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Qwazz Network SDK


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Qwazz Network SDK – BETA

Dear Developers,

We are very proud to announce the start of a closed beta for our next level social gaming community today. We want to give developers the chance to get a first impression of our SDK and the possibility to be one of the first ones to go live with a Qwazz enabled game.

You will find more details in this presentation

If you would like to integrate Qwazz in your iOS game, you are very welcome to apply for our beta, just drop us a line.

If you have suggestions, questions or any other feedback - feel free to contact us or to discuss it here. We are looking forward to your feedback!

Twitter: @qwazzNetwork

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Qwazz Network SDK

  1. 1. Introduction to Qwazz Network SDK for iOS<br />Engage your games with the next level social gaming community<br />
  2. 2. What’s Qwazz Network<br />Preview of the next level gaming community<br />Do you believe that: <br />Playing against real opponents will enhance your game?<br />Social features will keep your players longer onside?<br />An active community can spread your game virally?<br />We do!<br />And that’s what Qwazz Network will bring to your games!<br />Qwazz Network and the QwazzKit SDK will allow you to create apps that are powered with the next level social gaming community.<br />Your users can play challenges against other players, write on other players walls, invite friends, send messages, view statistics, discover new games and much more…<br />
  3. 3. Qwazz Network<br />Strategy and motivation<br />Vision (game developers view)<br />QwazzKit is a SDK that brings stunning features for game developers with a minimum effort. The features are designed to bring more fun to players, make them stay longer in the game and to cross promote game developers/publishers content.<br />Vision (gamers view)<br />Qwazz Network is a worldwide social gaming community that connects players, let them compete, communicate, interact and share.<br />
  4. 4. Qwazz Network<br />Fundamentals for developers<br />Authentication<br />High scores<br />Messaging<br />Challenges<br />Recent activities<br />Walls<br />Statistics<br />Friends<br />Qwazz Network Services<br />High performance cloud based online service, performs authentication, provides challenge data for multiplayer games, stores statistics and scores <br />Qwazz Dashboard<br />Manage your games data, view user statistics, track users behavior<br />QwazzKit SDK<br />Compatible with iOS 3.0 up to the latest version. Easy integration.<br />
  5. 5. Take a look<br />Stay in contact and share on your home screen<br />Home <br />Players can<br />Stay in contact with the Qwazz community<br />See your and your friends recent activities <br />See latest highscores that where gained<br />Write comments and place emoticons<br />Visit other players<br />
  6. 6. Take a look<br />Find your opponents in the live arena<br />Find opponents in real-time<br />Players can<br />See open challenges an decide who could be your next opponent<br />Select an open challenge and start playing<br />Start your own challenge<br />See open tournaments from players from all over the world<br />See challenges from all Qwazz Network powered games<br />
  7. 7. Cross Promotion<br />Virally spread your game in the Qwazz community<br />Players see what games are currently played by the Qwazz community. Games played by your friends. Games played in the Arena. Games that generated new statistics and highscores.<br />Clicking on any game icon<br />anywhere within Qwazz<br />opens either the game<br />(if already installed)<br />or opens the App Store<br />
  8. 8. Qwazz Dashboard<br />Manage your games<br />Control your games<br />Qwazz Dashboard let’s you configure and manage your games data<br /><ul><li>Game Icon
  9. 9. Game Name
  10. 10. Game Description
  11. 11. Qwazz ID
  12. 12. AppStore URL
  13. 13. (optional) Push Notification Certificate(s)</li></ul>Understand your users behavior<br />Qwazz Dashboard provides you with statistics and reports that help you to track your users behavior<br /><ul><li>Unique users overall, per day/week
  14. 14. Challenges played (arena/friends) overall, per day/week
  15. 15. Submitted highscores overall, per day/week
  16. 16. Max simultaneous users overall, per day/week
  17. 17. Average session length overall, per day/week
  18. 18. Cross promotion success count overall, per day/week</li></li></ul><li>Qwazz Network<br />Integration in your game<br />How much?<br />All of the SDK features are completely free to use.<br />Integration<br />QwazzKit is an Objective C based framework that you can integrate in any iOS game with just a few lines of code.<br />Combine with other gaming networks<br />Qwazz Network is open to mix with other gaming networks. Each network has it’s own strength. Qwazz focuses on social aspects and challenges.<br />
  19. 19. Qwazz Network<br />Closed beta <br />Qwazz Network SDK closed beta<br />Qwazz Network will be open to any iOS developer soon. Right now we start a closed beta with only a limited amount of developers and games.<br />Wanted<br />You have an amazing iOS game that you want to release or already have released on the App Store? We want you to apply for the closed beta right now!<br />How to apply<br />If you want to apply, have feedback or any further questions feel free to write us at<br />Contact<br />Mail: / Twitter: @qwazzNetwork<br />Don’t be confused!<br />The Qwazz app found in the App Store is not the Qwazz Network. It is a test application that helped us to design and test our ideas.<br />
  20. 20. Appendix<br />Feature overview<br />Home / User walls Share and connect with other players from all over the world<br />Live arena Setup multiplayer challenges<br />Cross promotion Tell your social network about games you are playing<br />Messaging Write to and read messages from other players<br />Friends list Stay in contact with your friends<br />Statistics Track your personal statistics and see how other players succeed<br />Invitations Send or receive invites for multiplayer challenges<br />User registration Register on Qwazz Network with only one click<br />Highscore tracking Submit your highscores to the Qwazz Network Services where they can later be viewed by other players<br />Push notification Stay informed with latest messages and invites, even if you are not currently running a Qwazz Network enabled game <br />Configurable privacy Control who is allowed to see your personal data<br />Import friends Import your friends from Facebook or Gamecenter and challenge them<br />Much more to come… The SDK is continuously updated with new features. Your feedback is very welcome<br />