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Finding the Right Job


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What 30 Years In Veterinary Practice Has Taught Me

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Finding the Right Job

  1. 1. Finding the Right Job… …What 30 Years in Practice Has Taught Me R.A. Dubensky DVM
  2. 2. Introduction  Life  Expert  Perspective
  3. 3. Memorable Cases
  4. 4. Memorable Cases
  5. 5. Memorable Cases
  6. 6. Memorable Cases
  7. 7. Qualities Necessary to Find the Right Job  Integrity  Reliability  Ability to get along  Enthusiasm  Inspiration  Appreciation for Human-Animal Bond
  8. 8. Integrity “You don’t have much experience, but I’m impressed by how you’ve blown it out of proportion.”
  9. 9. Qualities  Reliability  Ability to get along  Enthusiasm
  10. 10. Inspiration
  11. 11. Appreciation of the Human – Animal Bond
  12. 12. Human – Animal Bond
  13. 13. Human – Animal Bond
  14. 14. Fundamentals of Practice  Do No Harm  Do not get hurt  Reputation is most important
  15. 15. Fundamentals of Practice  History & PE  Tell them what you think, but you are not the last word  Do it right the first time
  16. 16. Fundamentals of Practice  Veterinarians are colleagues  Act, speak, dress professionally  Thank the client
  17. 17. Job Search - Warnings  Upkeep of Facility  Staff  Significant Other (who is it exactly that you are working for?)
  18. 18. Job Search – Practice Philosophy • JOB LISTINGS • Looking for a unique opportunity and a wonderful future with a progressive, fast growing practice? We want you. Must be compassionate, dedicated, kind, ethical, enthusiastic, conscientious, self-motivated, able to multi-task and work well with others, have good instincts, and be open to new ideas. We seek someone with excellent communication skills and flexibility, a “take charge” person with a gentle touch and a sunny disposition. Good surgical skills and an interest in alternative medicine and exotics a plus but will train any qualified individual with a license, and a heartbeat. Come join our hardworking, but not too hard, high quality, eager to please, competent staff who are always cheerful, have a great sense of humor and are personality problem free. Our well equipped, established, state of the art, fully computerized, always recently renovated practice is nestled in a bucolic, pristine, historical country village setting but close to all major metropolitan areas where exceptional outdoor and indoor recreational activities abound. Enjoy a family oriented but tolerant community and a loyal, upscale, compliant, multi-pet clientele. We offer very attractive compensation (you name your price) for very little work. Great benefits package includes health, 401K, continuing education, professional liability, bonuses, unlimited vacations, generous salary with a percentage of gross. No after hours emergencies and a very flexible work schedule. Will pay all relocation expenses, free housing available or will finance your new home at 0%. Buy in potential after 1 month if you can rectal cows.
  19. 19. Referral or Euthanasia – Not Always An Option
  20. 20. Job Search – People
  21. 21. Job Search – Place
  22. 22. Job Details  Salary  Benefits  Commission
  23. 23. Job Details
  24. 24. Job Details  Work Schedule  Emergency – Do no harm – Think quickly, formulate a plan, improve skills, build confidence – Make best memories
  25. 25. Emergency
  26. 26. Conclusion  Our profession requires both manual and mental skills.  You will be happy if you are good at it and you challenge yourself. You will be a good practitioner if you put in the time.  Practice requires practice.  With patience and hard work, you will acquire the skills and be fulfilled.