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Curfew act


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Curfew act

  1. 1. Philadelphia Curfew Act 2012
  2. 2. Years ago when the first curfew act cameabout these was the times that it was law for youth to be home.
  3. 3. The years 2010/2011 have not been so good for the city we call Brotherly Love. Recent acts of violence have all over the city has changed people look at the cities youth. economics-politics/philadelphia-flash-mobs- rampage-2011/
  4. 4. FLASH MOB!!
  5. 5. FOOTAGE OF FLASHMOB v=6G9l5L7NBNY&feature=related
  6. 6. Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds BrownCouncilwoman Blondell ReynoldsBrown.  Who has been about of thePhiladelphia youth for along time. Shehas programs that work with energyconservation, and energy matter.
  7. 7. MAYOR NUTTERBecause of the recents act of violenceMayor Nutter enforced the curfew act.
  8. 8. New curfew law being introduced