The Community Of Gaming & Hardware Enthusiasts


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The Community Of Gaming & Hardware Enthusiasts

  1. 1. The community of Gaming<br />&Hardware Enthusiasts<br />
  2. 2. Hardware enthusiasts <br />They are geeks<br />They are highly influential amongst family and friends<br />They upgrade at least twice a year<br />They are loyal to certain brands<br />They are open minded and can be educated on USP’s<br />They have a large disposable income<br />They spend more on Tech products than any other demographic<br />
  3. 3. One big community of Gamers<br />They Game on their own<br /> They Game online<br />They Game at home<br /> They Game at organised events<br />They Game in Centres<br />They Game in Groups <br /> They compete 2 win<br />They are boring individuals that have no life<br />They spend on Tech products more often than any other demographic<br />
  4. 4. Heaven Media social scale<br />The influencers who tell the gamers what to play<br />Gamers follow the Enthusiasts lead<br />Enthusiasts<br />Mainstream who listen and follow<br />Gamers<br />MainstreamSocial<br />
  5. 5. How they help<br />The Influencer<br />The typical audience will both influence and drive messages into mainstream<br />8 out of ten have Twitter accounts<br />Prolific users of YouTube to both view and post<br />4 out of ten actively run Facebook groups<br />
  6. 6. Europe's largest Community of Gamers<br />1<br />Europe's top Online Tournaments<br />2<br />Heaven <br />MEDIA<br />Europe’s number 1 for eSports news<br />3<br />Org. UK’s largest gaming show<br />4<br />4<br />World renowned influential Hardware site<br />5<br />News-Reviews-Events-Tournaments-Community<br />
  7. 7. Hardware<br />Gaming<br />1.6m <br /> unique visitors<br />565,000<br /> Registered members<br />500,000<br /> Monthly Movie views<br />6 Highly focused sites covering Games, Hardware and eSports<br />No.1<br />for UK online Gaming<br />
  8. 8. What do the Heaven Media community do?<br />The most enthusiastic of enthusiasts<br />48% own more than 3 computersConsoles<br />94% of users upgrade their own PC<br />91% will upgrade in the next 12 months<br />The earliest adopters <br /> <br /> 77% buy everything online<br /> 37% own a tablet Computer <br /> 67% of our total audience work in IT<br /> 37% in Senior IT Management<br />Hardcore gamers<br /> <br />87% Game on average 28 hours per week<br />54% bought over 20 games in last 12 months<br />65% download their games<br />62% rarely or never purchase magazines<br />The biggest spenders<br /> <br />44% earn over £35k per year<br />74% spend £1,000 on Gaming in 2011<br />49% paid over £1,000 for their primary PC<br />
  9. 9. Our World<br />81%<br />14 %<br />Europe<br />America<br />5%<br />Other<br />Fully<br />Geo-target<br />
  10. 10. Sponsored<br />Events<br />Site<br />Takeover<br />Event<br />Hosting<br />Community <br />Management<br />Online<br />Tournaments<br />Microsite<br />Management<br />Results<br />Tailored Solution<br />What Heaven Media can deliver<br />
  11. 11. Case study - <br />The Requirement<br />Several months after the release of Alienware's M11x gaming laptop, Heaven Media were approached to create a completely original campaign to demonstrate to the gaming audience just how ideally suited the product is to both gaming and travelling.<br />The Solution<br />Using a dedicated micro site to keep consumers up to date with the campaign, four contestants selected from the world of competitive gaming would be kitted out with everything they needed to travel around Europe for two months, including funding and an Alienware M11x laptop. They would blog and video-blog regularly, as well as competing in weekly challenges, voted on by their fans in online gaming communities.<br />Each contestant, aiming to win as many votes as possible, would work hard to engage the communities, and to get more and more gamers following their journeys, helping to make the campaign go viral. Potential Alienware customers would be highly engaged throughout the two month period, regularly checking for the latest news, updates, blogs and galleries, and their involvement in the voting each week would help retain their interest. At the same time, the contestants’ activities would help show off the M11x’s strengths, as they used it at sports matches, Esports tournaments, in tents and on trains, in every imaginable situation. <br />The Campaign<br /> <br />The ‘Alienware Backpacking Challenge’ was a huge success, garnering attention and interest not only from Heaven Media’s community websites, but from all over the gaming spectrum.<br />All four contestants managed to visit more than ten different countries over their two months, stopping off in numerous places in each, and between them they managed to cover twenty countries, experiencing the culture of each one. <br />Tens of thousands of votes came in over the weeks, and in between casting those votes, special offers on various Alienware machines were taken advantage of, with the M11x in particular winning many over as the perfect companion for gaming at home and on the road. A simple search in Google for Alienware Backpacking Challenge will show you just how popular this competition was with hundreds of sites linking in to the latest happenings throughout! <br /> <br />Consumers were directed to the micro site which was the hub of the entire campaign, over 300,000 visits came from over 70 countries as well as thousands of comments posted throughout various different networks.<br /> We utilised the micro site to provide the latest offerings from Alienware<br />A pan European marketing push was used to drive visitors to the micro site where they could follow the latest tasks and blogs from the participants.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />
  12. 12. Case study - <br />The Requirement<br />Electronic Arts, one of the world’s largest game developers and publishers, approached Heaven Media looking for a campaign that would be surprising and innovative, with the aim of capturing attentions and raising awareness of the upcoming release of the Medal of Honor title.<br />Running before the release of the game, the campaign was designed to make sure that gamers were keenly anticipating its launch, and that it stayed at the fore-front of their minds as one of the must-have titles of 2010.<br /> <br />The Solution<br />Initially a competition would take place to select three members of Heaven Media’s community websites to spend a week training to be a Tier 1 Operator (the title character of the game), an all-expenses covered week learning hand-to-hand combat, weaponry instruction, military tactics and much more.<br />The main aspect of the campaign, however, was to produce three videos containing footage of the competition winners’ training, as well as scenes from the new game.  These would spread virally due to the comedic nature of watching three gamers being trained by former soldiers, and on account of the comparison between the plot of the game and the real-life experience.<br /> <br />The Campaign<br />Interest in the competition was high, as thousands looked to grab the chance of a once-in-a-lifetime experience, signing up to the prize draw. After Heaven Media’s highly experienced post-production staff had cut the footage taken from the week of training into three exciting pieces of video content, they were released on a weekly basis, to sustain the interest over a period of just over a month. <br />Tens of thousands of views later, the videos were one of the most talked about subjects on our community sites, and by many other gamers as well. In addition to enjoying the videos as entertainment, a large number of viewers went out of their way to discover more about the upcoming game, as well as the comparisons between real Tier 1 Operators and the Medal of Honor experience.<br />EA posted the 3 separate videos created by Heaven Media across their YouTube channel, during the one month period they were the most watched videos on their channel<br />Video production was of the <br />highest quality, below the participants<br />are being put through their paces <br />by the drill sergeant<br />
  13. 13. Case study - <br />The Requirement<br />Ahead of the release of the latest title in Sega’s extremely popular Total War franchise, Heaven Media were asked to create a campaign to raise interest in the game within a busy Q1 2010 period in which many other major PC titles were coming out, and also to provide a high-impact demonstration of the cinematic and epic scale of the Total War series.<br />The Solution<br />Heaven Media created a microsite for Napoleon Total War, providing an overview of the game, as well as various other features such as a history of the Total War series.<br />The site’s key attraction was to be a series of entertaining videos that would show off the quality of the in-game footage, while adding a unique spin to grab the interest of readers from various community websites.<br />Two of the most popular and successful esports journalists, each representing one of Heaven’s two largest esports communities that they were running, would play each other in a series of battles to settle the age-old question, regularly fought in forums and chat rooms, of which of the two communities was the best - a question regularly debated with much heat.<br />Having hired the most complete Napoleonic fortification in Britain, originally built in 1756 and then strengthened at the beginning of the Napoleonic wars, our journalists and film crew went deep into the fort’s tunnels, to spend two days filming both the in-game battles themselves, and the two journalists in full Napoleonic dress.<br />The Campaign<br />The nature of the videos was such that our many readers were instantly drawn to watch by the mere inclusion of the figureheads of their respective community sites, and by the urge to prove themselves as the most powerful community.<br />After two solid days of filming footage and taking video output from the in-game battles, our video editors set to work producing three main videos, as well as a series of shorter highlights. Each main video featured the battle itself, footage of the two “generals” before and after the match, and an introduction into a key aspect of the game, introducing viewers who were unfamiliar with the Total War series.<br />After the first two videos were released, and the score standing at one all, the two sites were given the task of voting on who would win the third and final battle, providing them with the ability to become involved themselves – the third battle had already been filmed twice, for either scenario to take place.<br />While no awards for acting skills were likely to arrive, the humorous nature of the battle was extremely well received, and provided an invaluable opportunity for thousands of gamers to see for themselves the quality of Napoleon Total War’s gameplay and graphics, with many commenting on the similarity in quality between the in-game footage and Hollywood blockbusters, and a clear increase in intend-to-purchase figures.<br />The dedicated micro site offered access to all the virtual battles that were played out as well as information about the two ‘’generals’’ taking part, a lot of anticipation was generated as the videos were released on a weekly basis to ensure the audience remained captivated throughout the campaign with thousands of comments being posted during that period<br />
  14. 14. Case study - <br />The Requirement<br />Full Tilt Poker, the world’s second largest online poker network, recognised the strong synergy between their service and online gaming, and approached Heaven Media to introduce gamers to the world of poker, as well as positioning Full Tilt as the number one place to play. Keen to avoid pushing any marketing on an audience before winning their trust, the campaign they were looking for would primarily be focused on supporting the Esports community, with more traditional marketing following afterwards.<br />The Solution<br />The first of the two major aspects of this campaign would be five tournaments aimed at four different communities of gamers, run on Heaven Media’s Esports Heaven website, one of Europe’s most popular websites for online tournaments. Over €6,000 in cash prizes would be provided, making these tournaments a true highlight of the esports calendar, bringing in the very best teams to compete, and ensuring coverage and attention from the entire industry.<br />The second aspect of the campaign is the “Rush Poker Challenge”, a five week contest between sixteen of the most recognisable faces in competitive gaming, from professional players to TV presenters to journalists. Fans would be drawn in to support their heroes, while learning all about Full Tilt Poker, and more specifically their “Rush Poker” format, a new high-speed way to play poker that no other company offers.<br />In addition to these two major projects, multiple competitions will be held for the general public to win chips with which to play<br />The Campaign<br />The plan to gain the trust of the communities before selling them on the benefits of Full Tilt starting paying off from day one, with many gamers signing up, and commenting that any company supporting their passion deserved their support in return.<br />The five online tournaments have seen several thousand gamers taking part, ranging from the very top of the professional scene down to amateur levels, and between them they will notch up literally tens of thousands of hours playing. Meanwhile, coverage sites are, and will be, reporting on the news, fixtures and results, allowing the wider communities to follow the tournaments much as they would any other sporting event.<br />The Rush Poker Challenge has brought in some of the most influential and popular personalities ever to grace the competitive gaming scene, and is being keenly followed by thousands of fans, cheering on their favourite contestants.<br />
  15. 15. Thank You!<br /><br />Download our App today from <br />