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"Global Travel Management" Presentation from The BTN Group & RADIUS


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Globalizing a travel program optimizes efficiency - both from an administrative perspective and by leveraging global spend with suppliers. With several globalization models available, which one is right for your company?

In this RADIUS-sponsored webinar, the BTN Group brings you a panel of experienced travel managers with globalized programs to discuss how to assess your program for globalization readiness and to review pros and cons of three unique models that will help guide your decision-making process.

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"Global Travel Management" Presentation from The BTN Group & RADIUS

  1. 1. Produced byGlobal Travel Management:What model is right for your company? Sponsored by
  2. 2. Session Agenda • Mark Walton, Consulting StrategiesModerator – Travel Globalization: Plans & Priorities • Teri Oachs, Cisco Systems – 1:1:1 Globalization Strategy – Why It Works for Cisco – Benefits & Challenges • Michelle De Costa, Sapient – Lead TMC w/ In-Market PartnersElizabeth WestGroup Director – Why it Works for SapientContent Solutions – Benefits & ChallengesBTN Group • All Panelists – Best In Market Strategy – Benefits & Challenges
  3. 3. Today’s Speakers Mark Walton Teri Oachs Michelle De Costa Partner America’s Global Travel Consulting Travel Manager Manager Strategies Cisco Sapient Produced by
  4. 4. Audience Survey: Current Program Structure How would you characterize your company’s current travel program? 19.3% 55% % 24.5% Source: BTN Group / RADIUS webinar registration survey of 296 buyers, March-April 2012 Produced by
  5. 5. Audience Survey: Globalization Goals On a scale of 1-5, please rate the importance of the following travel program globalization goals.• Traveler safety hasbecome the #1 priority GOAL BUYERS SUPPLIERSfor globalizing travel Safety & Security 4.13 4.02• Cost savings and Global Data 4.02 3.84accessing global data Cost Savings 4.02 3.71are equally critical Standard Service 3.94 3.85• Buyers and suppliers Standard Policy 3.84 3.72differ on importance of Streamlined Admin 3.78 3.58cost savings Source: BTN Group / RADIUS webinar registration survey of 240 buyers / 230 suppliers, March 2012 Produced by
  6. 6. Audience Survey: Globalization Models If you have researched models of travel globalization, which of the following configurations do you consider the most strategic for your company’s program? 19.5% 7.1% 19.5% 23%Source: BTN Group / RADIUS webinar registration survey of 303 buyers, March-April 2012 Produced by
  7. 7. Mark Walton, Consulting StrategiesTravel Globalization: Plans & Priorities Produced by
  8. 8. Why Globalize? • Create global standardsIs there a departmentwithin the organization • Places company in a position tothat usually advocates manage and control businessfor globalization? (travel policy compliance)How does thedepartment driving the • Develop operational efficienciesprocess affect thepriority of goals—do • Program savingsyou see a pattern? • Health, safety and security
  9. 9. Where to Start • Understand current cost of programDo your clientsusually choose to • Develop business caseglobalize all at once • Analyze cost of changeor do they plan aphased strategy? • Gain executive management supportDo you recommend • Establish strategy and requirementsone or the other • Critical to understand data down toapproach? very granular levels of detail • RFI v RFP?
  10. 10. Biggest Lessons Learned • It can take much more time thanWhat about technology you thinkchallenges?Many companies • Understanding local culture isremark upon how imperativedifficult it is to implementtravel management • Communication is criticaltools in certain markets—can you comment on • Involve regional stakeholdersthese challenges andhow accountability • Don’t guess on success – holdcomes into play here? suppliers accountable. • Service Level Agreements • Savings Guarantees
  11. 11. Importance of Data • Data aggregation can beHow granular cancompanies realistically accomplished regardless ofexpect to get with global operational considerationsdata? • Data integrity has been problematicTo what extent can • Key is to create actionable datacompanies standardize • Understand metrics associated withdetailed data acrossregions? travel category spend, but very important to show behavioral data • Must have drill down capabilities • Push or pull? What is best?
  12. 12. Teri Oachs, America’s Travel Manager, Cisco SystemsModel: The 1-1-1 Solution Produced by
  13. 13. Cisco: Vital Stats COMPANY TRAVEL PROGRAM• Cisco is the worldwide leader • 200M+ In combined travel in networking that transforms spend how people connect, • 310K+ transactions, annually communicate and collaborate. • Managed by 10 Cisco• Headquartered in San Jose, CA employees• Over 200 Offices worldwide- • Single Global Travel Policy servicing 120+ countries • Single TMC• 72K employees • Single Travel Tool 1985 1990 1996 2006
  14. 14. Globalization Vision Strategy & Goals
  15. 15. 1-1-1 Enables Seamless Global Servicing
  16. 16. Cisco Travel Pre GlobalizationAmericas Bedfont Bangalore
  17. 17. Cisco Travel Support Today BedfontAmericas Bangalore
  18. 18. Benefits of Global Consolidation• Seamless consistent global service capability• Supports process standardization• Consistency in interpretation of global travel policy• Leverage Cisco technology to enable business continuation optimization• Ongoing focus on streamlining cost efficiencies through technology and process improvements• Consistency in the deployment of any changes/updates expeditiously• Avoid costs associated with market inconsistencies• Easily incorporate local/regional market variations into the program while maintaining a constant foundation• Measure performance globally through a consistent approach to quality across all markets.
  19. 19. Key Challenges & Solutions Challenge Solution Global Travel Leadership Team effectively communicatedExecutive Level Support benefits of globalization to gain buy-in and support Conducted due diligence analysis to ensure benefitsEuro platform migration addressed local servicing and financial concernsCommunication and buy in of Communication strategy appropriately staged andall entities executed Addressed concerns endorsing globalization visionPerception of loss of benefits benefiting Cisco holisticallyPockets of resistance and Invoked change management strategy as appropriatereadiness levelsEnsuring other work activities Vetting of the globalization strategy with all entities, e.g. –were not affected HR, Finance, GPSRegulatory issues re ticketing, Developed strategy congruent with local requirementstaxes etc.Ensure local travel knowledge Strategic cross-training with focus on multi cultural servicingglobally dynamics
  20. 20. Cisco Globalization Accomplishments• Consolidated 91 centers into a centralized delivery structure with 3 global centers• Provided a single global self service online booking tool• Created a single access point for employees by adding an option to the Internal Service Center menu• Savings of close to $8 Million in Operational Efficiencies
  21. 21. Michelle De Costa, Global Travel Manager, SapientModel: Lead TMC + In Market Partners Produced by
  22. 22. About Sapient • Global Services firm operating three groups • Offices in 14 countriesSapient • Exceeded 1 billion in annual revenue in 2011Global Markets • Awards & Recognitions • Advertising Age • Britains top employers 2012 • Forrester WaveSapient • The DrumGov’t Services • Russian Academy of AdvertisingSapientNitro
  23. 23. Sapient Global Travel Program Snapshot
  24. 24. Sapient Travel Program Maturity
  25. 25. 2010 Sapient Travel Survey• 25% response rate to global travel survey When thinking about a TMC, please rank the following conducted October 2010 elements in order of importance (1=most important)• 62% of respondents from the US, followed by Germany (13%), India (10%), Canada (7%), UK (5%), all others (3%)• An on-line booking tool was ranked as most ve t e oo l nt in r li ppor r ic gt ge n r ou u p kin a me important by 45% of the 4 h ne s 2 o st w e bi l i t o la y b oo O r i te ns locat io s to e Cu vic L i e ph a li n you r respondents av On se
  26. 26. Globalization ModelAdvantages • Travelocity Business lead TMC• Best in class agency – Global Account Director by country – EMEA/APAC Local Account Management• Localized service• Highest level of – Global Reporting customer service • RADIUS Partners utilized todayDisadvantages – Cox & Kings – India• Specialized • 5 person implant functionality can vary – Portman Travel – EU Call Center by partner agency • UK, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands• All communication thru Travelocity Business – DERPART – Germany
  27. 27. Why Sapient chose this model RADIUS
  28. 28. Accessing Travel Content
  29. 29. Next Steps• Add travel manager India – Refine current travel process for India based Sapient people – Implement OBT in India• Incorporate Sapient acquisitions into program thru RADIUS network• Enhance technology thru TripCase – Communication campaign to increase usage • 36% usage with OBT sign in advertising only – Per trip supplier messaging – Sapient program awareness ideas • Corporate card program • Mobile phone program• Global Airline Analysis thru Tbiz
  30. 30. Group DiscussionModel: Best In Region Produced by
  31. 31. What is the Best In Region model?• Contract with multiple TMCs – vetting thru RFP process which one serves the region “best”• Utilize optimal GDS for region• Utilize optimal booking process for region – agency implant, local agency, local or regional online booking tool, etc.• Consolidating data… – Thru a designated TMC – Third-party data consolidator
  32. 32. The Argument For & Against BENEFITS CHALLENGES• Creates TMC competition to • Inability to drive volume drive performance in region through TMC reduces savings• Built in continuity plan if one • Requires additional internal TMC fails to perform resources to manage multiple• Optimized GDS and OBT in TMC relationships region accesses better content/rates • Non-standardized tools (online portals, traveler profiles) reduce• Tacit knowledge and program support understanding of local service• • Additional cost to consolidate Better customized reporting for each region data thru a third party• Cleaner data via third party
  33. 33. Group Analysis• Mark, do you see many companies ultimately adopt this “best in region” model?• Michelle, you have a little bit of a hybrid of this model-- did you consider the RADIUS partners best in region or did you choose because they were streamlined through a network?• Teri, does Cisco ever worry that consolidating with one agency reduces business continuity planning?• Mark, what do you make of this data argument? That companies get better data when processed through a third party or that a regional TMC will offer more flexible data and reporting?
  34. 34. Thank You from RADIUS• RADIUS designs & delivers custom travel management programs for multinational companies• Account management & data consolidation from RADIUS plus• Local service from the RADIUS network of 90 corporate travel agencies in 3,300 locations across 80 countries.• Go to; click on the Contact Us tab
  35. 35. Live Q&A – Send Questions Now! Mark Walton Teri Oachs Michelle De CostaConsulting Strategies Cisco Sapient Produced by
  36. 36. Produced byThank You For Attending! Contact RADIUS: Sponsored by