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R2 Labs supports many of the world's most recognized brands.

R2 Labs is a leading provider of research and strategy consulting services to many of the world's most recognized brands including the leading institutional investors and equity capital fund managers, the top global strategy consulting firms and institutions, as well as global enterprise leadership teams across a wide range of industries and verticals.

Services include operations, technology and strategy consulting, management and decision sciences, and market segment and information technology research advisory services.

R2 Labs
R2 Labs supports many of the world’s most recognized brands.
Info@R2Labs.net | www.R2Labs.net

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R2 Labs | Business Cases

  1. 1. Business CasesIntroduction: R2 Labs is a leading providerof research and strategy consultingservices to many of the world’s mostrecognized brands including the leadinginstitutional investors and equity capitalfund managers, the top global strategyconsulting firms and institutions, as well asglobal enterprise leadership teams across awide range of industries and verticals.Services include operations, technology Diveand strategy consulting, management anddecision sciences, and market segmentand information technology researchadvisory services. R2 Labs | R2 Labs supports the world’s most recognized brands Ph 404.433.9500 | Info@R2Labs.net | www.R2Labs.net
  2. 2. A Media & Entertainment StudioOverview: Meg has the vision but as CIOin an organization this lean, she needsinterim leadership to deliver her visionacross all business units.Solution: R2 understands Meg’s visionand facilitates an open dialogue withbusiness unit representatives to definebusiness requirements, research and augment the vision, and captureand right-size each initiative in a strategic plan.R2 delivers and communicates Meg’s vision -- everything-as-a-service,bring-your-own-device, as well as pristine product data, informationsecurity, and collaborative new tools and technologies. Business unitsnow collaborate from the same script in real-time across the globe.
  3. 3. A Consumer Products EnterpriseOverview: Margaret is responsible fortransforming how a consumer productsgiant delivers new products to market.Speed, safety, and efficiency all at a factionof the cost. In a word, she’s re-creating aculture.Solution: R2 prepares a strategic planand gains global buy-in from across the organization.Trials of Margaret’s vision suggest drastic speed-to-marketreductions from the current baseline, increased productivity andcollaboration, all at substantial cost savings including the cost of newtools and technologies.
  4. 4. A Global Beverage CompanyOverview: Florian recognizes the strategicbenefits of increasing strategic R&Dcollaboration across global design centersin terms of speed-to-market, increasedcollaboration, and further innovation incommercialization and supply chaininnovation.Solution: With a clear understandingof the vision, R2 prepares a strategic planwith elements to achieve the goals of the vision including global R&DCenter vision alignment, collaborative new tools and technologies, aknowledge base of best-practices, a central repository for data andmedia, and feedback from functional experts from across theenterprise. In 6-months, the vision is validated, socialized andaccepted by leaders across the enterprise.
  5. 5. An Investment BankOverview: Recently assigned to identifyacquisition targets for an existing client,Nigel must ramp quickly to understand themarket segment and the major players.Solution: R2 provides Nigel withan in-depth market overview overthe phone and a premium technologymarket research report on five quadranttargets.As Nigel must develop a comprehensive valuation of the target, R2 furthersupports Nigel working closely with him to develop a 10 year growthforecast for the market segment, and a 10-year sales forecast for eachtarget. R2 continues to support Nigel and his company with premiummarket research advisory services.
  6. 6. A Culinary Services StartupOverview: Sophie is a culinary talent with asharp business acumen. Her team of souschefs go to extremes daily to keep up withfast-growing demand for her culinarydelights.Solution: R2 shadows her teamgathering valuable ideas and insightsinto machine and operator losses.Time studies are prepared and process deconstructed.In two weeks, a transformational Production Operations Assessmentis presented to Sophie that will further separate production channelsinto chef-preferred daily demand and growing high-volume organicretail production.
  7. 7. A Public Broadcasting CompanyOverview: Anne manages a targetedfundraising campaign for a publicbroadcasting company.Solution: R2 evaluated existinganalytics and content, and crafted amore targeted and effective messageto reinvigorate an existing publictelevision fundraising campaign.
  8. 8. An Institutional InvestorOverview: Rob is preparing an update tohis investment thesis on a major tech firmthat reports earnings next week. Withspeculation of a new product launchannouncement, he needs an update on thetech firm, as well as an objective review ofhis assumptions and risks.Solution: R2 prepares a review of Robsthesis with several additions including a detailed analysisof market demand for the rumored technology, the adoption curve, as wellas the likely market entry point for the tech firm to release the product.R2 also prepares BOM cost estimates for the product line, and a detailedlists of manufacturing and country risks Rob has yet to consider. With R2ssupport, Rob has fortified his thesis and is well-prepared to defend it.
  9. 9. An Internet StartupOverview: Thomas is leading theacquisition of a high-growth tech firm forthe client of his employer, a leading venturecapital firm.Solution: Thomas engages R2 tocapture, document and manage thetrademarked technology, processes,and resources before the founders exitthe acquired company.R2 also prepares product line valuations for each product type based ontrue transactional volume. R2 continues to support the close of theacquisition as the operational audit lead on the acquisition team whilekeeping Thomas, his company, and their client up to speed on the deal.
  10. 10. A Premium Strategy Consulting FirmOverview: A partner in a professionalservices firm, Emma is leading a newengagement for a client in an unfamiliarindustry.Solution: R2 facilitates an Q&Aconference call immersing Emma’steam in the nuances of the industry.Competitors, entrenched providers, new entrants, the industry coststructure, competitor pricing, new technologies and services, as well asindustry best practices are discussed.Though with a deeper insight into the industry, new questions have arisen,Emmas team is up-to-speed and confident their planned approach willsucceed.
  11. 11. A Global Supply Chain EnterpriseOverview: Linda manages supply chainoperations for a major global enterprise.She relies primarily on software and dataproviders to identify elements of supplierrisk in her supply base.Solution: R2 has deep expertise inrisk and conducts a risk analysis ofLindas entire supply base issuing a supplybase score.For future years and for any acquisitions, Linda can rely on this baselinescore to measure her teams performance across the globe and focusresources where need to monitor risk including mission critical suppliers,new vendors, and even new acquisitions or business units in othercountries.
  12. 12. An Equity VentureOverview: Emerson leads a new venture inLondon and is in need of turn-key supportin the US. His software and servicebusiness has become popular and hesstruggling to keep up with demand.Solution: R2 quickly mastersEmersons software and beginsleading post-sale implementations including leading relationships with thenew client enterprise leadership team, facilitating a requirementsworkshop, configuring the system, and training team members.R2 also provides on-going customer support, as well a pre-sales supportin the US.Emerson is free to focus on growing his business.
  13. 13. A Global Technology CompanyOverview: Edward manages salesoperations for a high-growth serviceprovider. His pipeline is full withopportunities but his team’s workflowprocess can no longer handle the volume.Solution: After deconstructingEdwards team’s processes, R2 quantifiessales cycle time for each contract type, identifies bottleneck causes, andproposes a realignment of workflows to support his team’s new growthvolume. R2 also works with legal to standardize custom contracts.R2 re-designs and reconfigures Salesforce.com into intuitive stages toachieve a 1 day SLA for processing a new opportunities. R2 trains theteam and now, with intuitive workflows and confidence in the process,Edwards national sales agents no longer waste time chaperoning deals,and are free to invest more time with clients.
  14. 14. A Technology Software & Services FirmOverview: Liam has just implemented anew CRM software system to manage histeams opportunities but isnt seeing thebenefits promised from the softwarevendor.Solution: R2 conducts a quickassessment of Liams sales processesand suggest a few elemental changes to optimize the way salesopportunities are processed.In less than 4 weeks, the productivity shift has improved the averagenumber of days it takes to process a contract from 8 days to 1 day. Liamssales team revenue has increased by 53% based entirely on productivityimprovements in operational efficiency since his sales executives spendmore time selling and less time chaperoning deals.
  15. 15. Get Started R2 Labs Ph 404.433.9500 | Info@R2Labs.net | www.R2Labs.net R2 Labs supports the worlds most recognized brands San Francisco | Los Angeles | Boulder | Atlanta | London R2 Labs | R2 Labs supports the world’s most recognized brands Ph 404.433.9500 | Info@R2Labs.net | www.R2Labs.net