Worst superstar duos in film history


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Worst superstar duos in film history

  1. 1. Worst Superstar Duos in Film HistoryOn the face of things, pairing two major celebrities in a film seems like a sure bet.Incredibly, though, that strategy has backfired in a number of notorious cases.Instead of resulting in box-office gold, films that feature megawatt celebrity duosoccasionally turn off audiences and embarrass studios. Ten of the most famouslybad superstar duos in film history are highlighted below.Robin Williams and Billy Crystal in "Fathers Day"Williams and Crystal are known for their quirky and hilarious personalities. This1997 stinker proved that it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Indesperation, the marketing blitz for this bomb included guest appearances on"Friends." Julia Louis-Dreyfus, fresh off of her run as Elaine on "Seinfeld," spendsthe movie conning her two hapless ex-boyfriends; the result was way less thanfunny.Clint Eastwood and Burt Reynolds in "City Heat"By the time filming began on the 1984 film "City Heat," Reynolds storied careerwas already in serious trouble. The actor surely thought that appearing onscreenwith notorious tough guy Clint Eastwood would revive his career. Instead, the pairfumbled their way through this cliché-ridden, highly predictable cop drama andbored audiences to tears. For his trouble, Reynolds ended up with a broken jaw andbecame addicted to prescription pills.Dennis Rodman and Jean-Claude Van Damme in "Double Team"Few people would consider Dennis Rodman a superstar, at least in the world ofmovies. He proven naysayers correct with his unwatchable performance in thisutterly ridiculous thriller. Van Dammes counter-terrorist character teams up withRodmans weapons dealer character to take down an evil man who is played byMickey Rourke. If that doesnt tell you everything that you need to know, nothingwill.Julia Roberts and Mel Gibson in "Conspiracy Theory"In the days before he ticked off half of the universe, Mel Gibson was a bona fideheartthrob. In "Conspiracy Theory," he plays a hardcore conspiracy theorist whobecomes enamored of Roberts, who conveniently - and ironically - works for the
  2. 2. government. He ultimately turns to Roberts to try to avoid being killed forknowing too much.Kurt Russell and Kevin Costner in "3000 Miles to Graceland"Kevin Costner gives new meaning to the term "overacting" in this absurd 2001film. He and Russell play casino robbers; Costners character stabs his otherpartners in the back by shooting them during a holdup. Despite the clever ruse ofdressing up as Elvis impersonators, the bad guys run into all kinds of ridiculoustrouble.Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in "Gigli"As mocked as "Gigli" has been through the years, few people can honestly say thatthey have seen it. At the time, the duo were involved in a long-term, seriousrelationship with one another and had earned the title "Bennifer." For some reason,Lopezs lesbian criminal and Afflecks sadistic hit man failed to charm audiences,who avoided this movie in droves.Al Pacino and Robert Deniro in "Righteous Kill"After sharing the screen for one famously wonderful scene in the film "Heat," thepairing of Deniro and Pacino sounded like music to movie lovers ears.Unfortunately, this poorly done 2008 cop thriller made little to no use of eithermans exceptional talent. The pair spend the duration of the film hunting down aserial killer and rubbing elbows with Donnie Wahlburg of New Kids on the Blockfame.Dustin Hoffman and Warren Beatty in "Ishtar"Few films evoke the kind of scorn that "Ishtar" does. Funnily enough, few peopleeven know what the movie is about. Beatty and Hoffman, who seemed like aninteresting pair on the face of things, play untalented lounge singers. Theyrandomly become embroiled in a plot that involves the Emir of Ishtar, the CIA anda group of insane rebels. Hilarity does not ensue.George Clooney and Catherine Zeta-Jones in "Intolerable Cruelty"Fans of Coen brothers movies were thrilled with the concept of pairing theextremely charismatic Clooney with the gorgeous Zeta-Jones. Sadly, the film fell
  3. 3. decidedly flat. In the end, it was no different than any typical, zany romanticcomedy. Cameos by Billy Bob Thornton and Bruce Campbell aside, this moviejust missed the mark.Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt in "The Mexican"Although a lot of to-do was made about the fact that two gorgeous celebs wereappearing together in this film, Roberts and Pitt barely show up on screen at thesame time. That was probably just as well because the plot is uninspired and silly,with Pitt attempting to smuggle a supposedly cursed gun across the border. Evenan appearance by James Gandolfini failed to liven up this dud.