Windows 8: Why You Should Care


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If you are a marketer, designer or developer, Windows 8 should be in your overarching digital assets as a platform to deliver your brand experience to the huge number of consumers that use Windows devices and Windows 8 technology. Windows 8 technology has a user-friendly interface, clean design elements and intuitive features and functions that can be scaled across desktops, tablets and Windows phones. R2i has designed and developed numerous W8 solutions for clients in a variety of industries in part so they can leverage the unique capabilities of Windows 8 and in part so they can provide a holistic platform offering across all devices to their customers. Find out why Windows 8 should be part of your digital strategy.

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  • I work on a Macbook Pro, use an iPad mini, yet I have a galaxy s3 in my pocket and design windows 8 apps at work. Whether you like windows 8 or not we can’t ignore it any longer, its not going a way anytime soon.My point is we need to recognize another large player in the room
  • So when I say why YOU, what I am referring to is:
  • Designers:Should care because you have the chance be apart of a new movement, not a lot of designers are out there right now designing for windows 8. Developers:Should care because there is a lot of work out there, Microsoft needs good developers to help get more apps in the marketplaceAgencies:Should care because there is a lot of opportunities to get your foot in the door with enterprise companies to help expand their brand across platformsEnterprise Companies:Should care because they have the ability to reach audiences through a new channel and expand their brand presence and enable their work force
  • Windows 8 was built on this statement• Take your computer outside of the office and work from anywhere is extremely convenient• Data synchronized between your desktop and tablet devices.
  • This demonstrates the opportunity to reach a large global audience
  • All windows apps are moving to cloud support!Sooo what does that mean? Tablets are going to be even more in demand
  • The start button will be returning in the new release due to popular demand.
  • Detailed results that include (possibly) music, big pics, videos, etc. This is much more robust than any other OS
  • Macbook Example about having to resize window or toggle back and forth
  • Don’t miss your opportunity to be involved with this mobile movement.
  • Windows 8: Why You Should Care

    1. 1. Mobile Identity Crisis?
    2. 2. Why _______ should care?
    3. 3. Designers Developers Agencies Companies
    4. 4. Mobile: A device that helps you stay productive and connected on the go.
    5. 5. Stats
    6. 6. • 91.67 % - Windows Users • 7.07% - Mac Users
    7. 7. Over the next five years, total shipments of tablet computers to enterprises around the world to increase to 48% +48% 40 percent of enterprise companies will move to or include mobile apps by 2014 +40% Profit on every windows appl sold in the marketplace+80%
    8. 8. 8.1 Features
    9. 9. Return of the Start Button
    10. 10. Search Everywhere
    11. 11. 50/50 Screen Split
    12. 12. Why _______ should care?
    13. 13. My main point to take away here: There is a lot of opportunities to gain clients, build brand recognition, find a new job, and make money selling apps with Windows 8.
    14. 14. Just scratching the “surface”, connect at: Twitter:@sznichols Linkedin: in/sznichols