B L Y     UID OURR V N P A             E E UE L N   T C    O OUN ON L A ON I E         T    OC L LN         A V R II G R V...
               Qzedia:	  The	  World’s	  Local	  Web	  Platform	                                                          ...
Our	  business:	  	  	  Build	  your	  Revenue	  Plan	  to	  count	  on	  	                                     Local	  On...
How	  do	  we	  create	  value?	                         Real-­‐time	  location-­‐based	  inventory	  	  	  	             ...
      	                                        Inbound           Intake of location                                     pr...
      Mobile Matters More Today Than Yesterday           But Not as Much as TomorrowIntroduce	  SMBs	  to	  geo	  location...
Qzedia	  is	  a	  Technology	  Partnership	              based	  on	  “Placecasting”	  	  Our	  platform	  is	  a	  portfo...
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Qzedia: the World's Local Web Platform


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Qzedia: the World's Local Web Platform

  1. 1. B L Y UID OURR V N P A E E UE L N T C O OUN ON L A ON I E T OC L LN A V R II G R V N D E TSN E E UEqe icm zd . ao
  2. 2.   Qzedia:  The  World’s  Local  Web  Platform     The  evolution  of  Targeted  Online  Advertising   Towards  Greater  Relevance        Intro:    Market  Dynamics        Technology   has   transformed   media   model   with   a   RTB   real-­‐time   bidding  and   its   consumption   in   ways   that   process   sounds   ideal,   since  few  people  expected.   competition   should   drive   up   CPMs     for   premium   publishers,   but   what  From   the   first   banner   ad   on   the   will  actually  occur  is  a  constant  state  Internet   in   1994   to   today,   it   has   of  price  erosion.  become  a  cliché  to  speak  about  the    speed  of  change.   RTB   is   not   the   future,   despite   its     sophistication  /  efficiencies.  It   is   not   easy   to   conduct   a   top   line    evaluation  of  the  market.   It’s   a   sucker   play   for   premium     publishers.  Media   desperate   to   shift   their    businesses   online   are   earning   $1   in   This  underlines  the  challenges  faced  digital  advertising  revenue  for  every   by  media  companies  aiming  to  build  $7   they   are   losing   in   their   legacy   a   position   in   the   fragmented   and  products.   fast  moving  media  landscape.        Device   technology   capabilities   from  the   Smartphone   to   the   Tablet,  especially  on  the  media  side,  are  so   ‘’  It is not easy toearly  in  the  game,  that  to  make  any   conduct a top linebold   predictions   is   to   risk   looking   evaluation of thefoolish.    But  this  is  where  the  future  is.     market ‘’    Defining   “fair   value”   for   digital  inventory  through  an  auction-­‐like      
  3. 3.             M O B I L E     D E V I C E S     YESTERDAY TODAY TOMORROW
  4. 4. Our  business:      Build  your  Revenue  Plan  to  count  on     Local  Online  Advertising  Revenue      The  media  industry  is  still  caught   The  increased  ability  to  match  the  between  the  gravitational  pull  of  the   right  audience  with  the  right  legacy  tradition  and  the  need  to   message  made  possible  by  better  chart  a  faster  digital  course.   targeting  creates  new  economic     value  for  publishers.    How  this  battle  develops  will  shape    everything  about  media  in  a  digital   Place  and  time  are  important  age.   anchors  of  relevance  and  consumer     intent.    There  are  no  easy  answers  or  free    lunches  to  be  had.   Qzedia  provides  a  full  suite  of  tools     to  traffic  and  manage  location-­‐The  place  to  start:    Redefine  your   based  advertising  programs  at  scale  local  market  and  get  more   and  supports  integration  with  all  advertisers   major  ad  servers.      We  are  staking  a  claim  based  on  trends  in  the  networked  information  economy.   Make Local Online Ad-Spending "Leap-frog" directly into new digital opportunities and new revenue Redefine your local market and get more advertisers Direct Real time location Real-time sales Bidding Ad Nets Google CPC Exchanges
  5. 5. How  do  we  create  value?   Real-­‐time  location-­‐based  inventory            To  be  sure,  the  future  of  location-­‐ to  "geo-­‐fencing"  -­‐  an  emerging  based  marketing  is  about  more  than   technology  which  sets  a  virtual  just  check-­‐ins.   perimeter  around  a  particular     geographic  region.  We  provide  you  with  the  most    unique  platform  in  local  advertising;   It  is  a  mix  of  location-­‐aware  data,  one  that  helps  you  redefine  your   push  and  real-­‐time  marketing  that  is  local  market  and  get  more   delivered  straight  to  the  user.  advertisers.       Mix  multiple  display     advertising  formats,  Small  and  Medium   local  search  sized  business   advertising,  and  advertisers  are   sponsored  map  icons  themselves  still   for  real-­‐time  delivery  making  the  transition   on  to  Web  sites.  from  traditional  to    new  media.   Location  will  trigger     the  appropriate  Its  easy  to  imagine   digital  program  for  that  to  many  SMB  advertisers,   inventory  and  audience  parameters  measurable,  more  effective  units   within  your  control.  will  have  more  value  -­‐  and  thus  be    worthy  of  a  higher  ad  spend  -­‐  than   The  more  effective  digital  the  old,  one-­‐size-­‐fits-­‐all  digital   advertising  becomes  the  more  advertising  model.   valuable  it  will  be.      These  geo-­‐targeted  marketing     Build  your  revenue  plan  to  count  on  solutions  are  made  possible  thanks     local  online  advertising  revenue.    
  6. 6.     Inbound Intake of location processing contentStandardize, normalize, Location data de-duplicate management (3 patents) Location Association between content content and POIs over time management (5 patents, 262,000+ geofences – Spring 2012)Distribution of content & Outboundadvertising (2 patents + 9 publishing licenced patents) Applications that render Delivery and monetize in any format - Location based marketing - Location based advertising - Search - Sponsored map icons Reporting and analytics      
  7. 7.   Mobile Matters More Today Than Yesterday But Not as Much as TomorrowIntroduce  SMBs  to  geo  location   Differentiation  is  a  moving  target.      triggered  advertising  today  to   In  a  hyper-­‐competitive  market  prepare  for  a  mobile  world   differentiation  is  a  continuous  tomorrow.   process.          Survive  the  transition  to  the   For  my  money,  the  ultimate  Smartphone  and  the  Tablet  by   differentiator  is  the  brand.      working  with  real-­‐time  location  -­‐    there’s  really  no  alternative.   Everything  else  can  be  copied  over     time.      Our  platform  has  been  created  for    mobile  –  and  we  encourage  you  to   Location  is  the  trump  card.  position  yourself  for  mobile    marketing  BUT  remember,  mobile   If  you  make  your  location-­‐based  revenues  are  still  in  the  future.   inventory  “relevant”  over  the  next     month,  you  will  make  a  value  True  integration  &  transformation  is   positioning  statement  to  both  your  only  starting  NOW.       team  and  your  advertisers.          Let’s  traffic  and  manage  location-­‐ Do  it  for  the  next  quarter,  and  you  based  advertising  programs  at  scale   will  begin  to  increase  sales  and  and  work  with  your  own  in-­‐house   decrease  unsold  inventory  without  efforts  to  focus  on  selling  the  value   the  need  for  a  third-­‐party  reseller.      of  your  existing  audience,  using  your    existing  sales  team,  NOW—and   Do  it  for  the  next  year  and  you  will  larger  opportunities  will  eventually   make….      emerge.       Oh,  come  on.    Did  you  really  think  I     was  going  to  make  a  prediction  12  ‘’Location  is  the         months  out  given  the  rate  at  which   this  marketplace  is  evolving!     trump  card’’       If  youre  interested  in  learning  more   about  improving  your  audience     monetization,  please  contact  me.  
  8. 8. Qzedia  is  a  Technology  Partnership   based  on  “Placecasting”    Our  platform  is  a  portfolio  of  best-­‐in-­‐class  technology  capabilities  built  around  managing  location.      With  our  partners,  we  are  intersecting  the  worlds  of  media  and  technology  in  a  breakthrough  approach  we  call  “Placecasting.”    Think  “Broadcasting,”  except  with  precise  geo-­‐targeting  and  localized  creative  based  on  place  and  time.    Our  platform  is  operating  in  the  UK,  Germany  and  the  USA  .    Powering  a  network  of  250+  publishers  across  the  web,  mobile  web,  and  Wi-­‐Fi    100,000,000+  monthly  impressions    Dynamic  on-­‐the-­‐fly  publishing    Data  Centers  in  North  America,  Europe  and  Asia    Full  support  for  3rd  party  ad  tags  including  DoubleClick,  Atlas  and  more  than  a  dozen  ad  serving  platforms.    Multi-­‐Location  Brands  and  their  agencies  working  on  the  platform  include:    OMD  Digital,  McCann,  Media  Contacts,  Media  Vest,  Mediacom,  Mediaedge  CIA,  MindShare,  Publicis,  Starcom,  Zenith