A Market Segment Analysis | Leading Cloud Innovators


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R2 Labs supports many of the world's most recognized brands.

R2 Labs is a leading provider of research and strategy consulting services to many of the world's most recognized brands including the leading institutional investors and equity capital fund managers, the top global strategy consulting firms and institutions, as well as global enterprise leadership teams across a wide range of industries and verticals.

Services include operations, technology and strategy consulting, management and decision sciences, and market segment and information technology research advisory services.

R2 Labs
R2 Labs supports many of the world’s most recognized brands.
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A Market Segment Analysis | Leading Cloud Innovators

  1. 1. Cloud InnovatorsIntroduction: R2 Labs is a leading providerof research and strategy consultingservices to many of the worlds mostrecognized brands including the leadinginstitutional investors and equity capitalfund managers, the top global strategyconsulting firms and institutions, as well asglobal enterprise leadership teams across awide range of industries and verticals.Services include operations, technology Get Startedand strategy consulting, management anddecision sciences, and market segmentand information technology researchadvisory services. R2 Labs | R2 Labs supports the worlds most recognized brands Ph 404.433.9500 | Info@R2Labs.net | www.R2Labs.net
  2. 2. Cloud Innovators
  3. 3. Leading Innovators Security Consumer Cloud Cisco Systems, IBM Apple iCloud Open Source Service Providers Rackspace, RedHat China Telecom, Orange, ATT, Verizon Mobile Graphics Chips Turn-key Enterprise Hybrid Clouds NVIDIA; Calxeda; ARM Apple, Google, Amazon,VMWare Cloud Applications Content Management System (CMS) Providers Google, LinkedIn, Facebook Bridgeline Digital Virtualization Specialty Cloud Software VMware (Nicira); Oracle (Xsigo); Regulatory Functions Big Data Center Providers Akamai
  4. 4. Cloud Innovators Security
  5. 5. Subsegments in Cloud Services Security Storage Big Data Storage SW Big Data HW Networking Data Center Cloud Provider 0 5 10 15 20 Source: GigaOM
  6. 6. Cloud Computing Security & Management Unified Threat Management UTM Cisco Systems, IBM, Check Point, Clavister, Cyberoam, Fortinet, gateProtect, Juniper Networks, Kerio Technologies, Netasq, Netgear, SonicWALL, Sophos, Trustwave, WatchGuard Identify & Access Management Encryption CA Technologies, Okta, RightScale, Symantec McAfee, Trend Micro Appliances On-premise Application Testing Check Point Veracode Realtime Monitoring of Events & System States Data Recovery CloudPassage, BMC (Numara) Acronis Firewalls Data Recover Expert Resources Dome9, NTT, Akamai (Kona) EVault
  7. 7. Cisco Systems Focus Opportunity Unified Threat Management UTM The Gold Standard Challenges Competition Capabilities of Competitors Increasing; Price Capacity; Small Company Solutions
  8. 8. Cloud Innovators Opensource
  9. 9. Rackspace Free customers from the vendor lock-in that they face at other major cloud providers. - Lanham Napier, CEO
  10. 10. Rackspace Focus Opportunity Rackspace Hosting & Open Source Risk, Scaleability, Flexibility, New Features Software (DaaS), Integrated Solutions (Layers) Challenges Competition Amazon Web Services Size (Price Pressure) Relative to Microsoft’s Azure Service Competition
  11. 11. Rackspace Cloud Servers (Open IaaS) Risk Management Best Practice: Multiple Providers for Continuous Business Operations Amazon Outages: Architectural Glitches Beyond Weather? Recent Amazon Defections (10%?) to Rackspace (Openstack) Cloud Servers Migration to Cloud Servers Enables Faster Customer Scaleability Cloud Servers platform enables RAX to target much larger server deployments as it is 25x faster for server create requests vs RAX’s existing cloud platform (200 Servers up and running in 20 minutes). New Features Database As A Service, Increased Adoption & Revenue (1 database server for every 3-4 web servers) Flexibility Open & Ubiquitous, Easily Migrate-able (more acquirable / integrate-able ?) Integrated Solutions (Layers) AWS offers through Eucalyptus and Nimbula.
  12. 12. Cloud Innovators Mobile Graphics Chips
  13. 13. ARM Server Hardware Small Socket Server Innovators ARM NVIDIA Calexida
  14. 14. ARM Server Hardware The most significant thing is the way data centres are going...with the Amazons and the Facebooks and their Chinese equivalents, theres been a shift in how the whole software ecosystem has been built out. Although software packages such as Windows Server are currently designed solely for the x86 platform, Linux and apps built for it can happily run on ARM processors. Instead of traditional software packages from Oracle, Microsoft and SAP, there is a combination of user owned software and open source.... - Ian Ferguson, ARM
  15. 15. ARM Server Hardware For a non-x86 architecture, theres an opportunity to compete, with less ties to x86 binaries and things like that. Clearly,Windows has a very strong position in the enterprise server markets, but in the cloud its heavily centred around Linux. - Ian Ferguson, ARM
  16. 16. ARM Focus Opportunity Cross-platform Computer Graphics Capitalize on Evolving Independence Small Socket Servers ARM® Mali™-T604 graphics from x86 Architecture processing unit OpenCL (Open Computing Language) Challenges Competition Chip Performance & Speed to Market Chip performance against NVIDIA and Conformance for Full Profile OpenCL Calxeda? (First to Submit)
  17. 17. ARM Small Socket Servers: 21% of Server Market by 2016 (95% CAGR) 9 9 6.75 6.5 Source: Oppenheimer Units (000) 4.5 3 2.25 1.5 0.5 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
  18. 18. Cloud Innovators Cloud Apps
  19. 19. Google Focus Opportunity Audience Size,Value, Monetization Cloud Apps (No longer about scale or speed to market) Challenges Competition Extracting Value Keeping costs in line (LinkedIn, Facebook) What & how much will users pay for?
  20. 20. Cloud Innovators Virtualization
  21. 21. VMware Focus Opportunity Value (ROI) Data Center Virtualization Software Efficiencies of Scale Optimization Challenges Competition ?? Oracle (Xsigo);
  22. 22. Cloud Innovators Big Data Center
  23. 23. Akamai Focus Opportunity Big Data Centers Fast Challenges Competition ? ?
  24. 24. Akamai Global Mobile Data Traffic Exabytes Per Month: 78% CAGR 2011-2016 12 10.8 9 Source: Cisco Systems Units 6 6.9 (000) 4.2 3 2.4 1.3 0.6 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
  25. 25. Akamai Netflix Pandora Data Consumption Facebook Web Email 400 300 Source: Cisco Systems Units (000) 200 100 Email+Web +Facebook +Pandora +Netflix
  26. 26. Cloud Innovators Consumer
  27. 27. Apple iCloud Designed by Apple in California
  28. 28. Questions?
  29. 29. Get Started R2 Labs Ph 404.433.9500 | Info@R2Labs.net | www.R2Labs.net R2 Labs supports the worlds most recognized brands San Francisco | Los Angeles | Boulder | Atlanta | London R2 Labs | R2 Labs supports the worlds most recognized brands Ph 404.433.9500 | Info@R2Labs.net | www.R2Labs.net