by Dwight Ozard and Fred Clark in 1995
  8. 8. Social mobilization : Unconventional Send a tweet= attend a sit-in Social Media allow us to learn about more issues than ever before But it can achieve the goal another way by spreading the awareness of the issue Slacktivist can build awareness of an issue overnight.
  9. 9. Social mobilization : Unconventional How many signatures can a single person with a petition get? The whole worldcan sign an online petition New anticorruption laws are now in the works
  10. 10. Social mobilization : Unconventional The Slacktivist have probabilities of: Be propitious to solicit donations. Be volunteer and be part of an event. Encourage others to sign a petition or contacting with a politician. The 59% of people say that the internet has had a major impact on the ability to get individuals together to make social change Red Cross raised $20 million in 5 days after the Haiti earthquake through text message donations. 10,000 texts per second.
  11. 11. Social mobilization : Unconventional The 85% of Twitter users are group participants The 80% and the 59% of internet users participate in groups, compared with 56% of noninternet users. During the SOPA blackout, 3,9 million SOPA-related tweets were sent out
  12. 12. Social mobilization : Unconventional Participated in a shortterm boycott. Turned off your power for an hour Bought a product because they will donate a portion of proceeds to charity. You are wearing an awareness bracelet Put a magnetic ribbon in your car Donated through text message
  13. 13. Social mobilization : Unconventional Difficulty: Spectacularity ACTIONS 1 2 Massive mobilization Impact Mobilization Objectives Media attention Social Support Bandwagon effect Effect Motivator
  14. 14. Social mobilization : Unconventional ADVANTAGES Unconventional Mobilization Clarity Creation Social Greater mobilization DISADVANTAGES Objective Media and social impact Fame: FOAM EFFECT Success In simplicity
  15. 15. Social mobilization : Unconventional
  16. 16. Social mobilization : Conventional Conventional Mobilization Time Continuity No a single action implication institutions and people interests
  17. 17. Social mobilization : Conventional SOCIAL COMPROMISE Informed Combine exigency through clear tasks, concrete and useful. Broad social base Motivated TRANSMIT THE MESSAGE IN CIRCLES OF TRUST. Very effective. Volunteers indispensable.
  18. 18. Social mobilization : Conventional Planning a campaign: More than 200 non-violent activities Graphic content Start with hits for useless they are Do not forget side effects Seize / find excuses: Visibility, BBDD, Leaders. Explain the failures: Exploit the successes
  19. 19. Social mobilization : Conventional Trabajadores socios donantes ACTORS voluntarios habituales colaboradores ocasionales ciberactivistas simpatizantes interesados público general… Only a few: Part of the team Treatment: trust and transparency Informed with priority Formation Mobilizers PROTAGONIST
  20. 20. Social mobilization Effect grassroot: feeling thermometer, leaders location, volunteer coordination, information distribution, quick answers. Tlf: +34 91 57 57 755
  21. 21. Social mobilization : Conventional Social networks Collaborative working groups Newsletter Mailing List and SMS Blogs Petitions and Surveys Personal impact calculators Videos Individual Stories
  22. 22. Campaign Execution: Steps: Define the goal 2. Identify the recipients 3. 4. Define the media 5. Creates the web 6. Promote Yourself 7. Keep updated page 8. Reports the successes Personal relation, massive and personalized Centers the message 9. Online campaign 1. Appreciates the support 10. Communicate the results Tlf: +34 91 57 57 755 Organize actuation Keep people informed Raise funds
  23. 23. Social mobilization : Conventional Actors + tools + Plan Social Networks Social Action Machine involve actors through tools Identity Knowledge Contact Motivation
  24. 24. Social mobilization : Conventional Depends on time Of the simplicity of the message: The more simpler the message, more easier to bet on social mobilization. Suspect if you are first Revises the existing
  25. 25. Social mobilization : Conventional Having a great plan, a plan, a tactic and procedures. Take the initiative, avoid being reactive. “I must hurry. I’m their leader and they have left” (New Yorker)
  26. 26. Social mobilization : Conventional Engagement Pyramid
  27. 27. Social mobilization : Conventional 1. Run away from conspiracies. 2. Avoid Interposed Groups : Nothing is hidden that will not be rebelled 3. clear identity 4. Social base: Power citizen and institutional .
  28. 28. Social mobilization : Conventional Allows social networks: Define them Feeling proud of being behind Share stories THAT IS TO BE PART OF HISTORY! Tlf: +34 91 57 57 755
  29. 29. Social mobilization : Conventional Pyramid of compromise / community management Connection Working on BBDD Search "influentials" Exploit events or excuses to create community Build on groups or build groups SOMETHING ABOUT TO TALK! Tlf: +34 91 57 57 755 1. Bases, personal networks, affected 2. Stick with friends 3. General public 4. Active Participation in active platforms
  30. 30. Social mobilization : Conventional Pyramid of compromise In relation to the conversation, the contents serving: Conversation PERSONALIZATION Society of care: SHOW Care society demands information sexier than ever. Easy and attractive become Speaker: Communication causes reaction . Amplification. The symbolic and graph eat the conceptual. Is achieved media attention.
  31. 31. Social mobilization : Conventional Pyramid of compromise -Making life easier with applications -Maximizing activity of volunteers -Cooperation, healthy competition. ACTION Goals and achievements -Abundance of materials and SGC (Self Generated Content) Campaign 1 to 1 Involving different actors but not all at once People capable of reacting Motivations different from the usual
  32. 32. Social mobilization : Conventional Pyramid of compromise Finally : INFLUENCE Community grows and the level of compromise COMPROMISE Acquires its own life The new communication, bets on Personal Communications Risk Act differentl y than desired They want to be players (Listen) 5% de la población Two levels: Organization / volunteers Volunteers / legislators (Public Opinion)
  33. 33. Social mobilization : Conventional Excess tools Define use Result: Machine of policy action The secret Integrated into a platform
  34. 34. Conclusions 1 3 2 Create social networks is matter of time Coherence, Constancy and stability 6 5 4 Facilitate talk about us Integration and coordination of their parts Taking people seriously Participate in the conversation with them.
  35. 35.