FutureComm 2010: Video Quality Analysis and Measurement


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  • Let’s start by explaining why VQ is important.

    The main goal is how you can increase end user satisfaction.
    The main question is: how can various network conditions directly impact the video quality?
    For example, the images display packet loss on the network and it is extremely hard to see the video image clearly due to poor quality.

    Then we have the slide of why it is important to maintain video quality.
  • First let’s talk about the factors that can affect video quality:
    The first factor is network issues, which can be packet loss, and delay related to the transport layer. The other factors are related to the payload, such as video compression, complexity of the image, content type, etc.
  • First let’s talk about the factors that can affect video quality:
    The first factor is network issues, which can be packet loss, and delay related to the transport layer. The other factors are related to the payload, such as video compression, complexity of the image, content type, etc.
  • RADVISION is a video expert. It has over 17 years of experience in video conferencing, and constantly develops leading core technologies for video communication. RADVISION plays an extremely vital and active role in industry standardization by chairing or actively participating in the ITU-T, IETF and 3GPP, the Packet Cable Consortium and VoIP and Interoperability Forums. By incorporating the latest standards into our platform we assure customers with market leading technologies at all times.
    RADVISION is leading innovative research on video quality, inventing proprietary unique algorithms that guarantee high precision with good performance. Our research is extensive and thorough, including data analysis, advanced assessment techniques and synchronization.
    We have conducted joint research with leading universities to benefit from their many years of expertise and creative minds. We collaborated on several successful projects and obtained excellent algorithms for quality estimation.
    RADVISION’s intellectual property includes proprietary advanced video quality algorithms, quality optimization, and stream synchronization.
  • Now Tamar Barzuza will present our innovative research on video quality. Tamar is a senior Algorithm Researcher at RADVISION.
  • Now Tamar Barzuza will present our innovative research on video quality. Tamar is a senior Algorithm Researcher at RADVISION.
  • RADVISION provides VQ SDK binary for different OS that measures video quality in real-time and suggests how to improve video quality. The VQ SDK supports different video codecs, such as H.263, H.263+, H.264, MPEG-4 and different operating systems.
  • FutureComm 2010: Video Quality Analysis and Measurement

    1. 1. Name: Title: RADVISION Video Solution Analysis and Measurement Elie Cohen Oct 2010Date:Director, Product Management
    2. 2. Increased user satisfaction The visual sense is extremely important Video services are becoming a popular mode of communication at a reasonable price The Importance of Video Quality
    3. 3. What Types of Applications and Products Can Be Tested? Voice over IPVideo Web Collaboration Video Conferencing and TelePresence Voice & Video Endpoint MCU, Gateway Softswitch SIP Server ,… Video Mobile SIP, H.323, 3G-324M, IMS, Media Protocol
    4. 4. Network conditions Source of the video Compression level Image complexity Content type Network Parameters Video Parameters Content Parameters Content Type Image Parameters Factors That Affect Video Quality Video Quality Score
    5. 5. RADVISION’s Video Quality Solution Video Quality SDK Audio & Video Quality Monitoring VoIP Testing Suite VQ SDK Video Quality Standalone Testing Suite ProLab
    6. 6. RADVISION’s IPR • Proprietary advanced VQ technology • VQ cause analysis and optimization • Human vision database • Unique synchronization algorithm • 17 years of experience in video conferencing • Leading Video over IP core technology • Compliant with leading standards • Vital role in standardization Video Quality - innovative and unique research • VQ databases and data analysis • VQ assessment techniques • VQ formulas and coefficients • Stream analysis and synchronization • Joint research with academia • Image processing • Packet loss analysis • VQ No-Reference algorithms RADVISION’s Video Quality (VQ)
    7. 7. Video Quality Innovative Research
    8. 8. Video Quality Measurement Methodologies “Full-Reference” Offline “No Reference” Real-time Video Quality
    9. 9. Mean Opinion Score (MOS): The arithmetic mean of all individual observations, ranging from 1 (Bad) to 5 (Excellent). MOS Quality Impairment: Excellent Good Fair Poor Bad What is MOS ? 5 4 3 2 1
    10. 10. Network Parameters Codec Parameters Payload Objective Subjective Content Network Quality1 Codec Quality2 Image Quality3 RADVISION VQ Techniques
    11. 11. Packet Loss Detector Video packet loss concealment detection based on image content Innovative research presented at the 16th European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO2008) Over 90% detection precision
    12. 12. Human Vision Database Video Quality Surveys Unprecedented in scope (x1000 inputs) Variable contents: video conferences, streaming, motion pictures… Variable artifacts: blockiness, packet loss, blurriness… Worldwide, different viewing preferences Guarantees high correlation with human perception Database enhanced with state-of-the-art RV Full-Reference algorithms
    13. 13. Quality score based on: - Network parameters (objective and subjective) - Compression level - Packet loss propagation - Reason for Video Quality degradation; optimization methods Objective VMOS: 4.4 RV VMOS: 4.4 Figure A: No Packet loss Figure B: Packet loss Figure C: Propagation of Packet loss Objective VMOS: 2.4 RV VMOS: 2.4 Objective VMOS: 4.4 RV VMOS: 2.4 RADVISION’s Advanced Video Quality Techniques - Bit-rate and frame-rate fluctuation as an indication of quality - Dynamism level of the video
    14. 14. RADVISION’s Synchronization Algorithm Full-reference allows you to perform a Video Quality analysis and compare the original video sequence to a degraded one Unique adaptive algorithm to synchronize original  degraded Different frame rates Resizing Partial picture, picture in picture Compression artifacts Black period Welcome frames Logo additions Title additions
    15. 15. Video Quality Solution
    16. 16. RADVISION’s VQ SDK The RADVISION VQ Online Toolkit is a building block for the development of a wide range of video applications that are used to: Measure Video Quality in real-time Perform cause analysis Offer quality improvement options
    17. 17. Measure and analyze Audio and Video Quality Cause analysis Quality improvement options RADVISION’s VQ Monitor
    18. 18. Video Quality Monitor – Architecture CAPTURE NETWORK
    19. 19. ProLab - IMS, 3G and VoIP Testing Architecture Terminal Server Media Emulation Media Quality  SIP  H.323  IMS  3G-324M  SIP Server  IMS Server  Gatekeeper  Media Emulation  Network Impairment  Media Viewer  Audio & Video Playback  Audio MOS Ref-based (PESQ)  Audio MOS No-reference  Video MOS Full-reference  Video MOS No-reference, Passive Automation  XML/API  Test Scheduler  Test Result Analysis  Built-in Scripts ProLab
    20. 20. Script Driven • Test Scripts: Short test programs composed of dedicated, protocol- specific commands • Advanced tool for establishing elaborate and complex test scenarios • Built-in test cases • Built-in pre-recorded media Canned Scripts Template Scripting Language ProLab
    21. 21. Audio & Video Test Cases Media Statistics Network Errors Simulation Audio & Video Quality Automation ProLab Testing Suite - Architecture ProLab Testing Suite DB
    22. 22. ProLab Test Manager ProLab SIP Agent ProLab - Distributed Solution ProLab SIP Agent ProLab ProLab SIP Agent ProLab SIP Agent
    23. 23. Test Automation ProLab ProLab supports automated testing for both large-scale operations and small to medium-size needs: Large organizations can use XML/SOAP Test Scheduler offers a scheduling system for comprehensive automated test procedures XML/SOAP ProLab Test Manager Test Result ProLab Test Agent IP Network Third Party Test Controller Device Under Test
    24. 24. Signaling Emulation Advanced signaling emulation Media Emulation Voice & Video Multiple Media Viewer DTMF RFC 2833 Media Analysis Media Key Indicators (Packet Loss, Jitter, MOS, ...) Network Error Indicator Advanced Signaling Emulation Real Media Emulation (voice & Video) Media Analysis & Impairment Emulation ProLab – Advanced Emulation
    25. 25. Problem Detection and Solution Alerts on problems (< threshold) - alarms Tips offered for problem solving Real-time QoE Monitoring QoE Reports QoE trends analysis Actively detects and solves problems Controls your infrastructure! Tunes and optimizes your system! Use Cases
    26. 26. Ensures high quality end-user experience Automates, isolates and analyzes video problems Offers insight into user experience through reports, diagnostics and troubleshooting Unique video algorithm considers end- user experience and objective parameters Reduces testing time Benefits Complete Audio & Video Quality Solution ProLab
    27. 27. RV Monitoring Customers Worldwide
    28. 28. Where to Find Us? Corporate site Community Blogs Newsletter twitter This seminar, online: http://community.radvision.com/page/futurecomm-2010/
    29. 29. Name: Title:Elie Cohen elic@radvision.com Director, Product Management Thank You!