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Growing in the prophetic

This is a spiritual exercise that will help you expand your understanding in interpreting visions, dreams and word pictures. This exercise is best done with a small group but can be done alone. The overall goal is to know our own hearts and minds, to increase in humility and Christlikeness.

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Growing in the prophetic

  1. 1. Growing in the Prophetic Increasing Perception
  2. 2. Miscommunication is common  When we hear familiar friends and family talk to us  When reading instructions or “How to” manuals  When listening to directions  When reading Scripture  When listening to sermons, teachings, lectures  When God is speaking to us
  3. 3. Talk about it  Talking about our inability is more important that talking about our ability.  Freedom and insight is gained by exposing our weakness  When we hide or cover up our weakness in darkness, Satan or fallen human nature sneaks in and works their deeds in the darkness  The truth does set us free, free to grow, mature, gain wisdom and increase in love
  4. 4. How would you interpret these pictures? In small groups of 2-4 share your insight as though this was a picture you saw in a dream of vision.
  5. 5. Now talk with your group  There is NO right answer  Illumination come through seeing anothers perspective  By listening to others you are increasing your vocabulary as you hear what meanings, other than your own, are revealed in the picture  Rejecting what another sees may be a spirit of pride in your life. Being unteachable, “knowing the truth,” being boastful and haughty are spirits not compatible with sound prophecy
  6. 6. Here are my thoughts  The big cup: My first thoughts are glutton, greed or ample provision. By the cup covering over the face, I would say that this guy’s identity is being covered up. By using his right hand I would say he is trying to do all the lifting by using “favor” and not balancing things with his other hand (strengths). [Most of my life I have overeaten, so “to much” might be my default when it comes to food. I might misunderstand the need this person has for such a big cup.]  The Chapel: This speaks to be about separation, set apart for God. Along with this separation is a call to remember our traditions and past. The road is just a pathway symbolizing few come and go but the building is in great shape, illuminating the good condition of this tradition. [I am a country boy so I have a tender spot for both tradition and open spaces. This connection to my past might cause me to miss a call to “improve the roadway” or “expand.”]
  7. 7.  Coffee Cup: My attention was drawn to the lack of liquid on the side of the cup, it is as though it has not been drunk from lately, and possibly just sitting around, but that doesn’t not match the bubbles in the coffee. If the coffee was old, the top of the liquid would be flat. So this means fresh but inactive or activity that does not leave a stain. [I drink a lot of coffee so my insight might be related more from coffee drinking than I prefer. What if the issue is darkness or half full?]  Shoes: When I see shoes I think of someone’s walk with the Lord, the way they live. These shoes are not tied so this person is in a comfortable walk, or desiring to have a comfortable walk. The blue jeans could mean a working person or the call to be “normal” not elite or subservient. [Often I look at the word for an individual, and in this case, I might miss the feet representing the advancement of the gospel. The meaning could be about the Kingdom of God and the feet of those who bring good news.]  Fence: When I saw the fence I thought of boundaries. It appears to me that we are looking in, so this is a barrier to keep us out. The inside is dark, so I assume that we are not invited to enter in, if the inside of the fence was light I would take that as a call to overcome the barrier and enter in. [ My personality might cause me to see to many things as challenges and I could miss a call for safety and security. My first response to overcome all barriers might lead me to tear down some essential ones.]
  8. 8.  Game Controls: I first of all wondered if these were for an Xbox, leading me to think about the “X” factor and controlling it. There are two controls so there is the opportunity for both partnership and competition. The controls also speak of controlling, so the message might be to control or stop controlling. [Since I am not a gamer I might not have any understanding about joy, happiness or passion in regards to this image. I could misunderstand a call to be happy with a call not to waste time.]  Bridge: I think this is the bridge south of Hoover dam. But regardless I see the call and challenge to “cross over.” Because of the vastness of this project, I think this “crossing over” is not something a person can do on their own, they will need God and others. When I consider the vantage point of the picture I feel like the person watching will not be a part of those crossing over but will greatly enjoy seeing it happen. [I don’t have much fear about heights or water so I might miss any word that was about overcoming fear.]  Lock: When I first saw the lock, I saw that it was facing up, so water/weather would get into the lock and make it impossible to open. So I might say this is about something that if continues will make it impossible for even the key to open. I would see this as a condition to freedom. [From my experiences I have the idea of locks as “keep out” and miss understand if they are used to bind together or link. What if the intended idea was to permanently join together?]
  9. 9.  Splash: I have spent hundreds of hours by streams and lakes. I love fishing and sports. When I see this I see a rock being dropped in the water and making a splash. So “if we let the rock have impact in our lives, it will bring forth joy.” I might also see this as “there is a beauty about falling into the water of God.” [I wonder what I might think if I was one of those kids who got hit in the head by someone throwing a rock into the water?] Make your ear attentive to wisdom, Incline your heart to understanding; For if you cry for discernment, Lift your voice for understanding; If you seek her as silver And search for her as for hidden treasures; Then you will discern the fear of the LORD And discover the knowledge of God. Pro 2:2-5