How Gypsies are represented


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How Gypsies are represented

  1. 1. Representations in the media!
  2. 2. Representations in the media!• Representations in the media means how people are shown in things like films, reality TV, magazines, newspaper.
  3. 3. Gypsy way of life!• Gypsies live in a caravan• Gypsies come from all over the world, in this country most gypsies come from Ireland.• Gypsies tend not to mix with outside world.• Gypsies spend their time travelling around the country going to various places and fairs.• The Gypsy way of life is very old fashioned.• Gypsies usually get married at a young age (16-18).
  4. 4. How a Gypsy lifestyle is different from ours• A gypsy lifestyle is different from ours because gypsies move around a lot so they need a mobile home like a caravan.• They also lead an old fashioned way of life as they believe that the male role is more important than the female role.
  5. 5. Bad RichLive in caravans Old Fashioned Go to fairs Males go to work Get married Stereotypical views of young Good gypsies Horses Fortune telling Steal Irish Females stay at home
  6. 6. How the stereotypes are shown.• The stereotypes are shown in gypsies from ‘My big fat Gypsy wedding’ because of how big and fancy their weddings are, which prove that the gypsies are rich and also in one episode they travel up north to the Appleby fair, which proves that they move around quite a bit.
  7. 7. How the stereotypes are subverted• The stereotypes are also subverted from the gypsies in ‘My big fat Gypsy wedding’ because none of the gypsies stole anything, which proves that not all gypsies steal and also in one episode a female gypsy had a job which subverts that the females always stay at home and clean.
  8. 8. How Gypsies are represented!• Gypsies are represented in the show ‘My big fat Gypsy Wedding’ as traditional as they like a fairy-tale wedding and they like their wedding to be big, for instance the bride’s dress is usually quite big and they come in a horse and carriage. They also wear revealing clothes, jewellery and make-up which can make them appear older than they are.
  9. 9. How gypsies may affect the society• Gypsies may affect the society in a negative way because people have known gypsies to steal so people may think that it’s ok for them to steal as well.• Gypsies also affect society in a positive way because they do spiritual things like fortune telling which may make other people want to take up fortune telling and start a new trend.